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KR Patch Issue

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lorelei, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Lorelei

    Lorelei Guest

    Can someone explain to me specifically what to do with these four lines of text? I have tried running uopatch.exe and it doesn't fix the problem.


    Originally Posted by obashe
    Hey i'm having a problem when i'm patching Kingdom Reborn :

    Here is the problem in the patchlog someone can post the buildinfo.txt for me =)

    Here you are!
    The file is 4 lines long and its size is 100 bytes. It's to patch from 2.50.03 to - I also had the same issue with the fileplanet installer...

    Date: 2008/03/19 11:06:35
    Changelist: 107839
    P4 Client: p4auto_UOCLIENT2_uonext
  2. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Option 1:

    Run Notebook to open a new text file.
    Copy/Pase those lines into Notebook and make sure there are NO extra lines in the file and Save As buildinfo.txt.
    Place this file in the Program Files\EA Games\Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn folder.
    MAKE SURE that the file properties say the file is 100 bytes in size.
    Patch KR.

    or alternatively,

    Option 2:

    Look for a mirrored location to re-download an earlier release of the client. It will mean having to redownload and sit through a few more patches, but at least it will work. I would have linked you to one, but the poster who provided them removed them due to the ignorant postings of another poster in the thread in which they were provided.
  3. Lorelei

    Lorelei Guest

    Thank you!!! I'm trying Option 1... and so far so good!! It got past the last sticking point anyway!! Wahooo!!!