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Just Suggestions for In-game content!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_OldAsTheHills, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Here are some suggestions for in-game content! Just suggestions... folks!

    UO game content suggestions:
    1. Some of the traps on dungeon floors or on dungeon containers will cause temporary
    cave-ins. This should be decaying rubble which can not be walked over hence blocks
    movement but the rubble can be picked up. This cave-in should spawn monsters waiting
    on the otherside of the rubble pile. Cave-ins should temporarily disable Help, I am stuck
    2. Random items collected from past events or other sources may have unusual effects
    upon various monsters. The item should suggest the effect and the effect may be good
    or bad for the player carrying it!
    3. Some areas of dungeon should be only accessibly by the skill Mining. After an area is
    opened so much time goes by then a cave-in occurs. Of course one should be able to dig
    oneself out.
    4. Some treasure chests dug up will have unusually events.
    a. The monsters spawn ate all the chests content! Must kill to loot !
    b. Delay in monster spawn…random item in chest will spawn the monsters.
    c. Special coin found…random artifact! … only thing in chest.
    d. City guards show up as monster spawn… these guards however can be killed.
    Chest looting causes looter to turn gray.
    5. Moongate malfunctions; player transported to random area of dungeon. This should
    be triggered by something! Let the players wonder what it could be!!
    6. Tinkers have learned to make special lockpicks… what could they do… omg!!
    7. Thieves have a new skill called Mugging! This is a combat skill dependent upon
    having Tactics, and Macing. Successful hit allows thieves to have time in seconds equal
    to damage inflicted to loot backpack of victum while still alive. No real damage is scored
    against hit points of victum. A clock count down should occur by a counter. Any second
    hit after a successful negates the effect! This should work in Trammel too folks!
    Thieve is gray only after the mugging is over with!
    8. All monsters should have weak to normal to very tough in hit points and abilities.
    9. All treasures mundane should be usable in crafting or else where important. Items that
    have no effect in the game need to be removed.
    10. Remove bless spell added to Necromancer spell list. Temporarily drops Blessing
    status of some items. Chance dependent upon Karma and Necromancy of player.
    11. Carpenters with Cartography, Mining can create Treasure maps! But, these T-maps
    can not be used by its creator. So, they are for sell by creator. Only one map created
    per day!
    Level of map must be random!
    12. Fishermen with Cartography, Glassblowing can create Messages in a Bottle items!
    But, these MIBs can not be used by its creator. So, they are for sell by creator. Only one
    MIB created per day.
    13. Fishermen with Blacksmithing and Alchemy can fit ships with a bow cannon!
    Owner of ship can fire cannon once per minute at any target in range of 8. Damage
    Determined by skills that fit the cannon to the ship. Only one cannon per ship!
    Only one fitting per ship!

    There are more ideas to float... but this is enough for now!

  2. Tom_Builder

    Tom_Builder Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 9, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I like them, and I want a cannon.
  3. I think all of your work is great! I am very impressed that you still care enough to try to help the game.

    It is nice to know that someone still believes.
  4. Babble

    Babble Guest

    1) Too imposing on players (some might want to log off in between or other such silly ideas), but what about a cave in as some random spawn?

    2) Aren't those just called bugs in uo? [​IMG]

    3)Dungeons are for adventurers not miners - give miners special magic ore to find - leave the dungeons for the adventurers


    5) Is only funny until you try it with your packhorse in tow - what I really would wish to see is moongates being dependant on the moon cycles


    7)Does not fly with the game mechanics - why not introduce a special thieves lootpack on monsters, maybe players?



    10) If you like, don't care

    11) Not really important - sounds like wasted development time`- my explanation why is - there are only certain treasure spots already and a self made one serves no real purpose

    12) Yes why not - if the player donates loot from their bank

    13) Gimmick but ok - I bet archers or mages are more effective [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Its March!!!!!!!!! the last big event ended in November

    Just give us something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!