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Kameal lvl 35,37,39 quests

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PcBgamer, May 14, 2008.

  1. PcBgamer

    PcBgamer Guest

    Hey guys who could help me to get those quests????
    Bicouse i cant find enywhere this information.......
    or atlast if you know what final items you get from those quest could you write????
    Dont forget for KAMEAL not others... (i mean all kameal quests on lvl 35-39)
  2. Lord Chaos

    Lord Chaos Always Present
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Those quests are sadly offline as the site is still being repaired.
  3. Keyra

    Keyra Guest

    Kamaels only have a (very short&simple) Lvl39 quest... no 35,37 quest
  4. psynik

    psynik Guest

    Certified Bezerker
    Lvl: 39
    Loc: Oren
    NPC: Orkurus
    Type: Solo / 1 time
    Reward: Ability to change class to Berserker, Dimension Diamonds, Shadow Weapon Coupons, 73590 Experience and 8344 SP

    Master Orkurus starts the quest in Oren. He wants you to pass the test to become a Berserker. Go see Master Tenain in Giran and ask for your first mission. He hands you 48 Dimensional Diamonds to help you along the way.

    In Giran, Master Tenain tells you about your mission. He needs help defeating the Breka Orcs at Breka Stronghold.

    You can defeat any and all of the Orcs there. You will need to collect 20 of the Breka Orc heads.

    Return to Master Tenain. He takes the heads but tells you the enemy has learned the location of the item he is protecting. He needs you to go and find the person moving the item. They are near Death Pass.

    Caravaner Gort is near Death Pass. Go and defeat some Road Scavangers on the road to recover a message plate.

    It will take some time to find the message plate so don't give up.

    Once you have it return to Gort. He is happy but can not deciper it. To to Master Tenain, he can do it.

    Master Tenain does help after some time. He needs you to go to Dion and speak with Master Entien.

    Master Entien in Dion needs you to bring back some reports. One from the East and another from the North.

    Defeat some Dead Seekers for the East report and Marsh Stakato Drones for the North report.

    Return to Master Entien. He takes the reports and asks you to visite with Master Tenain.

    He needs you to go out to Plains of the Lizardmen and get the item from Harkilgamed. Hurry though. You will have to rescue Harkilgamed.

    You will need to defeat a Divine Emissary for Harkigamed to spawn. He leaves but first asks you to deliver a letter to Master Tenain since he is worried.

    Return to Master Tenain. He takes the letter and is happy to hear that Harkigamed is safe now. He gives you a recommendation to take to Master Olkurus and thanks you for your aid.

    Return to Master Orkurus in Oren. He is pleased as punch to hear all of the mission was complete.He gives you Orkurs' Recommendation and rewards you with 73590 Experiance and 8344 SP.
  5. psynik

    psynik Guest

    Certified Arbalester
    Lvl: 39
    Loc: Dion
    NPC: Rindy
    Type: Solo / 1 time
    Reward: Ability to change class to Arbalester, Dimension Diamonds, Shadow Weapon Coupons

    Start the quest in Dion by speaking with Master Rindy at the Kamael Guild.

    She hands you 65 dimension diamonds and sends you to the Dark Elf Giuld to talk with Clayton.

    Clayton sends you to Floran to collect 30 grudge crystals (Quest Typo: You will actually collect enmity crystals). Hunt the following mobs: Roughly Hewn Rock Golem, Watchman of the Plains, Delu Lizardmen (all types) and Cursed Seer

    Return to Clayton in Dion, he takes the crystals and sends you over to Blacksmith Poitan (still in Dion). Poitan sends you to the warehouse to talk to Holvas

    Inside the warehouse, Holvas asks you to collect 30 manuscript pages from the mobs in the Execution Grounds. Hunt the following mobs: Amber Basilisk, Strain, Ghouls, Granite Golem, Corpse Persurer (Dead Seeker is actual name) and Hanged Man Ripper

    Scroll of escape back to Dion and give Holvas the pages. He gives you an encoded page to take to Grand Master Meldina in Girans Kamael Guild.

    Meldina gives you a trainees mark and tells you to talk to Selsia at the Kamael Guild in Hunters Village.

    Selsia is quite chatty. When asked what you think happened choose the third answer. Ultimately you get sent to Death Pass to hunt Grandis.

    After you kill your first Grandis, your quest menu tells you to collect 10 attack orders. I was getting them off every Grandis killed so this part goes pretty quick.

    Once you have 10, the quest menu once again activates and instructs you to take them to Magister Galios (correct spelling is Gaius) inside the Ivory Tower. You will find them on the Human Wizard Floor.

    This is another very chatty npc but will eventually send you into the crater underneath Ivory Tower to hunt Manashen Gargoyles.

    Once you kill one your quest menu instructs you to collect 10 tailsman to find out who to talk to next. Manashen are resist to crossbows so this part may take a bit longer than the others.

    When you finish, it pops up again and now you need to go back inside the Ivory Tower and locate Gauen.

    Magister Gauen can be found on the Elf Wizard floor. He babbles on for a few screens then tells you to find Kaiena. It never mentions where they are but you will need to go to Dark Wizard Floor now.

    Kaiena seems perturbed you bothered her and states that she is a very busy man (whoa...nice rack ya got there for a man ^^) and sends you back to Hunters Village to speak with Selsia once again at the Kamael Guild there.

    Selsia sends you out to Oren to retrieve the giants documents. You will kill Timak Orcs, Timak Archers and Timak Soldiers until a Crimson Queen spawns. When she does, kill her too.
    She spawned after about 12 kills for me.

    Return to Hunters Village again and Selsia will bestow you with the Inquisitors Mark. When you are level 40 talk to a Grand Magister at the Kamael Guild to change your class to Arbalester. Congrats!
  6. psynik

    psynik Guest

    Certified Soul Breaker
    Lvl: 39
    Loc: Giran
    NPC: Virtus
    Type: 1 Time/ Solo
    Reward: Ability to change class to Soulbreker, Dimension Diamonds, Shadow Weapon Coupons

    (My computer went on strike after I did some of this quest. I don't have the actual text to this quest yet but don't fear. I will get them updated for you soon)

    Meet with Vitus in Giran. He is in the Kamael Guild. He will tell you that you need to take a test to become a Soul Breaker. To help you with this test he hands you 47 Dimension Diamonds.

    You need to see Kekropus in the Kamael Guild on the Isle of Souls. He needs you to to see Casca for approval.

    Casca is next to Kekropus. He has a task for you but it may be dangerous. Track down and find out who is the wandering person asking for information about the cargo from Gludin. Go to Dion to find out more information.

    In Dion meet with Holst. He tells you more about the suspicious person. Go and find out more information from the guards.

    At the North gate speak with Harlan. He did not see anything. You should check with Lucas at the south gate.

    At the South gate speak with Lucas. He did not see the person you described.

    Go to the East gate Xaber doesn't know either.

    Liam seems to know more. The person that fits the description went by here a little while ago. Looked like he was rushing to get to Giran.

    Speak with "Jerome" in Giran. Of course he did not see anyone.

    Vesa is next to him. The person you're looking for went into town not too long ago.

    Meet with Meldina in the Kamael Guild in Giran. He was asking when the freight will arrive at Giran pier. Go there and ask Felton about the person.

    Felton tells you more about the person. Go and find the shipwreck near the entrance of Devil's Isle.

    Click on the cargo box. Out spawns a Guardian Angel to kill you. So do him a favor and kill him. When he is dead an NPC spawns and you will need to talk to him. He does not last long so do it quick. He will hand you the sealed document.

    Return to Casca. You did a great job on the test. He does have another test for you. He needs you to to and hunt Wyrms in Devil's Pass for Wyrms Hearts

    I did go out near the Castle to hunt there. You will get the item 1 out of 5 wyrms. Hunt until you have 10 of these.

    Return to Casca. Congrats you can now change to a Soul Breaker.
  7. flyman

    flyman Guest

    Thx for all information psynik
  8. psynik

    psynik Guest

    NP i m glad to know i helped
  9. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Guest

    I want to ask about Kamael Berseker Job, After I get Okurus Recommendation..
    Where I must give that Okurus Recommendation ?

  10. psynik

    psynik Guest

    Take it to the Grand Master of the Kamael Guild.
    The nearest is Grand Master Etonic.