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Just returned to game - T- hunting rocks!

Discussion in 'Beta Testing Archive' started by DirtglDigger, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. DirtglDigger

    DirtglDigger Guest

    I have been out for a while but just before I left I hit GM carto, having blown the dust off Dirt Digger I am working chests for loot / fun. I must say for the effort you put in the loot is awesome. I have done around 45 lvl 6 maps, and around 40 lvl 5. in addition to all the gold from spawn / chest I have a big bag full of blue / pink scrolls, many mana orbs and pardons, and lots if those shields and sash's. Around 4 sets of marti's and a collection of nice jewels, anything not worth keeping is unravelled and I currently have a couple thousand of each red/green resadue and around 30/40 of each essence. I had no idea just how cool treasure hunting was going to be. I have read people say there is not enough challenge in the profession. I find felucca and Josh maps the hardest, perhaps others do too?? Well Ty for reading, I just wanted to say t hunting rocks.

    Dirt Digger
  2. iamSnippa

    iamSnippa Journeyman

    Aug 2, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Sounds good, can't wait to get started on my T-Hunter. Though, I'm not sure why you posted this in the beta test forum.
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Not open for further replies.