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KSS- Knights of the Silver Serpent

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Dante-SP, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Dante-SP

    Dante-SP Guest

    I am Dante, Knight Magistrate and follower of Mithras. Some thought we disappeared but we haven't. Our new forum is here http://kss.myfreeforum.org/index.php

    Please feel free to stop by!
  2. Nico-SP

    Nico-SP Guest

    Impressive,see how it goes without Py...i wish you guys luck...
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good Luck to ye.
  4. Trolls T Hunter

    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2006
    Likes Received:
    if this is dante and storm good luck living up to KSS creed.
  5. Dante-SP

    Dante-SP Guest


    if this is dante and storm good luck living up to KSS creed.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Negative.....I am Dante the original KSS Dante......I have been around for a couple of years. I started back when Castor, Siofra, Py, Mac, Toth, etc were around.

    KSS shall live with or with out Lord Lethius, however I will miss him greatly. He was a great teacher and he had vast amounts of knowledge. I can only hopw to be half the man he was.
  6. *cheers*

    Hip hip huzzah!

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This hero is the real deal. *nods* Good luck. We may cross swords, but it will be as honorable opponents.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The cats have better ears than you!
  9. *spits out coffee*

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Don't encourage him Dor... It only gets worse.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I do have some shrubbery atop my home... but we are not botanists.

    The Knights of The Silver Serpent will endure.
    Lord Py Lethius created a legend. However, as reported a month past, he has left these lands, on a most honorable quest.

    I am not Py Lethius. I can only be myself.
    But, he did entrust me with the leadership of KSS, and that trust means a lot to me. The Knights are small at present, a vestige of what once was - but I with the help of my loyal comrades-in-arms, we will not remain small forever.

    I do not intend to rush things, or over-commit myself. That will only create disappointment and lower morale. But, I do intend to build.
    I am having to train new skills in this new capacity, and re-learn the ways of combat, but that will not be an obstacle to the rebuilding.

    This I CAN promise you - as long as I draw breath, KSS will not die.

  12. huzzah!!!!

    good luck with it dante!!!
  13. Rilla

    Rilla Guest


    Soldier, Knights of the Silver Serpent
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good luck to my old friends in KSS [​IMG]
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest


    if this is dante and storm good luck living up to KSS creed.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    A different Dante, as he already clarified. He has had, and I am sure will continue to have no problem living up to the KSS creed. [​IMG]

    <font color="red">**Warning! RP follows this line** **Repeat! Warning! RP follows this line**</font>

    (From 2 years ago, story written by Castor on the old KSS forum)


    It was many years since he stood in that place, stood to be judged by the elders. He was but a whelp of 15, more boy than man, who dared to attempt the right of passage at such a tender age. But here he stood infront of the elders, with his trophies for review. A dagger from a slain enemy and the bloody mane of her nightmare were laid out for all to see.

    Here he was judged, and here he was accepted, and it would be here that he first learned the meaning of the dagger and the blade.

    "Are you ready Castor?", Pollux asked. He had prepared the room to Castor's specifications for the ceremony, and everything was ready for Dante's arrival. Castor's whelp had been judged by the clan, and he had proven his worth. He was given the blue robe of a knight, and the honor that it bestowed. But there was one last lesson that needed to be taught to the whelp, one that could never be bestowed by anyone else but Castor and one not for the eyes of his brothers.

    "Aye, Pollux...Lady Skylark, please open the gate". Skylark nodded and proceeded to say the words of power causing a shimmering blue portal to be opened in the lodge. She was not Vandal by blood, but Vandal by spirit. A confidant, and trusted advisor. She was the Majik woman to the brothers and to the clan on the pennisula.

    Through the portal stood the Serpent's newest Knight. The uniform did not quite fit, and the cleaver did not quite hang right, but the strength and pride in his eyes showed the mettle of a young knight.

    "Good eve Captain" Dante said hesitantly, he was unsure why he was summoned to the minoc lodge. Dante looked around at Castor's lodge. The lamps were dimmed and only three candle were lit on the table.

    "Welcome Dante" Castor smiled.

    "You have learned your lessons and passed your trials by the Knights. You wear the robe of blue and have proven your worth. But there is one last lesson you must learn."

    With that, Castor reached beneath the table and pulled out a carefully wrapped canvas sheath. He untied the leather binds and opened the canvas, revealing a longsword and a dagger.

    "Dante, it is a Vandal tradition that when a whelp becomes a man, he is given a longsword and a dagger."

    "The longsword signifies the strength of the clan, sharp, unyielding. As long as you have that sword, you will always have the means to protect your brothers and sisters, and to protect the clan. And protect her you must, for a Vandal is lost without his brothers and sisters in this world"

    Castor presented the sword to Dante. It was a much larger sword than he was accoustomed to wielding, but it felt electric in his hands, as if he was the only one ever meant to wield it. The sword was alive with magic, magic of the brothers long since departed.

    Dante looked at Castor. The flickering candles made Castor look much older, than he really was.

    "And the Dagger Captain?"

    Pollux smiled and gave a glance to his twin.

    "it is so you always have a tool to cut the heart out of your enemy, Dante. To cut the heart out of anybody who would ever hurt your brethern"

    Dante took the dagger. Its wicked edge was designed for that one purpose alone.

    "We are the last Dante." Castor said. When Pollux and I depart this world, the responsiblity will be left with you. The blade and dagger will serve you, as you serve your brothers. Remember their strength, and remember your lessons. They will never fail you....ever...

    And with that, the blades were passed on to the whelp who dared to challenge the clan for membership. And as Dante stepped through Skylark's gate home, Castor smiled to himself, knowing that another young Vandal roamed the lands....

    [/ QUOTE ]


    So although Castor eventually left KSS and chose a path of naughtiness once again, Dante is still a knight and also the only "Vandal" officially in the lands of Sosaria with the senior vandal, Mr. Blaze, blood elfing things up as a rogue with the horde, in Azeroth. [​IMG]


    I was NOT responsible for the fashion indiscretions passed on to Dante along with the blades and the rest of the Vandal tradition! [​IMG]

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hoots! Where'd all this loada kernigits come from then?!?
    Ah thought once a knight wuz enuff.

    Nay worries. Noo, ah wonder if ah should salute em or shoot em?

    *scratches sporon*

    Och, why split hairs? Ah'll shoot em and then salute em! Har!
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Best wish with KSS Dante. Siege badly need a few justice guilds.
  18. imported_Falon of Eldor

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 29, 2005
    Likes Received:
  19. Dante-SP

    Dante-SP Guest

    I am glad to see the support.

    Skylark, I can still remember that day!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. har meeb need sum oomies tu klomp!!!!
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *snarls at smelly orc*

    Vile orc! Ye shall smite no humans, save those who deserve it!

    *considers who he's talking to*

    Hmmm. Ye probably think they all deserve it.

    Uruk! Uruks nub clomp shinee oomies! Dem clomp uruks! Hoowah!
  22. Kemo/Dras

    Kemo/Dras Guest

    I think you will do a fine job Dante!

    Best of luck to ya, and good luck finding some more honorable swords to fight by your side.

    Kemo Ven Ayen
  23. Dante-SP

    Dante-SP Guest

    Listen I am not trying to start anything by "openly" recruiting. But Lord Otto and myself are trying to rebuild KSS. IF anyone is interested in learning about joing KSS please contact me via stratics. Once again it is great to see everyone again and I hope Seige will remain for a long time coming.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lord Py Lethius, upon leaving, handed me the leadership of KSS.
    I am determined to honor that trust. Dante is, if anything, even more determined than I am! He has my full support, and has just been appointed Knight Magistrate!

    Given that the old KSS forum keepers have started demanding vast quantities of gold from us (I suspect they are in cahoots with British), I have started building a new library, as Dante mentioned. Most of our old tales are there, though there are still some to move across, and I still have some plastering and painting to do, but feel free to visit!

    And, as Dante said, send him a message if ye are interested in joining!

    These lands will know true justice again.