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Laff Points

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by CooperColeman, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. You guys know that I'm new to TT, so don't yell at me if this is a stupid question...but HOW do people get into the 100+ laff point range? I am at 85 now, and on the last tasks in DD (I think, according to the Stratics TT site). Is it fishing? Or racing? Or gardening? Please help!
  2. Actually Toontown gives enough tasks to become a 100 laff toon. The rest of the points come from other things you do.
    1) Fishing 70 of 70 species = 7 laff
    2) Gardening 8 bean plants = 4 laff
    3) Racing Trophy's = 3 laff
    4) Minigolf Trophy's = 3 laff
    5) Max SBHQ = 5 laff
    6) Max CBHQ = 5 laff
    7) Max LBHQ = 5 laff
    8) Max BBHQ = 5 laff

    Which equals a MAXED toon with 137 LAFF
  3. Maybe in my second round around DD, I'll get those missing laff points.

    Also, where do the suit parts for Bossbots and Lawbots come from?

    Maybe I should entitle this post "Cooper's Stupid Questions."
  4. These aren't stupid. I asked the same ones of myself before I found stratics. All of your suit parts will come from tasks that you have to complete. Some are pretty tedious. Some not so bad. But all of them are worth the end result. Good Luck. And let me know if you need any help. Like I said in a few other posts I will be back to playing this evening after 6pm.
  5. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    After you complete all of the tasks in Donald's Dreamland, when you go to a HQ to get a new task, you will only have one option - to visit Professor Flake (Polar Place in the Brrrh) to get your lawbot suit parts. He will then have you retrieve an "External Temperature Sensor" from the cogs on every street in toontown (except the brrrh). You have to do these tasks one at a time for a total of 14 lawbot suit parts. (Honestly, though, it doesn't take but an hour or so to complete)

    Once you have completed your lawbot suit, you will then go back to toon HQ to get a new toontask. The only one available to you will be to visit Shep Ahoy (All for Nautical - Seaweed Street - Donald's Dock) to get your Bossbot suit parts. To get these parts you will have to defeat one of each of the bossbot cogs (from Flunky to Big Cheese) and then you will have to defeat a series of Version 2.0 cogs (which can only be found in the cog golf courses). For your very last part, you will have to visit Flippy at toon hall in toontown central. He will give you your 17th bossbot suit part, and then you will have all of your suits complete!! (It took me a day to finish my Bossbot suit...)

    Good LUCK! :thumbsup:
  6. Yeah What she said.

    It didn't take me quite as long but I was in NR and I was a 100+ laff so I didn't have any problems finding toons to go thru the country club with.

    It however get frustrating to run back an forth.

    Otherwise it's a peice of cake.
  7. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Word of advice for the Lawbot suit parts: be sure you have NO OTHER TASKS on you. No help a toons or any other type of for fun task. I did that with a toon and practically lived on silly street until that one extra task was done. Suddenly I got the sensor.
  8. I do have to agree with flipper. I had a help a toon task and no SF's when I got to that point. I had to use creative speedchat to get a friend to understand what I needed to do. It took about 5 3 story buildings to get the point across. After that it was smooth sailing.