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Just come back

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Grimm_of_Oceania, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I've just come back to uo a few days ago after 2 or so years off. Originally I have been playing since uo:r. Look for me around Kimmuriel is my main char, a tamer/bard or Grimm my bard/mage.

    I remember I had heaps of soulstones, rare's, at least 200k of various ingots and leathers and, well lots all in my house. That must have idoc'd years ago, it was near tsuki wolf area and ronin's. Did anyone get anyone get it? Lots there most neaty sorted, all ocd like.

    Within minutes of coming back I had an offer from S^R and joined. You guys seem to be pretty active on guild chat, once I get back into the swing of things I would love to do some peerless or spawns. My icq is 478201229.

    I found a strange old template I used to use for peerless on one of my newer accounts

    100 Lore
    105 Taming
    100 Hide
    115 spellweaving
    100 Stealth
    100 Vet
    95 Archery

    I cant remember what I used to do with this template, but I remember it used to be popular amongst 2-3 people peerless runs awhile ago. I think the archery was my addition cause I like bows :)

    How do I use such a template?

    And... HTF do I tame a greater dragon, I sat in destard fel then tram for ages trying and went through alot of insurance to no avail. I got 120 tame/lore/vet/music/peace 100 magery and 20 hide for camping and I just couldnt get it right.

    Look forward to seeing you all at Luna

  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    If your tamer is human you can put the 20 Hiding into Magery; you already have 20 in all skills if you're human. Peace won't help a whole lot with taming Greater Dragons. Easiest way is with Honor.. raise it up around Follower level, then Honor yourself before attempting a tame. The dragon will anger but not attack you.
  3. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Hi! I'm in S^R with Teeshy and Serenitee, so no doubt will see you in guild chat =) Sorry I can't help with templates, I still totally suck at working out what people think are good or viable ones =P I just make characters with skill that I like, and work within that ;)

    Never managed to tame myself a GD yet either, can't say that I really mind so far =)

    Hope you're enjoying the game!
  4. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I've only ever tamed one, so I'm no seasoned professional.. give me a nudge if you or the OP need an experienced shepherd to pin the bugger down, though.
  5. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    BTW this is kinda on topic..sorta..maybe..

    But welcome back.. :D

    aye I know this dont answer your ??? then again I dont have a tamer..but still good to see some people coming back...
  6. von Beck

    von Beck Guest

    First of all beat it down to very low health... that will lower its fire breath damage. (You might need to bring in another pet, then take it back to the stables.)

    You need a UO macro set up to 'use skill taming, target last target'. Just hold down that key until you get a successful tame off (one out of 20, the other 19 times you will anger the beast)

    Use area peace and greater heal yourself if you get low health before you get a successful tame attempt off.

    Once you do start taming the beast cast invis on yourself repeatedly (the taming speech reveals you).

    Would be helpful if you had another bard/mage there to peace and heal/invis you.
  7. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Here's a Peace-Tamer macro I made for aggressives, a while back before greater dragons..

    Tame > Last Target, Peace > Last Target

    Peace the creature first, then you can spam that macro by holding the key down. It'll anger repeatedly until a tame fires off, or it'll re-peace the creature if it breaks peace. If you get a tame in progress during which the creature breaks peace, drop an invis on yourself and you typically won't need another for 12 seconds (the length of time between monsters re-flagging).

    It makes most lead-taming dead easy, but greaters are harder to bard so be prepared to fizzle peace fairly often. I still recommend Honor but it can be done with Peace.
  8. Thanks for all the advice.

    Fink I heard an interview with you on an old corp por podcast the otherday but it cut off before the end. I was interested, you are an intriguing character. Did you find it hard to come back after your break? Have you gotten back into uo as much as you used to be?

    The fan base seems to be small but loyal, almost cult like. Alot of long time players come and go, hell I still remember Fel only.

    Anyways, what are things like on oceania these days. A smaller population seems obvious but are spawns and peerless still active? Will I still eventually meet up with someone if I hang out in the gauntlet long enough? I normally play fel only unless I have a purpose in tram and havnt come across anyone yet on my many hours of lumberjacking or mine, cept a single script miner.

    Oh and can anyone explain a sammie to me, I can build a nice one fom one of my accoutns when I get a few more soulstones. How do they work, a forum search has turned up many refrences but no tactics. It seems they rely on vamp form and ss for healing?

    I noticed a DP member the other day who I assumed was a sammy from his gear, cant remember the name. Is there actually any active sammies on this shard. Maybe you can show me how to use them.

    Look for Kimmuriel, Grimm or Grzzt.
  9. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I think the only trouble I had returning was getting enough gold together to get back up to speed, the rest just took time.

    I'd missed Samurai Empire, and the fallout of Age of Shadows, so basically I had pre-AoS wealth, no soulstones to take advantage of the new skills, and I was more than a little behind in my knowledge. I read up twice as much as I played, plus I sold almost everything I had.. now I have too many soulstones and far too much long-term memory eaten up by UO... :D
  10. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Peace making a GD is like throwing water on a pan fire!

    Seems like a good idea at the time but it only fans the flames!!!

    The problem with it is that they stay peaced (if you manage it) for about 5secs, not usually enough time to get a succesful tame! If your going to go the peace route...area peace is your friend...tame, peace tame peace etc

    Honour or Spellweaving is the best way to tame these beasts.

    You may also want to try discord peacing, i think they then last for 10seconds under peace.
  11. von Beck

    von Beck Guest

    Aria and Tenaka are the two sampires i know of in DP (depending on what skills they've got stoned). Elric von Beck is my sampire, he's not in DP because I found it easier to build his suit using faction items.

    Sampire template is:
    120 wep skill (suggest maces or swords)
    120 parry
    120 bush
    100 necro
    100 tactics
    100 resist or anat (resist for doom and spawns, anat for soloing dreadhorn)
    60 chiv

    You should be able to get 115 wep skill, parry and bush scrolls reasonably easy and upgrade to 120's when you get the chance.

    Equipment-wise, if you're just starting out heart of the lion and fey leggings are some handy, cheapish marties to start your suit with. Aim for 70's resists, and good DCI. Don't wear a shield.

    Use a high damage weapon with SSI, it must have mana leech and really should have stamina leech also. To take down a big monster, cast EoO, honor the monster and then spam lightning strike until its dead. The mana leach allows you to keep using lightning strike without running out of mana, vamp form allows you to leech enough life to stay alive through whatever damage you're taking and stamina leech keeps your swing speed up.