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Justice For Reddish! - A No Spin Look

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Buck Oily, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Buck Oily

    Buck Oily Adventurer

    May 13, 2012
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    *has a stern, solemn look on his face*

    No pomp and circumstance this time folks. No need for me to build additional drama into this story to heighten people’s awareness. The drama has unfolded and we find ourselves in the aftermath. A miscarriage of justice has unfolded in the streets of Britain. A once vibrant life snuffed out on a whim. Proof that even the chosen one, Lady Amandine, can break the law only so often before a price has to be paid and Justice comes calling. The realm in chaos, Dupre back in action, one of the highest ranking officers incarcerated *gives a slight look of smugness* Who needs more drama than that to get the people interested? Nobody.

    First off, what do we know about the victim? Not much information is really known at this time. He was like any other working stiff out there. Doing what he had to do in order to feed his family and keep a roof over their heads. Not always doing the honest thing, but doing what had to be done, even if it could possibly cost him his freedom. He cared enough to risk his OWN FREEDOM to provide for his family. If that is not the proof of a loving family man, I don’t know what is. I am a man who loves his family, but would I risk my freedom to feed them? *shakes head with a haughty attitude about him* Not only no, but by the Abyss no.

    We also know he was a loyal man. Not too many people care about loyalty these days, but it is still holds a positive moral standing. One who demonstrates loyalty in the face of personal danger is a highly moral person in my eyes. What did it take for Reddish to give up Jimmy Nardello’s whereabouts? I can only imagine the outright torture he suffered before he gave the information up. Maybe he yielded the information as the final slice of Lady Amandine’s sword tore through his torso. Only two people know with certainty, and only one of them is alive.

    We at HOAX mourn the loss of YET another innocent Sosarian under the rule of the tyrant Lady Amandine. As we have pointed out rather well in previous reports she was a disaster waiting to happen. Like everyone else in the realm we knew about Danica’s arrest prior to the emergency meeting the Crux Ansata held this past weekend. So we sent our field reporter Jack to cover the events. Earlier today I had an opportunity to speak with Jack about what he encountered. The transcript of that talk follows:

    Buck: I hear you had an eventful weekend Jack.

    Jack: Sure did Buck. I went out to cover the Cult Ansata. Ummm, sorry. Crux not cult, a slip of the tongue.

    Buck: *laughing* Those two words are interchangeable when it pertains to those people I think. What was the setting like?

    Jack: Well, it was in what they call The Silver Serpents Hall. It’s basically a shrine where they all go to worship whatever it is they worship I think. I ain’t too clear on that point. But it is a very secretive location. One that you ain’t going to get to until the higher ups of the order actually opens a funny colored swirly..

    Buck: *interrupting* A what?

    Jack: A funny colored swirly looking thing, it ain’t blue like all the other ones I..

    Buck: *interrupting again* Ohh, you mean a gate. Any high level mage can cast those.

    Jack: *nods* Sorry Buck, I don’t know nothing about that spell casting junk. I just know shields and blades.

    Buck: Ok, let’s speed this up. Once you made it through the gate, what did you find?

    Jack: There were a few sensible folks there. They wanted Danica to answer for her crimes. They went on to say Exodus being in power was better than what they had now. But the overwhelming majority sounded like they were about to lynch Lord Dupre for arresting her and having her sword.

    Buck: They were upset with DUPRE? HER sword? *looks shocked* He is doing what is right and they are upset with him. That by its self speaks volumes about the followers of the Crux Ansata to me.

    Jack: Yeah, upset with him. Then when he said she would stand trial for the murder and any other actions the council saw fit to charge her with, they became enraged. Shortly after that, I am guessing Dupre figured he needed to get out of there before the mob actually strung him up. He told them they could go visit Lady Amandine in the prison.

    Buck: Don’t much blame him for hightailing it out of there. Even a Knight as brave and virtuous as Dupre knows when he is outnumbered. When you find yourself outnumbered by idiots it is time to leave. Were you able to make it to the prison?

    Jack: Oh yeah. There was very little security. Just a hop though another one of those gates as you call it and we were there.

    Buck: What happened there?

    Jack: Buck, I've never seen a deranged mob in my life, until then. Most everyone in attendance was vowing to stay loyal to Lady Amandine. They were saying they knew what she did was no crime. That Reddish deserved what he got.

    Buck: *look of astonishment* Chopping a defenseless man in half is not a crime?

    Jack: In their minds I guess it ain’t. But Buck it gets worse.

    Buck: How could it get worse than that?

    Jack: Well, from what Dupre said, her own knight’s will sit in judgment of her during her Knight’s Trial.

    Buck: *bewildered, frazzled, enraged and 10 other word that end in ed* NO *expletive deleted* WAY!! THEY ARE GOING TO LEAVE THE FATE OF THIS MANIAC TO BE DECIDED BY HER OWN MINIONS?!?!

    Jack: *shies away* It appears that way.

    Buck: *storms off*

    *give a few slow pompous nods*

    That was the scene earlier today. I did apologize to Jack later for losing my composure. I am not sure if he accepted it or not, *once again gets that pompous, arrogant look* but if he wishes to keep getting paid weekly then he better overlook it. It seems most everyone is too caught up in Danica's situation and are forgetting what any trial should be about, the wrong that has been committed on the victim, Reddish.

    Just when you think the world is once again showing signs of order, the curtain is pulled further back and all you see is more chaos. We here at The Force do think Lord Dupre means well. We applaud his attempt to give the people some form of order. But to allow her own Knight’s and no others to sit in judgment over her is suspect at best. In times like these, what our world truly needs is a leader. We need a leader of power, a leader that cares and most of all a leader that is fair and holds no secrets. In the current climate we find ourselves in, there is honestly only one person, one entity that fits the bill. Exodus. In the absence of all leadership, any leadership is better than none. If the people who are telling you Exodus is evil are all responsible for the mess and chaos we live in, can you take their word for that to be fact? We at HOAX contend you can’t.

    Professor Yusef stated at a recent event, “Its times like these that we should not question the motives of our leaders”. We contend the Professor is one hundred percent wrong. It’s when your leaders have led you to chaos you should question not only their motives, but also their ability to lead. Their ability to bring the realm together, not divide it further. Anyone who has been in a position of power in recent memory has indeed proven via track records, their only ability is to further divide our once great realm. Just take a look around at the pandemonium, and then be honest with yourself. Any sane person would agree a drastic changing of the guard is needed. Maybe Exodus’ time has come.

    That’s our take. We would be interested to hear yours.

    Word of the day? Bedraggled. Lady Amandine drug the bedraggled remains of Reddish through Britain. Until next time, I remain your humble correspondent.
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  2. EM_Bennu

    EM_Bennu UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
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    Very nicely done.

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