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Just my 2 Cents - Faction Ideas

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Kelleron, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Kelleron

    Kelleron Guest

    For starters, I’m not a pvp star: I aspire to adequate… well someday. I’ve been playing UO since 1999 on and off and just returned after a couple years hiatus. I’ve been trying to get into faction and I have a couple of ideas for improvement that would be fairly simple (like a million other people). For those of you who have the patience to keep reading, here they are:

    1. Faction character should not be allowed to leave Felucca. You join a Faction war, you’re conscripted and not able to live in Trammyville or hang in Luna, etc. Your characters main focus is the battle for Felucca. Theoretically that is what signing up for factions is – you joined a Faction army. You can’t just go AWAL. This will eliminate all the Trammies with Faction Arties and force characters to stay in the relatively deserted Felucca shards. Doing this should not be too hard to implement as there murderer system already does this.

    2. Faction points should be per account not per character. Your account is linked to a particular Faction and you should share all Faction Kill points between characters. This way you don’t have to bounce them between characters and people will have a harder time having a point mule. I realize those with multiple accounts will just use a non pvping account to store points but I think it will happen less. So, if you are factions, you risk all your points all the time you play. (assuming we go with the Felucca only concept as well)

    3. Account kill points should have a limit, say 1000. After that they are simply wasted. This way it won’t get out of hand with numbers in the millions. Everything else has a limit, why not this.

    4. You account kill point pool deteriorates at the rate relative to the number of characters on that account in Factions, i.e., 3 characters in Factions, 3 lost kill points per day.

    5. When you kill someone they lose 10% of their total, but you only gain 9% of the total, i.e., they have 100 kill points and die, they lose 10 and the victor gains 9. This way there is a constant deterioration of the amount of kill points, making running sigils necessary to maintain the pool.

    6. Pvpers care about…hmm…. Pvping and nothing else. So why capture a town? What’s that got to do with pvp? If capturing a town gave them a temporary advantage they may actually want to do it. For example, if each Faction member gets 5 extra hit points – over and above the normal limit – for each town their Faction controls at character login they could possibly have 40 extra hit points (or shard maintenance or some other predetermined time). All of a sudden, owning towns would matter to people and they may actually fight for them, instead of being oblivious as to their ownership (Faction thieves will care, but no one else will). Haven’t really though this one through as much as some of the others, but I think the idea is good. A real reason for pvpers to fight for a town because the Faction story line isn’t cutting it.

    Again, I’m sure most of these issues have already been discussed. Just wondering everyone else’s opinions to them.
  2. Cardell

    Cardell Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    1. It would be pointless and just more so annoying. Its not something that really will make any kind of big impact. Unless trammel or fel is removed and all facets are mad to have the same rule sets there isnt any reason to single out the moochers and leeches that hide in trammel.

    2. No. I thought on this a lot and I can see pros and cons to it. In the end its just not going to help. Thieves would be less willing to die and keep going after the sigils if it causes their other characters to lose rank. And in the current system.. Who the **** needs a point mule when you get 80008084058349594835934895834 points a kill.

    3. No point limits. limiting scores is not a good way to fix bad code.. how about a simple point system? How about the old system with the few minor tweaks it required to be more than adequate. 1) Regeneration of points when less than 0 to keep the folks less success at pvp from never getting positive. 2) Point decay only starts after you reach 20 points or point decays at a much slower rate while in that range. 3) honoring leadership should be limited to once per day and points when points can not be transfered to someone over 20 points. 4) Remove the relationship between faction items and kill points 5) Every other aspect of the point system would go back to the old way. The old way was good.. it just had some bugs and exploits that needed to be fixed. In general all they had to do to the old system was make sure there was always points in circulation and try and manage the point mules. There was never a problem with the point system just the exploits that were not fixed after 7 ****ing years. 6) Additional things that could have made the point system a million times better was keeping track of steals, sigil resets, sigil placements, corruptions for guild, keeping track of how long guilds hold cities. The items you wear should be based off how long you have been in the factions. Or something else that would be based off activity and not winning. The cities are your reward for winning, you dont need to keep the ppl who arent good at pvp not wearing better armor. With that being said cities needed more bonuses.

    4. no

    5. old system was fine no need for a change, point decay was a lot more effective than it needed to be anyway. There was more a problem of keeping points in circulation than preventing too many points.

    6. cities need more rewards. Yeah.
  3. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Agree with Cardell.

    People in factions only asked for factions to be fixed, not a whole new system.

    When I played the only incentive needed to control a town was to pick a fight while guarding the sigils.