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EM Fiction King Blackthorn's & Sir Dupre's Dreams (Transcript)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by EM Emile Layne, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. EM Emile Layne

    EM Emile Layne UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Aug 3, 2010
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    I was asked to post a transcript of King Blackthorn's and Sir Dupre's Dream-events, so here goes:

    Flashbacks Part 1 - King Blackthorn's Dream

    King Blackthorn in his bed at the Castle, asleep. A Gate into his Dream is shimmering.

    Entering King Blackthorn's Dream.

    The 'Path Of Virtue' in King Blackthorn's Dream. Mirror-images of the sleeping King share his most inner thoughts.

    Sleeping King Blackthorn I
    *His eyes trace the symbols of the Virtues*
    Honesty is pure Truth. That which, when you possess it, means all may rely on your every word.
    Compassion is pure Love. The quality that compels one to share the journeys of others.
    Valour is pure Courage. That which answers when great deeds are called for.
    Justice is Truth, tempered by Love. That which should be the same for nobles and serfs alike.
    Sacrifice is Courage to give oneself in the name of Love. That which is loath to place the self above all else.
    Honour is Courage to seek and uphold the Truth. That which shirks no duty.
    Spirituality is to seek Truth, Love and Courage from one's own self and the world around.
    Humility is the opposite of Pride - the absence of Truth, Love and Courage.
    *His eyes trace the symbols of the Virtues*

    Sleeping King Blackthorn II
    These are the Virtues, as founded by the Old King.
    And they are good principles to live one's life by.
    I have always done so myself.
    I have fought, side by side with the Old King, to uphold these principles.
    And if called for, I will do so again!
    But the Virtues... It isn't the whole story.
    The Old King never told them the Truth!

    The Old King's Throne in King Blackthorn's Dream.

    Sleeping King Blackthorn III
    *Stares at the empty throne*
    The Old King was a great man.
    And my dearest friend.
    Many were the nights we wasted away, playing chess, discussing philosophy.
    He was a driven man.
    So driven, like the devil was on his heels.
    Later I found out that wasn't so far from the truth...

    The Time Lord manifestation in King Blackthorn's Dream.

    Sleeping King Blackthorn IV
    Whether the Time Lord is an Angel or a Daemon, I don't know.
    But the Old King was weighted heavily by his prophecy.

    The Time Lord Manifestation
    Greetings, I am the Time Lord, a being from beyond your dimension.
    I am here to bring thee warning!
    Dost thou recall how long ago mysterious Stranger came to Sosaria?
    And saved the world from the evil wizard Mondain?
    He shattered the Gem of Immortality, within which dwelled a perfect likeness of this world.
    When the Gem was shattered, a thousand shards were scattered across the dimensions.
    And in each shard there is a perfect likeness of this world.
    And thou dost live upon one such shard, for thou art not of the true world-thou art merely a reflection.
    My task is to heal this shattered world.
    And I seek to enlist thee in my cause.
    Be warned that in this case, healing carries with it a terrible price.
    A shard of a universe is a powerful thing.
    A universe shattered is always in danger from the powers of darkness.
    Already three shards were turned to evil.
    And sent to plague the original universe in the form of Shadowlords.
    As the world remaineth in pieces, it remaineth vulnerable.
    You must use the Virtues to bring the shards into harmony.
    So that they resonate in such a manner that matches the original universe.
    Then the universes shall merge, and be again as one.
    The reflections shall become one with the original.
    Thou wouldst cease to be as thou art, and become part of the larger you.
    Thou shalt not die; however, uncounted generations have passed and borne children since that day.
    And they have no counterparts. They would perish utterly.
    Tis for the greater good.

    The Chaos Room in King Blackthorn''s Dream.

    Sleeping King Blackthorn V
    The Old King was burdened with a terrible choice.
    Found the Virtues and try to save the Universe. But at the cost of the lives of all his citizens.
    Or risk the Original Universe being corrupted by the Shadow Lords.
    The Old King made his decision...
    I made a different decision. I decided to found the Virtue of Chaos!
    I chose individuality.
    I chose freedom of belief.
    I chose to save the lives of all the people of Sosaria!
    Chaos brings balance to the Virtues.
    Balance to make the Kingdom stronger!

    Sleeping King Blackthorn VI
    But many didn't understand the Virtue of Chaos.
    The opposing Order guards were all to willing to equate Chaos with Evil.
    Bitter fights broke out...

    Sleeping King Blackthorn VII
    And so endeth the Dream...
    For now...

    Flashbacks Part 2 - Sir Dupre's Dream

    Sir Dupre, asleep on a park bench after drinking too much. A Gate into his Dream is shimmering.

    Entering Sir Dupre's Dream.

    The machine Exodus used to create an Evil Doppelganger of Lord Blackthorn, inside Sir Dupre's Dream.

    Sleeping Sir Dupre I
    *Shivers* The Void... What a horrible place. So... Empty...
    King Blackthorn told me he spent many years in here.
    Trapped, together with the Vile Exodus!
    I can't even imagine what that's like...
    I don't want to imagine...
    It was many years ago, when the King was still Lord Blackthorn.
    Lord Blackthorn and Gilforn together had created a powerful new magic spell.
    A spell that would get rid of Exodus once and for all, and lock him away in a safe place.
    Lord Blackthorn bravely set out to set a trap for Exodus, alone...
    The spell worked! And Exodus was sent to a place in the Void Gilforn and Blackthorn had created.
    But while the spell was successful in imprisoning Exodus, something went wrong...
    Something went very wrong!
    Lord Blackthorn was taken away, in to the Void, with Exodus!
    And so they were trapped together, seemingly for eternity.
    But unbeknownst to Lord Blackthorn, Exodus concocted a new plan.
    Exodus created a doppelganger of Blackthorn, an evil doppelganger!
    And this Evil Doppelganger of Lord Blackthorn was unleashed upon Sosaria.
    It's purpose was simple:
    To cause destruction and to tarnish the name of Lord Blackthorn!
    *His hand trembles as he pulls the lever and activates the machine*

    The Gate Of Chaos from which the Evil Doppelganger of Lord Blackthorn emerged, inside Sir Dupre's Dream.

    Sleeping Sir Dupre II
    The Vile Exodus sent Lord Blackthorn's Evil Doppelganger to terrorize Britannia.
    I witnessed this horror myself...
    I looked the mechanized monstrosity that was Lord Blackthorn in the eyes, and saw its darkness.
    With the help of the Juka and Juggernaults, also created by Exodus,
    The Evil Doppelganger of Lord Blackthorn caused much destruction, and took many lives!
    After a long, hard fought battle, Lady Dawn struck the final blow to defeat the mechanized monster.
    And so ended the life of the Old King's fiercest opponent, of a great tyrant and menace to Sosaria.
    And so ended the life of a monster, a destroyer of lives, hopes and dreams, a menace to Sosaria.
    And so ended the life of the Old King's best friend, of my friend.
    Or so I thought...
    For now the REAL Lord Blackthorn has returned! King Blackthorn!
    The Old King's best friend, and my friend...
    But what about the monster? Is it really gone?

    Sleeping Sir Dupre III
    And so endeth the Dream...
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  2. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Thanks very much for that - things were a bit too hectic at the time so I missed a fair bit of the 'narrative', and I have too little time at the moment to get back in-game and catch up!