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Just Curious

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Smurcoch, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Smurcoch

    Smurcoch Guest

    Hey there all that remember me....

    Just wondering what the game is like now adays.

    Is it any fun yet?

    When I left it wasn't fun, and hadn't been for a while.

    Is PVP still all group and no skill?

    Are champ spawns still available?

    Do Bods still sell like they did? Are barbed kits still the cat's ass?

    Any one that feels like responding great.

    P.S. I was most known as Vivaine...or Jeronimo.
  2. Smurcoch

    Smurcoch Guest


    What happened to all my posts? I had well over 1300 of them.
  3. Elektra Rose

    Elektra Rose Guest

    About a yr ago Stratics basically crashed so they made a new and improved Stratics so everyone got had to start new unless you contacted the Admins to see if your acct could be recovered. PM Petra Fyde see if she can recover it for you!

    Game is fun for me lol.
    Bods still sale but proly not like you remember, and yes the barbed kits still sale high!
    As far as champ spawns go well.....I dont see why you cant do them. But there are still Raiders out there!

    Hopefully a welcome back!
  4. SLACK

    SLACK Guest

    Holy crap! Who let this guy in???????:p
    I can answer a few:
    It's fun but even less populous than before.
    PvP I don't really do but Pan Arcane came back if you wanna duel him! :talktothehand:
    Champ Spawns: Yes
    Barbed kits: 2-2.5 mil (as opposed to the 9 mil they prolly were when you
    bailed on us)
    The new expansion is coming out soon for it is aperfect time to blow the dust off and come pwn Fel!!!:D
  5. Tycolby

    Tycolby Guest

    Smurcoch and Pan Arcane are back? Geez they need to get together and make a guild called Army of the Old Timers!!!!!!

    They Wont be Yelling I am out of Band-aids but they will be yelling "I am out of Depends"!!!! or I got it I fallen and I cant Get up!!!!!

    Welcome Back you all and dont mind me I am just as old too!!!!
  6. Smurcoch

    Smurcoch Guest

    LOL, You are are very funny!

    I am not back.

    My Wife was out last night parting with some of her girlfriends, so thought I'd pop on the msg boards and see what is new.

    Kinda surprised UO is still kicking, without a pre pub 16 shard of course.

    It's been nearly 3 years since I last logged on to UO, and I do not think I would know what to do with myself if I ever considered a return.

    That is funny that Pan is back. I thought I read some posts on Origin that he was there.
  7. Multani

    Multani Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I don't know where you have been since March. Putting these two in the same sentence does no justice. Pan coming back from being gone 5 years was still better than Smurcoch was 3 years ago. He has no troubles "getting up".

    Haven't you beaten this point to death? After all your claim to fame pre-pub 16 was being in Wyndolyn's guild on Lake Superior. Time to change.
  8. Smurcoch

    Smurcoch Guest

    I do not know where you get off on this... Comparing a 30 yr old to an 18 yr old has no relevance....

    The debate still continues on how good Pan Arcane ever was. Ask anyone not worshiping his feet says he is and was a cheating hack that had very little to any skill. Then again, I can't remember when you had a voice of your own. Does Pan still approve all your posts before you post them?

    I do not think this was my claim to fame. I believe my claim to fame was when I came to LA and created chars from scratch and still made an impression on the players of LA.

    Why I am surprised there is no pre pub 16 shard was because I feel this was when the game was it's most fun. Just my opinion. Obviously people do not all agree with me.

    I really miss it when you used to cut up a murderers body and take the head to a guard to get a reward. But then again, if they still had that option, you wouldn't have been able to play when you started....
  9. Pan Arcane

    Pan Arcane Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I find it astounding how sudden one can turn around a debate relating to game dominance by suddenly drawing irrelevant "real life" comparisons. Notwithstanding the brilliant rebuttal you've put forward, I am shocked at how easy you saw fit to bash somebody that was not participating or here to defend themselves. Here I am.

    I have been eighteen years old in your eyes for a long time now. Yes, I was eighteen years old once. Yes I weighed 254lbs in highschool. Yes, I lived at my mother's house. Yes, I did not have a job. Yes, I did not have to pay rent. Yes I grew up with an obvious, slight speech impediment. And yes, I played UO anywhere between twelve and sixteen hours per day with only so much of a break to shower, goto the bathroom or to retrieve a snack from the fridge. I have lived that life. A month shy of being nineteen I was forced to quit Ultima Online.

    Here I sit today after a modest shift in momentum. I am a confident, good looking twenty-three year old 210lb power house. I lost ninety-two (count them) pounds at one point. What was a job once making $10/hr doing data entry was the start of a brilliant career. I philandered with women as a substitute for my gaming addiction. I was no longer living with my mother. I was living in an appartment with my girlfriend, paying my transportation, paying my rent and paying my costs.

    At the ripe age of twenty-one years old I contacted a realtor on my own, a mortgage broker on my own and put $12,000 down on an 1100sqft 3/bdrm townhouse on my own. My fiance and I moved in March of 2008 and we wedded shortly after in August. Multani attended my wedding amongst 133 other friends and family. In the short time that we've lived in our home we've bought a wonderful new car and spent nine days in Disneyland. My wife has comfortably been able to leave her job and start working from home. By this time next year we hope to be well underway in adding a new member to our family.

    Now that you are all caught up as I have publically disclosed the details of my personal life since the time that I was eighteen years of age, I am subsequentially inviting you to tell us what you were up to when you were 21 years old. I am not frightened by the prospect of one day being 30 and looking back on all that I will now achieve. I look forward to it - with pride!

    In my own words of wisdom, I take pride in being called a cheater. Every time that I am called a cheater or a hacker, it brings a smile to my face. By all means you may call me this and/or many other things. I am an intelligent man as you were nieve to overlook. I know that this is not true. Those that are close enough to see me play know that this is not true. I maintain the fact that I have and always will be one of the cleanest, most nonsense-free individuals to play this game in total good faith. I will not spend the time looking for an unfair edge. I will play and fight with only acquired knowledge regardless of any outcome or any imbalance of numbers. The reason players like Multani and myself are so successful unlike many others is we engage every in-game altercation without fear and without giving up. I rate my skills in this game top-notch as they should be for somebody of my veteran status.

    I have never had to babysit after Multani. He has his own voice. He is older than I am. You will be surprised to learn after my absense from the game for so long that he has become a a much better player than me comparitive to how I have remained a much better player than you.

    Your impression was not a positive one, nor was it lasting. The word 'Arcane' on Lake Austin and across many other shards is one that will strike a nerve in anybody. When did Stratics ever interview "Jeronimo"? I will get that arranged for you.

    I know Multani started in or around December of 1997. I started June 13, 1998 (do the math & I was 11 years old). Unlike 'Vivaine' of the Legion of Shadows I rolled with the Carnival of Gods members long before you. I was operating player establishments, winning battles and leaving the impression on the best of Lake Superior (like Geryon, Bat, Lokie/other members of the Chuea community) that you never did.

    I am afraid if you would like to slander me further you should do it on the UHall OT forum. I do not look forward to this as I feel bad enough outclassing you as a player of Ultima Online than to do so in other ways as well.

    Looking forward to your shortlived UO come-back,

    Prince Pan Arcane the I
    Leader, the Revolution of Arcane Domination
    "He's back!"
  10. SLACK

    SLACK Guest

    why don't you two **** and get it overwith?????:p
  11. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    now, now, folks.....

    no need to get carried away here.

    I have an idea - why don't you all get together and do a naked raid on the Despise spawn during the 4th stage, so you can see who really has the biggest "weapon".....
  12. Pan Arcane

    Pan Arcane Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I could run into Despise dead on a ghost and he'd be long gone once Incoming Names popped up on his screen.