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[Selling] Lake Austin Account

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Desolation87, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Lake Austin account. 24months.

    I know the age isn't a big sell factor but wait till you hear whats on it!

    A yew fel gate Castle. Seriously close to the gate. (see pic)

    Castle is fully loaded and decod, lots of armour, weapons and some nice rarer things etc I was offered 300mill for the castle only weeks ago..

    The account has ML, the 7th char slot, the extra storage space and UOAssist.

    Characters include (all blue)-
    1. Necro mage, 120Mage, med, eval, resist, scrolled to 120 SS, and 105necro. Suit includes an AOF, Crystalline, arcane shield, Orni, Kasa of ra'jin, Charger of fallen, Inquisitors, godly mempo and sleeves and decent leggings. LMC 40, Resists 90,76,77,72,74 (so still all 70s when using protection) 45 DCI (not using silly looking quiver) MR 6. A one handed mage weapon with -20mage, 60%mana leech, SC, 15dci, -1 fc. I get offers daily in game for this suit.

    2. Tamer Mage. Basically an advanced char token, some skills are a little bit improved but not much.

    3. Sampire. Resists are 70,70,70,69,70 when in vampire form. Gloves and sleeves have over 90resists each. Decent two handed weapon with HLD 16%, Hit Harm 30% HML 57%, HLl 57%. items include ring of vile, Spirit of Totem, Jackals collar, human fey leggings and Charger of fallen.

    4. mage T-Hunter fisher. GM lockpicking, Cartography 88.3 fishing 110 Mage, Eval. Has 100lrc suit resists 68,70,69,64,68.

    5. Tailor. 120 Tailoring, GM arms lore.

    Castle items include, full Sorcerers suit, pretty much all the spring turn-in deco stuff, except birds nest archery butte and mouse hole. 5 Etheys (the account can't use them but I got them from IDOCs.) Mace and shield glasses, grim reapers sythe, darkened sky, legacy of dread lord, HoM, stromgrips, 2/1 choas shield, stitchers mittens, 2ornis, 8 heritage tokens, 26 soul stone frags, 95.6 archery stoned, 114.6 fencing stoned, a full soul stone, 75 115 power scrolls and 4 120's, 4 fabled fishing nets, a coconut rubble tree, full set of named stealable tokuno swords, a guildstone for TNA (hehe), tonnes of barbed armour made from legendary tailor, 300 rings and bracelets and alot more other random stuff. Oh and one legion of choas sash.

    I'm paypal verified and would like the buyer too be also. Looking for $400. A bargain if you ask me!! Reason for sale? Me and my partner are having our first baby, I don't want to end like up like some of the storys on stratics about people losing everything.

    I will set the castle to public and everyone is welcome to look. Please be civil when looking around and no PKing inside. :D

    ICQ 246385298 or PM me.