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Kudos to Origin from Shard Traders!

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Xotche of Meade, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Thought I should put a little shout out to this shard that you all are AWESOME!

    This past week, like everyone else I know, we are addicted to the pixels and need more! So ticket reward points are a like free case of crack to us addicts, hehehe.

    Several in my guild have done many many shard trades and there are some shards whom I don't wish to return to. Not gonna mention them, it's only my opinion, but I give so much credit to Origin, Sonoma and Lake Superior. The folks I have traded with gave nothing but compliments about how good the players here are! Kudo's Origin!

    It's been years since I have seen a united front of gamers helping out each other across the country to only improve their game playing on their shards. So far I have not seen those tickets for sale, thus bringing down the economy, great news.

    Instead I have seen so many happy players wearing the new items, trading, up grading their homes/ accounts and actually doing what our developers wanted....cleaning out there accounts of needless items.

    Over the week, by logging onto other shards I personally discovered that I had created characters that were forgotten. How tickled I was to discover a Xotche on Baja or Lake Austin, hehehe, forgot them completely and they had PBD, rewards, newbie items. wow!

    Know what? I gave my clutter to someone who could use it on their shard, kept my character safe in a nice comfortable tavern. Another thing I have not seen in years, folks hanging around the old taverns.

    Admitting this is funny, but Xotche on Chesepeake was an old bar hag, she lived under a table in Minoc for almost 2 years until Trammel opened up for housing. Like many others back in the day, sailors were her only roomates as we had to store our items on ships. hehehe:D

    This past two weeks have been some enjoyable times and I wanted to share with you all, how kind folks have been here on Origin. :bowdown:

    Happy Trading,

  2. Multani

    Multani Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    How do you pronounce your name?
  3. Lord Arcane

    Lord Arcane Guest

    i remember my nice green tent with one box to keep your items in, or running down the road to find a red doing there hunting not just at yew gate but road between towns, brit cross roads place of that were big pvp hot spots befor tram was even an idea, then course there were the few TRUE beta months those were fun too seeing how MANY bugs there were oh doing this and that.
  4. hehehe :lick: you brought back some fun times. I use to own an old brick house by the Brit cross roads...always had to look both ways before crossing the street! I'm jealous, you got a tent! Took me and several guildmates to scrape together the money for that tiny house.

    To pronounce it, like many Asian/ Spanish names, the X is an S in English. Xotche = So Chea. :) My very first character in UO, is from the meadows of Minoc...hence Xotche of Meade. What a bonehead I was, taking herding, healing and tailoring for my skills! One hundred gold, a crook, a dagger, scissors and some shoes! Wasn't until I was dead all the time that I took up tank-mage, something very few folks still play now. Some good times then and still today I find unique things to keep me at my comic relief.

    Back to trading before its over!