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NEWS Kings Meeting Minutes 30Mar2014

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Flair, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Flair

    Flair Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran OrderOfDrunkenElders

    Sep 30, 2012
    Likes Received:
    [15:29:57] [King Blackthorn]: I believe it is time to begin.
    [15:30:20] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you to those who have made time in their busy scheudles today.
    [15:30:34] [King Blackthorn]: though I am saddened to see four towns unrepresented.
    [15:30:37] [Nebiki]: i think talia is stuck out side
    [15:31:32] [King Blackthorn]: We have a good bit to cover today so let us begin.
    [15:31:53] [King Blackthorn]: First off, as many of you have noticed, there have been a few changes here since our last meeting.
    [15:32:28] [King Blackthorn]: The chair for the Governor of Bucanneer's Den has been removed and they are no longer represented on the council.
    [15:32:51] [King Blackthorn]: The treachery of Governor Marcus Rotgut was revealed to all.
    [15:33:01] [King Blackthorn]: The theft of the world-gem.
    [15:33:12] [King Blackthorn]: The revelation that he was the reviled Shadow himself.

    [15:33:40] [King Blackthorn]: all eventually led to his own death at the hands of the Demon's he played with.
    [15:34:12] [King Blackthorn]: Due to the theft here of all places, I have requested that a portion of the King's Guard be reassigned to this council.
    [15:34:31] [King Blackthorn]: they will stand guard here to protect the chambers and items within.
    [15:35:06] [King Blackthorn]: It is with regret that I have learned that the people of Bucaneer's Den are happy to be free of the crown again.
    [15:35:29] [King Blackthorn]: it seems their membership here was only to learn more of us to take advantage of us.
    [15:35:52] [King Blackthorn]: But now, that is all in the past.
    [15:36:33] [King Blackthorn]: and we are left with the physical representations of the Virtuous Principles corrupted.
    [15:37:32] [King Blackthorn]: Now, it is up to us to determine how to cleanse the Bell, the Book, and the Candle.
    [15:38:04] [King Blackthorn]: I have put some research into it, but alas I have not found a solution as of yet.
    [15:38:29] [King Blackthorn]: The next item pending is the King's Contest.
    [15:38:49] [King Blackthorn]: I believe that the current standings put Lady Sara Dale in the lead for the grand prize.
    [15:39:03] [Sara Dale]: Thats me
    [15:39:06] [Flair]: ohhh
    [15:39:53] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Dale has submitted a 191 stone Summer Dragonfish.
    [15:40:04] [King Blackthorn]: quite an accomplishment. *smiles*
    [15:40:10] [TjloSjhion]: shes cool :D
    [15:40:15] [Sara Dale]: It was hard work getting past the dragons
    [15:40:24] [The Gooch]: atta girl
    [15:40:30] [tick]: yay!
    [15:40:53] [King Blackthorn]: The smallest fish is a 7 stone fish caught by Sir Malloc.
    [15:41:05] [York]: was it cute?
    [15:41:08] [The Gooch]: very impressive none the less!
    [15:41:09] [York]: lol
    [15:41:35] [King Blackthorn]: and the Largest Crab or Lobster is a rare Blue Lobster submitted by Garfield.
    [15:41:45] [Sara Dale]: Yea Garfield
    [15:41:48] [tick]: woot
    [15:42:05] [King Blackthorn]: We are about 7 hours away from the end of the contest. Please get your final entries turned in
    [15:42:12] [King Blackthorn]: by Midnight US Eastern Time.
    [15:42:22] [Hoffs]: If you want to know about Sara's struggle to land the mighty fish, read her forthcoming book...
    [15:42:30] [Hoffs]: "The old woman and the sea"
    [15:42:34] [tick]: ouch
    [15:42:35] [Flair]: really.. sounds like a good read
    [15:42:40] [aulbrey]: i caught a flair does that count? *giggles*
    [15:42:48] [King Blackthorn]: I have been notified that the magics used to build Castle Blackthorn may prevent the winner from being displayed there.
    [15:43:00] [Sara Dale]: awww
    [15:43:05] [King Blackthorn]: if that is the case, then the winner will be displayed here in the Governor's Council Chambers.
    [15:43:14] [TjloSjhion]: woo
    [15:43:14] [Sara Dale]: What about the awards house?
    [15:43:29] [King Blackthorn]: but every effort will be made to display it in the castle if it is possible.
    [15:43:44] [Kelmo]: There is that nice spot near Britain Moongate...
    [15:44:05] [King Blackthorn]: My intent is for the Awards house to be the final display place after a reasonable time at the castle or here.
    [15:44:18] [Sara Dale]: nice
    [15:44:23] [King Blackthorn]: I hope everyone has enjoyed the contest.
    [15:44:27] [Sara Dale]: I already have shoes there
    [15:44:27] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
    [15:44:35] [Sara Dale]: its been a blast
    [15:44:57] [King Blackthorn]: And now, let us hear from our Governors and learn of our cities.
    [15:45:14] [King Blackthorn]: Lord York? Are you settled into your new home?
    [15:45:31] [York]: yes, i have settled in well
    [15:45:43] [York]: Would you like me to speak first?
    [15:45:50] [King Blackthorn]: Please do. *smiles*
    [15:45:55] [York]: Ty
    [15:46:12] [York]: Upon arrival in Skara Brae I could not help but notice signs of a rift in the citizens.
    [15:46:20] [York]: This is not too surprising since there has been a lack of direction for a short time.
    [15:46:26] [aulbrey]: its empty for the reals this time
    [15:46:29] [York]: The Mayor was found drunken early in the morning,
    [15:46:37] [York]: with the excuse that “he was just sampling…. Skara’s finest export.”
    [15:46:56] [York]: The Town Guards though, have proved to be very nimble and
    [15:47:16] [York]: willing to strike down a threat to the town.
    [15:47:36] [York]: Despite the initial set back with the mayor…
    [15:47:43] [York]: I have been pleased to see that the citizens of Skara Brae are among
    [15:47:47] [York]: the most passionate and spiritual.
    [15:47:56] [York]: It will be a great honor to serve this community.
    [15:48:03] [York]: On other town matter fiscally the town seems on track;
    [15:48:11] [York]: A trade deal with the Bardic Collegium allowing citizen to benefit from a faster casting bonus.
    [15:48:26] [King Blackthorn]: well done
    [15:48:34] [York]: This was provided by a few players, mainly Hoffs, Spargo, Tina Tink, and Skara’s budget.
    [15:48:41] [York]: I am still not convinced the trade deals are a fair deal,
    [15:48:48] [York]: I am still not convinced the trade deals are a fair deal,
    [15:48:56] [York]: but the citizens support them and I will do as they wish.
    [15:49:06] [York]: I have also started a Subsidy program
    [15:49:12] [York]: to help encourage general use items to be stocked at a fair price.
    [15:49:21] [York]: This includes subsidizing vendors and funding upcoming merchants (resource gathers).
    [15:49:28] [York]: A promo is being put together so citizens can easily find these vendors.
    [15:49:34] [York]: The only request that the citizens of Skara Brae have made was
    [15:49:40] [York]: the matter of acknowledging the settlement of Gilfane.
    [15:49:43] [York]: ...
    [15:49:53] [York]: All other town matters seem to be in order;
    [15:50:09] [York]: Thank you
    [15:50:15] [York]: that is all
    [15:50:18] [King Blackthorn]: I am quite frustrated that the monument for Gilfane has not been completed as of yet.
    [15:50:29] [The Gooch]: among other settlements...
    [15:50:31] [King Blackthorn]: I have learned not to pay the contractors in advance again.
    [15:50:53] [York]: hah they can be crafty
    [15:50:56] [York]: ....
    [15:51:03] [King Blackthorn]: I shall continue efforts there to see that it is eventually completed.
    [15:51:16] [King Blackthorn]: as well as the one for Barter Town.
    [15:51:28] [York]: Ty M'Lord
    [15:51:39] [King Blackthorn]: For Barter Town, the requested trees are growing nicely, but are not yet ready for planting at their permanent home.
    [15:51:53] [The Gooch]: Aye thank you, King
    [15:51:55] [Ladra]: yes, we want a big one!
    [15:52:09] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe? How fares Moonglow?
    [15:52:24] [Kattasrophe]: I do have a small report if I may. My lord
    [15:52:28] [Luka Melehan]: *whispers* trees?
    [15:53:00] [King Blackthorn]: Please proceed Kattasrophe
    [15:53:30] [Kattasrophe]: I would like to start off today by saying thank you to all of the Moonglow Citizens
    [15:53:39] [Kattasrophe]: Who have given me the oppertunity to be their Governor.
    [15:53:55] [Kattasrophe]: I have enjoyed being here for them.
    [15:54:13] [Kattasrophe]: The citizens of Moonglow have donated generously this Month.
    [15:54:23] [Kattasrophe]: I would like to say a special thank you to the following people
    [15:54:35] [Kattasrophe]: Ravn and Andreas Cross, Arminda
    [15:54:45] [Kattasrophe]: Katniss, Talia, Robert the Brute,
    [15:54:57] [Kattasrophe]: Sara Dale, DeadBob, Norman Bates, and Governor York
    [15:55:01] [Talia]: WoooooOOOOOooooo!!!
    [15:55:24] [York]: :)
    [15:55:26] [Kattasrophe]: Because of the generously donations of the citizens
    [15:55:37] [Kattasrophe]: I was able to open up a trade deal for the Bardiac Collegium
    [15:55:51] [Kattasrophe]: For the citizens that have a sword or a bow
    [15:56:04] [Kattasrophe]: I will switch betweeen the Bardiac Collegium and the Assians
    [15:56:26] [Flair]: You feel sober.
    [15:56:31] [Kattasrophe]: Ravn Cross is also building a house that has an Arena in it for everyone
    [15:56:42] [TjloSjhion]: :)
    [15:56:44] [Kattasrophe]: Although he may not be here he wanted me to say
    [15:56:50] [Kattasrophe]: Everyone is welcome there
    [15:57:08] [Kattasrophe]: On April the 5th at 3pm Eastern
    [15:57:19] [Kattasrophe]: I will be holding a Carnival in Moonglow
    [15:57:27] [Kattasrophe]: Everyone is welcome to come and join the fun.
    [15:57:39] [Kattasrophe]: As far as things I would like to accomplish
    [15:57:47] [Talia]: yay!
    [15:57:52] [Kattasrophe]: I am looking forward to restoring the zoo
    [15:57:58] [Kattasrophe]: there is no animals in there.
    [15:58:05] [Luka Melehan]: sounds like fun
    [15:58:05] [Shayla Keylley]: sad
    [15:58:08] [Kattasrophe]: and also,
    [15:58:09] [tick]: :(
    [15:58:16] [Kattasrophe]: Taking care of the Mongbat infestation in Moonglow
    [15:58:25] [Talia]: but but but
    [15:58:37] [Kattasrophe]: That is all I have to report M'Lord
    [15:58:41] [Fat Cat]: no animals?
    [15:58:42] [Talia]: They're part of our economy!
    [15:58:55] [Flair]: question?
    [15:58:59] [Kattasrophe]: yes?
    [15:59:04] [Flair]: we need to donate animals to your moonglow zoo then
    [15:59:10] [Kattasrophe]: Indeed
    [15:59:19] [Flair]: i will see what i can do
    [15:59:26] [Kattasrophe]: *smiles* Thank you Lord Flair
    [15:59:27] [Kelmo]: weasels and such?
    [15:59:30] [aulbrey]: wait i gotta share?
    [15:59:38] [Kattasrophe]: anything you would like to see in there.
    [15:59:46] [Luka Melehan]: weasels are a myth darlin'
    [15:59:55] [Kelmo]: I saw a weasel!
    [15:59:57] [York]: If you import Timber wolves onto the island they will kill your mongbats Katt
    [15:59:59] [TjloSjhion]: thingsman
    [16:00:09] [aulbrey]: can we put husbands in the zoo?
    [16:00:10] [York]: :)
    [16:00:15] [Kattasrophe]: I just may do that York
    [16:00:16] [Fat Cat]: will there be tuna there?
    [16:00:19] [Luka Melehan]: lol
    [16:00:31] [Kattasrophe]: hmm Aulbrey I dont think that would be very wise.
    [16:00:35] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lady Kattasrophe
    [16:00:44] [Flair]: husbands.. really
    [16:00:51] [aulbrey]: oh right
    [16:00:54] [aulbrey]: your here
    [16:01:01] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Kelmo? What can you tell us of Trinsic?
    [16:01:33] [York]: heh
    [16:01:36] [Kelmo]: ale...
    [16:01:37] [King Blackthorn]: Drunk agin? *sighs*
    [16:01:40] [The Gooch]: thatll do it
    [16:01:49] [TjloSjhion]: I like your kilt
    [16:01:53] [Kelmo]: Hail Gov'ners, Citizens, friends and the rest of you too!
    [16:01:58] [Luka Melehan]: *please don't sit in his lap...please don't sit in his lap...
    [16:01:58] [Shayla Keylley]: Hail!
    [16:02:05] [Kelmo]: Well met... King. *smiles and bows*
    [16:02:25] [Kelmo]: As you well know there is a wrecked building in the center of Trinsic.

    [16:02:33] [TjloSjhion]: :(
    [16:02:36] [Kelmo]: i do not know why
    [16:02:42] [Luka Melehan]: not good for business
    [16:02:46] [King Blackthorn]: Someday I hope to learn the story of that building.
    [16:03:02] [Kelmo]: the buildings are all damaged
    [16:03:19] [Kelmo]: I too would like to understand this
    [16:03:22] [Fat Cat]: it got raided by tons of monsters!
    [16:03:24] [Nebiki]: was war in trinsic long ago
    [16:03:38] [Fat Cat]: before your time kelmo
    [16:05:12] [Kelmo]: there is a veritable dungeon under the city
    [16:05:44] [Kelmo]: I would like to see this investigated
    [16:05:50] [Kelmo]: I also ask that something be done about the lawless gangs of thugs roaming the lands. Criminals one and all these "factioneers"
    [16:06:16] [Luka Melehan]: damn kids...
    [16:06:18] [Kelmo]: these criminals have had their way long enough
    [16:06:42] [Kelmo]: lawless gangs... the lot of 'em.
    [16:06:51] [Kelmo]: The trade unions are entirely over priced for the few meager incentives offered.
    [16:06:52] [sir Vincent]: Hmm
    [16:06:59] [Kelmo]: For the "tributes" demanded by the unions they should at least be worth while and better yet, assist in gathering the taxes.
    [16:07:09] [aulbrey]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [16:07:20] [Luka Melehan]: here here
    [16:07:22] [Kelmo]: they have a strangle hold over the towns
    [16:07:31] [Kelmo]: Perhaps the unions could provide us with better incentives and some town vendors.
    [16:08:08] [Fat Cat]: your worries are over kelmo. fat cat is here
    [16:08:15] [Kelmo]: also a way to track the number of citizens in a town
    [16:08:32] [Kelmo]: if not the names at least some numbers
    [16:08:53] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lord Kelmo.
    [16:09:09] [York]: some thought out requests
    [16:09:13] [York]: :)
    [16:09:17] [Fat Cat]: yes!
    [16:09:19] [King Blackthorn]: I do agree that the rogues roaming the lands have caused some distress.
    [16:09:33] [King Blackthorn]: and yet, that is a part of what makes this land what it is.
    [16:09:40] [King Blackthorn]: A balance of Order and Chaos.
    [16:09:51] [Fat Cat]: ^^
    [16:09:54] [Talia]: who doesn't like a little distress?
    [16:10:06] [King Blackthorn]: As the Governor of the City of Honor and the Paladins,
    [16:10:10] [Kelmo]: indeed my liege...
    [16:10:10] [York]: ...
    [16:10:24] [King Blackthorn]: I believe that you are most suited to assist in combatting these rogues.
    [16:11:02] [Kelmo]: I will consider... options
    [16:11:09] [King Blackthorn]: Of course, the crown will back you as needed. Please report to me regularly that I may stay aware of your progress. *smiles*
    [16:11:25] [Kelmo]: as you command...
    [16:11:32] [King Blackthorn]: For the rest, be it known that the system and tools of governors is still new and growing.
    [16:11:57] [King Blackthorn]: I hope that some or all of these suggestions will come at a future date, but when that may be I am not certain at this time.
    [16:12:21] [aulbrey]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [16:12:30] [York]: your... cat... katt..
    [16:12:34] [King Blackthorn]: Is no one here to speak for the capital city?
    [16:12:59] [Flair]: it is in constant turmoil.. there are always people fighting the streets there
    [16:13:18] [York]: This is disturbing news
    [16:13:21] [Luka Melehan]: makes it hard for traders to do business
    [16:13:30] [York]: in the fair town of brit..
    [16:14:01] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Gooch. How fares Minoc and the suburb of Bartertown?
    [16:14:03] [Talia]: It aint so bad
    [16:14:15] [The Gooch]: Hail citizens!
    [16:14:23] [The Gooch]: whats up, King
    [16:14:32] [Fat Cat]: hiss!
    [16:14:45] [The Gooch]: I have some small news to start off with
    [16:14:47] [York]: :)
    [16:14:53] [Kelmo]: this will be interesting
    [16:15:07] [The Gooch]: I have spent sometime meeting and greeting with the hard working minocians
    [16:15:25] [The Gooch]: and although they are not as giving for a trade deal as some of the realms other cities
    [16:15:32] [The Gooch]: they are most certainly full of life
    [16:15:56] [The Gooch]: Barter Town has offered to all citizens of the realm
    [16:16:13] [The Gooch]: That if they choose to do their buisness and banking inside the city limits of Minoc
    [16:16:30] [The Gooch]: The acquisition experts of Barter Town will stay out of their packs
    [16:16:42] [The Gooch]: in an effort to bring more buisness and shakers to Minoc
    [16:16:47] [Fat Cat]: hisses
    [16:17:13] [The Gooch]: We still have several statues throughout the city
    [16:17:33] [Kelmo]: at we have "honest" thieves representing here unlike the represenitives from buc's
    [16:17:34] [The Gooch]: that remain unfinished but ive been assured our artisians are hard at work to complete these
    [16:17:49] [The Gooch]: Aye, Thank you Kelm's
    [16:18:00] [The Gooch]: We are also taking donations
    [16:18:16] [York]: donations.. is that what they call it these days.
    [16:18:19] [The Gooch]: For a new roller coaster that is being designed for mount kendall
    [16:18:23] [King Blackthorn]: Taking? or accepting? *arches eyebrows*
    [16:18:27] [Hoffs]: !
    [16:18:38] [Fat Cat]: meow
    [16:18:50] [The Gooch]: Basically Minoc is the funniest place in the realm
    [16:19:02] [The Gooch]: Barter Town or Die *drops mic*
    [16:19:16] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lord Gooch.
    [16:19:24] [King Blackthorn]: I look forward to hearing more of your progress.
    [16:19:49] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Ironfish? Doth New Magincia fare well?
    [16:19:50] [York]: Good job gooch.
    [16:19:59] [The Gooch]: ^^
    [16:20:03] [King Blackthorn]: Errrr... Ironfist
    [16:20:05] [Morgan Ironfist]: Thank you me liege

    [16:20:19] [Morgan Ironfist]: New Magincia is faring well
    [16:20:29] [Morgan Ironfist]: the Assassin's guild is blossoming
    [16:20:43] [Morgan Ironfist]: the trade deal with it has been upheld
    [16:20:45] [TjloSjhion]: Good
    [16:20:59] [Morgan Ironfist]: and will be upheld withj them throughout this term
    [16:21:02] [TjloSjhion]: In Vas Mani Hur
    [16:21:20] [Kelmo]: *apluades* Well done Ironfist
    [16:21:28] [Fat Cat]: hisses
    [16:21:34] [Morgan Ironfist]: I would like to ask all citizen who use the tradedeal to make a donation to the town crier
    [16:21:41] [Kelmo]: yer trade has been going since day one
    [16:22:01] [Morgan Ironfist]: furthermore I second Governor Kelmo's idea of knowin a citizen number
    [16:22:23] [Shayla Keylley]: Ask your citizens to post to the bulletin boards
    [16:22:27] [York]: Aye
    [16:22:30] [Morgan Ironfist]: and I would like a chat option for governors to make proclamations to his citizen
    [16:22:47] [Morgan Ironfist]: that they would receive on their next login
    [16:22:54] [Fat Cat]: i just want tuna....
    [16:22:54] [Talia]: oooh that'd be cool
    [16:23:06] [Morgan Ironfist]: could be done like the notes one receives for the stalls
    [16:23:10] [Shayla Keylley]: good idea
    [16:23:17] [Morgan Ironfist]: of New Magincia when it was renewed
    [16:23:27] [Morgan Ironfist]: that would be all me king
    [16:23:54] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lord Ironfist.
    [16:23:54] [The Gooch]: nice one, morgan
    [16:24:01] [Fat Cat]: lord hisss
    [16:24:17] [The Gooch]: ^^
    [16:24:24] [King Blackthorn]: What you requested there sounds very nice, but it is well beyond what a King can provide and is akin to asking for nature to change the seasons.
    [16:24:44] [King Blackthorn]: and yet, I shall pass the suggestion up to the Goddess and Gods above.
    [16:25:01] [Fat Cat]: awes black thorn!!!
    [16:25:21] [King Blackthorn]: And now, does anyone from the citizenry wish to speak?
    [16:25:26] [aulbrey]: i do
    [16:25:50] [aulbrey]: uhhh
    [16:25:55] [King Blackthorn]: Please approach the podium, but chose your words wisely.
    [16:25:59] [aulbrey]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [16:26:04] [aulbrey]: i just gotta ask one question
    [16:26:06] [aulbrey]: wait
    [16:26:09] [aulbrey]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [16:26:12] [aulbrey]: i gotta be wise?
    [16:26:16] [TjloSjhion]: In Vas Mani Hur
    [16:26:24] [Flair]: go on...
    [16:26:25] [Nebiki]: In Vas Mani Hur
    [16:26:29] [aulbrey]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [16:26:30] [aulbrey]: will you marry me?

    [16:26:33] [Luka Melehan]: oh dear
    [16:26:42] [The Gooch]: this is awesome
    [16:26:44] [Hoffs]: !!
    [16:26:48] [aulbrey]: what the hell
    [16:26:51] [King Blackthorn]: I understood you were already bethrothed to one Ug Rankbreath?
    [16:27:01] [aulbrey]: wait what
    [16:27:03] [The Gooch]: oh snap
    [16:27:09] [Flair]: ummm
    [16:27:09] [aulbrey]: whe the hell lied
    [16:27:10] [Kelmo]: ohhhh????
    [16:27:12] [The Gooch]: atta boy, Kingster!
    [16:27:16] [York]: lol
    [16:27:32] [Luka Melehan]: very diplomatic
    [16:27:43] [King Blackthorn]: Are there others?
    [16:27:50] [aulbrey]: that didnt go so well
    [16:27:53] [TjloSjhion]: ME!
    [16:28:12] [Talia]: dont kick the cat tjlo!
    [16:28:17] [Ladra]: kick the cat!
    [16:28:24] [TjloSjhion]: I am new to these lands of siege Good Lord
    [16:28:47] [TjloSjhion]: I bare that I will follow the path of destiny to gather my resourcefulness under your reign
    [16:28:52] [King Blackthorn]: Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    [16:28:59] [TjloSjhion]: :D thanks. that is all
    [16:29:39] [King Blackthorn]: I hereby decree that all Cats in the Kingdom shall be treated with respect and shall be given any spare fish.
    [16:29:42] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles*
    [16:29:50] [TjloSjhion]: :eek:, ok :D
    [16:30:02] [aulbrey]: wait what
    [16:30:03] [Nebiki]: nooooooo!!!!!!!!!
    [16:30:03] [Fat Cat]: meow
    [16:30:03] [King Blackthorn]: Anyone else?
    [16:30:08] [TjloSjhion]: I dont have fish kitty :(
    [16:30:08] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe?
    [16:30:09] [Talia]: Better than the place goin to Ulthar
    [16:30:18] [Kattasrophe]: As you said earlier about the Bell Book and Candle
    [16:30:20] [The Gooch]: Siege is gonna be the street nobody likes cos there are way too many cats
    [16:30:25] [The Gooch]: and lonely women feeding them
    [16:30:37] [Kattasrophe]: I believe that if you find someone who is pure of heart
    [16:30:52] [Kattasrophe]: they should be able to clinse it
    [16:30:55] [Nebiki]: should skin the cats and get dogs
    [16:31:08] [TjloSjhion]: id rather have a cat
    [16:31:08] [Kattasrophe]: it was the bad who corrupted them.
    [16:31:23] [Kattasrophe]: So someone pure of heart and is kind should be able to fix it.
    [16:31:27] [King Blackthorn]: Can there be such a person other than the Avatar himself?
    [16:31:38] [The Gooch]: I could probably do it
    [16:31:43] [Kattasrophe]: I do not know.
    [16:31:46] [The Gooch]: let me take them to the labs over at Barter Town
    [16:31:47] [Talia]: I recommend Scouring Toxin!
    [16:31:53] [Kattasrophe]: But Hope makes people do wonderful things
    [16:32:05] [King Blackthorn]: That it does.
    [16:32:21] [King Blackthorn]: Is there no one to speak for Jhelom today?
    [16:32:28] [King Blackthorn]: I understand that Sam had a conflict.
    [16:33:14] [King Blackthorn]: As a last order of business, we have two empty Governor's Chairs this term.
    [16:33:35] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Samantha is missed.
    [16:33:54] [The Gooch]: ^^
    [16:33:54] [King Blackthorn]: I would ask that our current governors submit nominations to fill these vacant seats.
    [16:33:58] [York]: I know one of the members of the Cross characters has expessed interest in vesper
    [16:34:07] [Flair]: nominations
    [16:34:16] [Kattasrophe]: Eli Cross has shown great intrest in Vesper
    [16:34:27] [Kattasrophe]: I fully cast my vote to him
    [16:34:32] [King Blackthorn]: Eli Cross? I do not believe that I know him.
    [16:34:44] [Kattasrophe]: He is Ravn Cross's brother
    [16:34:49] [Kattasrophe]: the one I had mentioned in my report.
    [16:34:51] [King Blackthorn]: Is he here today?
    [16:34:53] [Morgan Ironfist]: I would suggest Becca to speak for Yew since she is living close by and knows the people's needs!?
    [16:34:59] [Kattasrophe]: he is not.
    [16:35:04] [TjloSjhion]: I am a vesper fan
    [16:35:09] [Fat Cat]: ha!
    [16:35:11] [TjloSjhion]: im only 6 months old though
    [16:35:18] [King Blackthorn]: Who would speak for Eli as to why he would make a good governor?
    [16:35:19] [Flair]: i wanna know what are you gonna do about Brit
    [16:35:24] [Kattasrophe]: *raises hand
    [16:35:30] [Flair]: we never see the governor there and it's lawless
    [16:35:43] [King Blackthorn]: You already spoke on his behalf Lady Kattasrope.
    [16:35:49] [King Blackthorn]: I am hoping for a second?
    [16:35:54] [York]: I have spoken with him and he is very interested in vesting in eventianment
    [16:36:04] [York]: Second
    [16:36:12] [The Gooch]: third
    [16:36:24] [Talia]: did you just say..... eventainment?
    [16:36:33] [Kelmo]: I abstain.
    [16:36:33] [King Blackthorn]: The motion has been made to install Eli Cross as Governor of Vesper.
    [16:36:41] [King Blackthorn]: Governors? How do you vote?
    [16:36:44] [Fat Cat]: hisssss
    [16:36:46] [King Blackthorn]: we have 3 for?
    [16:36:48] [King Blackthorn]: others?
    [16:37:06] [Shayla Keylley]: Should a public notice be posted?
    [16:37:39] [York]: :)
    [16:37:41] [Ladra]: that cat is chasing my rat, kill it!
    [16:37:51] [Kattasrophe]: *gasps* He is my cat
    [16:37:52] [The Gooch]: tsk tsk
    [16:38:03] [Fat Cat]: dem fightin words!
    [16:38:04] [Kattasrophe]: Sit and be good Cat
    [16:38:09] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Ironfist? Have you any thoughts on adding Eli Cross to this council?
    [16:38:25] [Morgan Ironfist]: SOunds like a good idea
    [16:38:46] [King Blackthorn]: and Lord Kelmo? You have abstained?
    [16:39:08] [Kelmo]: I have... (glances at moonglow*
    [16:39:34] [King Blackthorn]: Then by a vote of 4 with one abstaining and two absent, the motion is carried.
    [16:39:46] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Cross shall be installed in Vesper.
    [16:39:51] [The Gooch]: nice
    [16:40:01] [King Blackthorn]: I belive Becca's name was presented for Yew?
    [16:40:09] [King Blackthorn]: Is Lady Becca here today?
    [16:40:12] [Morgan Ironfist]: I have not spoken to her
    [16:40:19] [Morgan Ironfist]: she is not unfortunately
    [16:40:23] [Kattasrophe]: She did show intrest in running.
    [16:40:28] [Hoffs]: I somewhat doubt she would be interested.
    [16:40:30] [Morgan Ironfist]: but I think she would make a great governor of Yew
    [16:40:31] [York]: This is good news
    [16:40:33] [Hoffs]: She is not a politician.
    [16:40:47] [Morgan Ironfist]: Lives exactly north of the Abbey
    [16:40:47] [Kelmo]: are we drafting cov'ners now?
    [16:40:51] [Luka Melehan]: Becca is trust worthy
    [16:40:54] [Fat Cat]: dont look at fat cat!
    [16:40:58] [King Blackthorn]: The best leaders are often not politicians.
    [16:41:06] [Ladra]: if you can't be here now, how could you be governor?
    [16:41:06] [Hoffs]: She is indeed. But not someone who enjoys leadership.
    [16:41:15] [King Blackthorn]: but she must express the desire to be a governor.
    [16:41:15] [Nebiki]: politicians are bad people
    [16:41:31] [TjloSjhion]: Politication?
    [16:41:33] [Flair]: so we should only pick from who is here???
    [16:41:37] [Flair]: that's not fair
    [16:41:51] [Nebiki]: they should run for it like always
    [16:41:52] [Shayla Keylley]: well Eli wasn't here
    [16:41:54] [York]: So you have anyone in mind?
    [16:41:55] [Ladra]: yeah, it's good if you are present at the meetings if you want to be a governor..
    [16:42:01] [King Blackthorn]: Are there any other names to put forth?
    [16:42:17] [Morgan Ironfist]: Well another name that comes to mind is former governor Hoffs
    [16:42:21] [Shayla Keylley]: Make a public post mayhaps?
    [16:42:24] [Luka Melehan]: wait....are we overstepping the election process?
    [16:42:29] [TjloSjhion]: stares with a lust for blood*
    [16:42:38] [Fat Cat]: tuna!
    [16:42:39] [Morgan Ironfist]: she knows the business
    [16:42:40] [TjloSjhion]: ... shew* whipes forhead
    [16:42:53] [Morgan Ironfist]: leads the largest guild on Siege Perilious
    [16:42:58] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Melehan. This is a King's Council. While governors are preferrably selected by the people,
    [16:43:04] [Flair]: and is cute
    [16:43:09] [King Blackthorn]: I'd rather have a governor than an empty seat.
    [16:43:16] [TjloSjhion]: I vote Nebiki
    [16:43:43] [Flair]: personally i am more worried about places like Brit..
    [16:43:44] [Nebiki]: we vote for our leaders
    [16:43:51] [King Blackthorn]: I must also say that I regret Lady Hoffs decision to not run for Governor again.
    [16:43:54] [Flair]: i never see the governor from there and it's lawless
    [16:44:10] [York]: perhaps she will again..
    [16:44:12] [TjloSjhion]: freerunner
    [16:44:16] [York]: :)
    [16:44:18] [TjloSjhion]: vesper!
    [16:44:20] [The Gooch]: Hoffs and GIL are running the Skara Brea governor
    [16:44:24] [Luka Melehan]: you want to run Flair? for brit?
    [16:44:24] [The Gooch]: >.>
    [16:44:25] [The Gooch]: <.<
    [16:44:41] [Hoffs]: I have recovered somewhat from my malaise of recent times, and would probably run in Skara again
    [16:44:45] [York]: excuse me?
    [16:44:49] [Hoffs]: should York ever vacate the seat.
    [16:44:55] [Flair]: i just think it should be represented is all.. hugi has had two terms and is never there
    [16:44:57] [Flair]: so why run
    [16:45:10] [York]: I will step down after this term.
    [16:45:24] [King Blackthorn]: As we seem to have no concensus on a Governor for Yew, I will leave it to the governors to submit candidates.
    [16:45:27] [York]: since there is a bit of a problem with mid term step downs
    [16:45:47] [King Blackthorn]: Speak with your people and see who is loyal to Yew.
    [16:45:59] [King Blackthorn]: Find out who may be willing.
    [16:46:10] [King Blackthorn]: and let us discuss it again at the next council meeting.
    [16:46:13] [York]: Will do
    [16:46:20] [King Blackthorn]: If a candidate arises before then
    [16:46:29] [Hoffs]: I shall speak with Steven, the brother of former governor Samantha.
    [16:46:30] [King Blackthorn]: and is essentially doing the job of Governor
    [16:46:43] [Hoffs]: He expressed a desire to run for Yew.
    [16:46:43] [King Blackthorn]: then it will be quite easy for them to assume the role officially.
    [16:46:57] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lady Hoffs.
    [16:47:01] [Hoffs]: [Samantha sold him the account when she became unable to continue playing]
    [16:47:03] [King Blackthorn]: That is good Information.
    [16:47:29] [King Blackthorn]: I beleive that is all of our business for today.
    [16:47:37] [King Blackthorn]: Shall we adjourn?
    [16:47:41] [York]: Aye
    [16:47:43] [sir Vincent]: yes!
    [16:47:59] [King Blackthorn]: The meeting is adjourned
    [16:48:03] [York]: :)
    [16:48:04] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you all for attending.
    [16:48:08] [Hoffs]: Thank you, Lord Blackthorn.
    [16:48:15] [Shayla Keylley]: Thank you M'Lord
    [16:48:22] [Kattasrophe]: *smiles* Thank you Lord BlackThorn
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    What a Wonderful job Flair *claps*
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this.
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    Flair sure seems to have a hard on for Huggi! Wassup with that!? :hahaha:
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    Flair and Hugi, sittin in a tree?
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    nope.. i just want to see some action in Brit.. seems a little dull there
    as to Spiffy's comment i like it much better alone. men are way to much trouble :p
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    Maybe try putting a little effort into taking the towns and you will have all the action your little heart desires.
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    I should point out to you the king brought it up... I was just commenting on what I noticed. My view, don't take things just to have them if your not gonna use them.
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    Then stay outta my base. :next:
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    I'm not in COM base.. or did you get lost again
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    *starts singing* why cant we be friends.......oh did i mention thanks for posting the minute to the kings meeting i was too busy being drunk *giggles*
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    Ohh man Aulbrey sounds like me with the singing of why cant we be friends? Lets all just smile and be happy shall we?
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    Thanks Flair!

    Hoffs, you made me LMAO at this:
    [15:42:12] [King Blackthorn]: by Midnight US Eastern Time.
    [15:42:22] [Hoffs]: If you want to know about Sara's struggle to land the mighty fish, read her forthcoming book...
    [15:42:30] [Hoffs]: "The old woman and the sea"

    You rule! Literally? hehe :thumbup1:
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    Sorry hugi has to work (not in or on uo but at a real j o b!) and hasnt played at all lately.

    Now if someone would be so great as to quote where people are bashing the hugi, Bo doesnt have the time to read all that nonsense up above. If you wanted to be gov of brit you should have ran. Dont worry when the Bo is back in game bo will beat you down as per the norm.
    And as for the king, prolly just another gil hater pretending to be someone impotant...
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    Not to worry, Kelmo. My horse step'd on him on the way to Skara... He's history.
    I woulda' saved his skin fer ye', but I figured against fuelin' that particular vermin fetish of yours.....

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    Pooor little weasel.. He was very confused! He thought he was a rat.