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[Fishing] Just started uo again and need some advice

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by taliki, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. taliki

    taliki Guest

    Hello I just started playing uo after many years away and was wondering if fishing is still a profitable profession using MIBS for income or if other things like treasure hunters or mages killing certain spawns were better.

    Any advice will be appreciated thanks!
  2. Riverhorse

    Riverhorse Guest

    Right now fishing (and t-hunting) are not profitable. I hope this will change with the release of Stygian Abyss. In an earlier interview Draconi said "fishers will get some love in SA".
    I can make more gold in a few hours developing my necro-mage character than I could in a month of fishing.
  3. Maximilliean

    Maximilliean Guest

    Yeah I have to agree with Riverhorse. I, too, am returning after a 2+ year break. On one of my first few nights back I took my MBC(Mace Bushido Chivalry) warrior into a dungeon for easy quick gold. He didn't have any problems and walked out with a quick 15k. I took my thief/assassin to the same level of the same dungeon, I had to try stealing from the monsters. This isn't the kind of thing he was designed for but he earned about 10k. Finally I took my necro/mage. First I want to admit I SUCK when it comes to playing a mage. I am much better with the in your face smack you with a big stick/sword/axe character even if they have necro, chivalry, etc. Between the two EVs and her undead minions they were killing stuff faster than I could loot it. In about half the time, maybe a little more like 3/4s, she walked out of there with close to 25k. Something happened with the "Friends of the Colony" Solen quest. The only one that gave me problems was the "Friends of the Library" quest and trying to get the speckled scorpion poison sacks. That was only because the speckled never had the sacks after the first one and so much crap spawns there it was tough finding a place to work. But after training my magery some more I am going to give it another try later.
  4. Jermosh

    Jermosh Guest

    Most fishers do it for the thrill of getting a MIB or even a ASOS. The loot its crappy for the most part, about the only usefull things are you can get good jewelary once and awhile, and the wands are good for training and are usefull for certain types of trainiing.

    I do it for the fun, which is why I play UO anyways. But fishing and THunting do need some love, although the Lvl6 maps are profitable for the marties. But you could get better loot doing otherthings.