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Just to clear up the legality of the new statues....

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Rav, Feb 20, 2001.

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  1. Rav

    Rav Guest

    Posted by Mel on the uo.com boards regarding being banned for having the statues:

    This is different then other situations. We clearly stated what the purple hue for faction sigil carrier was for. We also stated on our web page repeatedly that using that huing bug was a bug and considered illegal.
    The statue thing is different. They have never been in the game before like this as part of another system that was already pre-defined. We have been adding new items to UO, un-announced. I can see where this might be confused with that practice. Perhaps not by everyone, but then again we cannot expect players to read our minds and realize we would not add an item in such a way. I'm sure many players realized it was just some flaw, and thus were trying to take advantage of it. However because of the differences of this particular case, the best thing to do is to quickly fix the problem. Note that I recommend not buying or selling any of these items. We will be doing some sort of correction to these items that were taken.
    We like adding new things to UO, and perhaps we can add these statues as a legal items later on. However it's better to do that as a game design and not a game flaw. If we let these items go in as a game flaw, it spoils the opportunity for us to use them as a legal game design.

    Online Community Coordinator
    Ultima Online
    [email protected]

    Bottom line, using any exploit of course is illegal. They dont see this quite as an exploit though so you wont be banned for doing it. You definately wont be banned for just having them either. A gm i paged also said there were no plans to delete them at this time.
  2. Von Ravend

    Von Ravend Guest

    Great post there Rav, well spotted and thanks for grabbing it of the UOBoards.

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