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Kinda Sad even after all this time...

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Eryn Darkthorn, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. *Waves* Hi folks!

    I was one of the first Beta testers for TSO back in the day. The name some of you may have known was 'Annie'. I never purchased TSO. I enjoyed the Beta to a degree, even with all of the bugs. I diligently reported bugs, even discovered a bug with pinatas that let you make too much money and reported that to Tigger et al. However, when they insisted upon launching the game even when it was unplayable 50% of the time. I remember being so stunned that they would even consider launching when people were getting stuck on lots and dying the day before the announcement! I decided to go find something else to play. I honestly think that was the fatal flaw. They never seemed to listen to their players.

    I do have to thank TSO for introducing me to the world of MMORPG's, even though technically it isn't. I moved on to Ultima Online and made a name for myself in that community(even did a few stints as a shard reporter on Stratics). I have since moved on to obsess over other games. I have checked back twice and played the trial of TSO. Both times I just found it lacking and moved on before the trial period was even over.

    I was spring cleaning my junk email account when I came across an invitation to return to the new EAland from back in February. I am quite shocked at the shutdown news. I never thought EA would shut it down. I just had to post this because the whole thing makes me sad. This game truly did have potential. I think the combination of a nightmarish launch and the lack of custom content kept most of the offline game fans away(it certainly did my old skinning buddies, half wouldn't even try the beta when offered). There is still a thriving community for The Sims 2, but TSO just fizzled and it shouldn't have.

    I wonder why they decided to call it EALand? Do the developers not realize just how toxic the EA Brand has become to most MMO players? I only tried UO because at the time it was still listed as Origin! Sorry for the long post, but it just felt right to give this an obituary from my perspective. I met a ton of fun people during my 3 months as a beta tester for TSO. Feel free to write me if you remember me from back then.

    [email protected]
  2. MsStathamSim

    MsStathamSim Guest

    The name was changed to EALand so that they didn't have to announce the closing of a SIMS game. :sad4:
  3. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    lol, I agree with you Ms.