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(RP) Kalmar Erikkson, Captain of the RBG for Umbra

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Pandora_CoD, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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    Capt. Kalmar Erikkson was born in the town of Minoc to immigrant workers. He started to work the mines at the tender age of 12, alongside his older brother, Kinner ,16, to help feed his family. His father was a ship’s hand and often travelled far and away for many months. His mother was a seamstress in the town working to clothe the local guards. So Kalmar and Kinner were always around very proud, valiant men even when their own father sailed the seas. Both he and his brother aspired to be part of the Crown’s army.

    Kinner joined the Royal Britannian Guard when he turned 18, serving the town of Minoc after completing his cadet training. He was brave, dedicated, and loyal. He married his childhood sweetheart native to Minoc, Alana, and had two children; Connor and Ariana.

    As part of the RBG, Kinner worked his way up to Leuitenant for Minoc, dillegently and dutifully serving the Crown. When the invasion of the Shadowlords came, Kinner and all of Minoc's Guard were called to battle in the War of Shadows. As the Shadowlords invaded the city of Minoc, Kinner, his whole family with the exception of his infant daughter, Ariana, were killed.

    Kalmar, at the time, had been a cadet, thus unable to join the front lines. Cadets were trained in the city of Serpent's Hold which went largely unscatthed in the war. Kalmar's father had joined the Royal Navy and escaped his family's unfortunate fate.

    Following the crowning of Queen Dawn, Kalmar, now a full guard with the rank of Corporal. had taken charge of his infant niece, Ariana. His father died several years later of age in their home near Minoc. He was buried with full honors as a dedicated naval officer in service of the Crown. Ariana was only 8 year of age, but the loss of her beloved grandfather was another blow to a child that already carried several scars.

    Kalmar dotted on his niece as if she were his own. He was able to send her to the finest educational institutions and took pride in her developing intelligence. Bettering her life was a priority for him in his dedication and love for his brother. His military service took much of his time and focus, but he always made time to spend with Ariana.

    Today, Ariana is a lovely young lady of 22 and lives in the capital city of Britain. Her interests have fallen to diplomacy and services the Crown in that capacity since the age of 19. Her immediate report is a nice widowed lady by the name of Kayla Armstrong. Ms. Armstrong has a lovely family of 9, with several of her sons serving in the Guard. Her husband had been a magician, allied with the Council of Mages who unfortunately was killed in their service several years ago.
    Ariana, with nothing but love for her dear uncle, thought it prudent that Ms. Armstrong come to meet her uncle Kalmar at their family home in Minoc. She arranged a dinner with Ms. Armstrong, 2 of her boys, herself, and of course her uncle. Kalmar instantly took to the lady. She was pleasant, still very beautiful, and he loved her dedication to politics and diplomacy. Her boys, both serving in other regiments, were admirably raised...polite, intelligent, and obviously dedicated to their mother. Qualities in a woman that Kalmar had often sought his niece would develop.

    After 2 years, Ms. Armstrong and Kalmar had fallen in love. Although Kayla's respect for her husband has her doubting she will marry Kalmar, she entertains the idea. Kalmar, having been reassigned as Captain of the Umbra regiment established a new home near the city of his charge. Kayla remains in Britain, but often travels and stays with Kalmar at his Umbra home. Of course, his home is and will always be Minoc and he keeps ownership of his family home there, in the hopes to retire... one day... a happily married man with Kayla and inviting grandchildren by his step-sons and daughters as well as his beloved niece.

    But until then, him and Kayla both have a lot of work to do.

    (Original post can be found HERE.)