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(RP) Koba Makes His Ultimatum

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Adol, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
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    I was not able to make it the previous events, where Fynn's behaviour has caused much gossip. However Koba was apparently speaking today, and there had been much speculation about his private motives in turn too. So I wanted to learn for myself what he had to say regarding the conflagration he has so closely been involved in.

    And it wasn't reassuring. But decide for yourself with this accurate as can be report on what was said, after Koba appeared from a secret passage besides the main gates of Britain.

    At this Koba disappeared, and we began to talk briefly amongst ourselves. But not for long as...

    And at that Fynn left. We sat and talked a little, but we were interrupted by raiders spawning and attacking Britain again.

    As well as possibly my conversation contribution being a little too heavy and driving people away. So I wanted to apologise to all of those there today if I seemed like I was dominating the event; I type quickly, and think even quicker, but not quick enough to step outside myself and see how it might appear to others. I'm sorry if I drowned out your voices today.

    And the next bit I want to put in spoilers because I don't want to spoil the event for anyone else... read only if you want the more intense commentary on this arc.

    I have to admit to really struggling to keep the event on a level for myself where it's anything other than emotionally draining. In real life I'm a Russian Studies/Politics graduate, and have just come out of a campaign to try and stop the current Austerity measures from being used to shut down a social club for the elderly I was volunteering at; spoke to the council in session, interviewed on radio, liaised with reporters for the local press... To then find a game I love and play in my "me" time being dragged into the same waters of political debate is deeply exhausting. Yes, I know, I could just shut up and say nothing...

    But that's not the hardest issue. It's almost impossible to have meaningful debate online often, much less in a computer game, and as soon as it the contents of the Arc were announced you had people on Stratics looking forward to "beating hippies" and getting revenge on the "Occupy" movement by proxy... How edifying. Others have already expressed their disgust on Stratics at how very serious, and for many people increasingly real issues are being used to apply a little flavour to a game. Think releasing "Dustbowl - The MMO" in 1929. And if I try and act like my character and I myself actually do in the real world... well it feels like I'm just hectoring and lecturing you all on political tactics and issues when we're all here for escapism and the soothing balm of a little fun. And I hate, hate, HATE feeling like that.

    It's especially grating for me as I mentioned today at the end of this arc that the name "Koba" is almost certainly taken from "Koba The Dread", Martin Amis' book on Stalin (or rather, mostly about himself whilst paraphrasing everyone else's book on Stalin). Koba the character in UO is also clearly modelled on the rough of trajectory Stalin's career rise too. So are we going to have to thrash out the whole problem of what happens when decent minded people run into the pragmatic and power limitations on good acts within a corrupt world? About where exactly the point at which Revolution ceases to be about genuine, pressing grievance and becomes the monster that eats it's own children? There's no easy answers to that damn problem in real life yet; and the good guys usually lose what ever answer anyone comes up with; but are we really going to have to fight over the issue in Britannia too? Fortunately I suspect there's a new resulting balance already scripted in to the arc, so some form of "good" ending is heavily biased towards. And in the meantime...

    ... In real life, I communicate a lot with our current Lord Protector, or at least I did. He seems to have dropped off the internet recently. I know he's under a lot of pressure in reality, so I really don't like even roleplaying to under cut his position because I am not currently sure how he'll take it. Which leaves me juggling futures and political solutions that let people with real emotions adapt to events without feeling personally betrayed... I can probably see a way forward, I mentioned today perhaps we need a "war council" of some kind which would both address political democratic legitimacy without involving the politics of personality. But damn it, it's re-fighting the Russian Revolution again to outmanoeuvre Stalin... whilst knowing that for people I care about, it might not be an academic question at all. That goes for Fynn too of course; it may be roleplayed, but damn it I will not be drawn into declaring that just because an action isn't perfect, you should abandon people because it's too hard to work together at being perfectable.

    Combine that with the terrible, TERRIBLE design of most of the recent Published Arc content, it being nothing more than an insane grind for hamfistedly limited shinies and I'm really, really having difficulty keeping my engagement in this arc on a "fun" level. It's throwing all my emotions off when I log in, because I just find myself staring at the screen and muttering "You must have a really, REALLY limited understanding of human nature to think you could sell us THAT". And gawd, it's exhausting me. So... Sorry again folks if I've made it harder for you all in turn.
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