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Karma Debts

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guest, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "Well, let's see...." Urlana Fiderre shuffled through several parchments, her eyes scanning the figures quickly. She took up a feathered quill, dipped it quickly into an inkpot, then began scribbling furiously on a new, blank parchment. Dav Stormgleam sat opposite of her, listening to the scratch of her quill as he waited on her response. She was a focussed individual, intent upon her ledgers as she pensively chewed her lower lip. He waited patiently, observing with admiration and amusement her mannerisms which he suddenly found charming. Dav had known Urlana for quite some time, but this was the first time he truly noticed her.

    She was really quite pretty behind those spectacles which perched rediculously upon her delicate nose. She had haphazardly put her hair up and she was constantly chasing away stray locks which would tickle her face. Dav found it alluring the way she subconsciously would tuck the wayward strands behind her ear, the gesture serving to draw his attention to the delicate curve of her jawline, the tantalizing flesh of her neck. She was dressed as carelessly, having thrown on one of the fine blouses that Lestelenne supplied for all the guildmembers. One collar was sticking up and the blouse hung crookedly upon her shoulders, baring one shoulder almost entirely. She seemed oblivious, or perhaps it was just her way, Dav thought. He had stopped in on Urlana this morning to inquire after the guild finances, but she had still been abed, having arrived home the previous day from a long journey to Trinsic.

    "I apologize again for waking you," Dav said, filling the silence which was only broken by the sound of quill on parchment.

    "Hmmm?" she murmured absently, peering over her spectacles. Then she averted her gaze shyly and quickly replied, "Oh, no need to apologize Master Stormgleam. I was late abed. I should've been up working hours ago!"

    "You just returned from a long, tiring trip," Dav stated. "I should've considered this and let you sleep in. Quite inconsiderate of me."

    "Please Master Stormgleam--"

    "Call me Dav."

    "Alright, Dav," she said awkwardly, her cheeks coloring slightly. "I'll not hear any talk of inconsideracies on your part. Oh, I do not even know if that is a word, inconsideracies. How silly of me!" She laughed nervously and Dav's face split into its customary lopsided grin. "Well, I have good news at least," she said in an effort to conceal her nervousness. "Our business interested are exceeding all our projections. Our coffers are overflowing."

    "Excellent!" Dav rose and went to the window of her room, gazing out to the verdant green hills. A gentle rain had been falling all evening, only recently abating, but the dark gray clouds still flowed overhead, sweeping the hillstops in ragged banners. "Well done, Urlana! You have a special talent for sending our coins out into the world to return with mates and children!"

    "Did you need to dip into the coffers?" Urlana queried.

    "Indeed, it is time we invested," Dav said, still staring at the churning clouds.

    "Ah very wise of you Master Stormgleam!" Urlana said enthusiastically. "Might I recommend several new business interestes I have researched."

    "I do not mean to invest in business interestes," Dav explained, "although perhaps we should take note of your suggestions and invest some of our money. My reason for coming here, however, is to repay our guild's debts."

    "Debts?" Urlana asked faintly, the word seeming to stagger her. "Oh good heavens!" Dav turned and almost laughed at the concerned, disbelieving look on her face.

    "Not monetary debts, Urlana my dear," he assured her. "Call it karmic debts. I intent on investing our money in those kind souls who have done our guild a good turn in the past."

    "Invest?" Urlana repeated in confusion. "Am I to understand you'll be giving some of the guild's money away?"

    "Yes indeed," Dav confirmed. "Though I call it investing in friendship. This money will aid our allies and strengthen our bonds to them. The darkness is gathering, even as this storm gathers"--Dav waved his arm to the window--"to batter us with foul weather. Fellowship among the virtuous will see our people through these dark times."

    The confusion in her eyes had been replaced by a dreamy look. "How noble and romantic of you," she said softly.

    The lopsided grin found its way to Dav's face again. "Romantic?"

    "Err, yes well... Urlana began fumbling with her papers again. "I shall get on this right away!" she declared quickly to hide her embarassment. "How much will you be needing and to whom are we giving it?"

    "There are many who are deserving but the first shall be...."

    * * * * *

    "Emily Marie is her name!" Vaneistra stated. "I was in Delucia, with my babies. The orcs were raiding the surrounding farmlands, so we took it upon ourselves to patrol the region. A raiding party ambushed us and the surprise of it intially overwhelmed us. Snowblade was badly injured, but they could not contend with the might of my polar bears when they were all gathered together. We dispatched the orcs, but Snowblade was in dire condition. We had to find a healer who was familiar curing the ills of animals. I gave instructions to the other polar bears to defend our fallen friend, then I hurried to Delucia to seek aid. Emily Marie was there, selflessly returning with me to aid Snowblade. She saved my friend's life and so that I why I think our money should go to her."

    "Good enough," Dav agreed. "Urlanna, can you begin the search for her?"

    "It's rather a large undertaking, seeking one person in this wide world," Urlanna cautioned. "I will put the word out and see if she cannot be located. Can you offer any other details which might aid in finding her."

    "She belonged to a guild, I heard," Vaneistra answered after some thought. "The Warriors of Freedom, I think. I hope that helps."

    "It should," Dav said. "Hire someone to inquire after the Warriors of Freedom. Perhaps she can be found through them."

    "Yes Master Stormgleam," Urlanna said crisply.

    * * * * *

    OOC: Our guild is offering a quest on Pacific. Locate Emily Marie and make arrangements to bring her to our guildhouse and we'll pay 50,000 to the messenger. Contact me at [email protected] to make arrangements should you locate her.