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Just coming back...lots of questions

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Nightryu, May 11, 2009.

  1. Nightryu

    Nightryu Guest


    I stopped playing UO about 2 months after AoS came out. I just returned and a lot seems to have changed. I have not purchased the latest expansion so I am still running the AoS version. I had a couple of questions I was hoping some kind soul might be able to answer for me.

    1. I am thinking of making a Necro, are they better as Necro/Melee or as a full caster? I see their spells are shaped to help either but what works best in a PvM environment?

    2. Is Resist Spells only useful in PvP now?

    3. As a Necro/Melee can you heal sololy through spells and SS or do you still need Anatomy/healing?

    4. With the expansions I am missing are their big benefits from getting them?

    5. I see people throwing down powerscrolls from time to time (normally 105s), are they easier to obtain than they used to be? Can you solo/Duo to get them or do they still require a large group of people to obtain?

    6. With the + to skill jewelry, can you gain in the skill while wearing them if it bumps you to GM? For instance, if I have 90 taming and wear a +11 taming bracelet that puts me right at 100.0 (no powerscroll) and I tame dragons or nightmares or higher end pets can I still gain in taming?

    I'm sure I have other question but since I am at work and not playing currently they escape me. Any answers you have to the above questions are greatly appreciated!
  2. GFY

    GFY Guest

    1) Either works well. One of the most powerful templates for amges is a necro mage.

    2) No. However you can overcome the effects of some spells with items.

    3) You can heal just fine with spells.

    4) Hugh, Humongous, gargantuan, do I overstate the obvious.

    5) You could probably solo a champ with the right template. Dealing with raiders trying to kill you is another matter.

    6) I have 100 real skill on my tamer and a nice ring and bracelet combo for 2/4 faster casting and 20 more points of taming skill. I have not noticed any problems.

    Hope this helps.

    What shard do you play on?
  3. Nightryu

    Nightryu Guest

    Thank you for the information!

    I have decent toons on Lake Superior, Lake Austin, and Europa from way back when I was playing however I am primarily on Lake Superior since I have a RL friend that plays there.

    For question number 5 you said that with the right template that you could solo a champion....What is the right template? Or what are the more powerful templates right now? I mainly want to focus on PvM because I have not played in a while and want to get the feel for the game down again before I start PvPing. I was mainly looking at a Necro because I thought they looked fun and I have never played one before. If I did I was thinking of using one of the following set ups.

    Melee Necro:
    Spirit Speak

    Mage Necro:
    Spirit Speak
    Evaluating INT
  4. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    1. for a necro melee, look up information on the Sampire. Best solo PVM template in the game. Necro mages are the kings of spawning.

    2. Resist spells is great against spellcasters. Yes, it's almost mandatory for PVP. but for pvm'img against casters (esp necros) you are going to want it, unless you are a paladin.

    3. See the Sampire. they get the most out of parry, they leech life through all types of damage, and specialize in minimizing monster damage. they have been proven to solo every boss in the game (maybe even harrower?)

    4. get all the expansions.

    5. champ spawns can be solo'd. ratman is the easiest by far for a necro mage. others can easily be duo'd.

    6. Yes, if you wear+ skill jewlery, you will still gain your natural skill even if you maxed. It will be slower though than if you weren't wearing jewles.

    Definitely play again. The game is well worth it. Still the best damn game out there. :thumbsup:
  5. Nightryu

    Nightryu Guest

    Great information! Thank you! I updated to the latest expansion last night and started working on a sampire build. I've been reading the warrior forums as well to try and better understand the build. Just working on understanding all the new magic properties.....I miss my old vanq weapons. :D
  6. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Wait until you get a few slayer weapons with good mods, they'll make you forget your old exceedingly accurate silver Katana of vanquishing, almost. ;)

    As far as soloing a champ goes a necro mage armed with a repond slayer spell book can solo Baracoon very easily.

    I agree with Arch Mage, if your looking for necro and fighting skills go with a sampire or whammie build.

    You might also look into an ABC Archer. These are also very effective in pvm and can hold their own in pvp.
  7. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Your definatly on the right lines, melee necro. Dump SS and pick up bushido. Its a new skill but can increase your damage output. In vampire form you wont even need to heal most of the time(you leech life every hit...the harder you hit the more you "heal")

    Second, for PvM...drop poisoning template for max damage and keep wrestle for defence all at 100's would be

    wrestle(spellweaving, another new skill but DAMN!!!)

    Just my suggestion anyways