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Lake Superior is the Greatest Shard in the World!!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Tony The Smith, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Hello fellow Lake Superior Players..

    A coulpe days ago I had a vision,

    Now that my divorce is final and all I was thinking, And I questioned myself. The question I asked myself is... Do I wanna enjoy my freedom, go clubbing, drink, do great drugs and have lots of sex or do I wanna start playing UO again.

    That was a joke, basically I have been wondering if I wanna play UO again or move on..

    And well, Over the years when I have played UO I can hoonestly say that there was never really a dull moment, I love the people and I love the game. I also love doing BODS, thats where the money is.. or gold whatever you wanna call it.

    I havent been on in about 6 months and not a week goes by when I don't think about the game. At the same time I know that once I start playing again it becomes a full time thing. well thats how it has been for me. for me there is no such thing as playing UO half ass. either your hardcore or you may as well as just unistall your UO client from yout hard drive.

    Anyways Lake Superior is the greatest shard in the World and I have only and always played on LS.

    By the end of next month I have decided that I am going to start playing again but I want things to be diferent this time around.

    I have always been there to help the noobs and I have always been there for guild members and I have always been the last one to leave a fight no matter how many hackers tehre are.. LOL

    Also as much as I love the game I wanna make some cool a$$ you tube videos or something, add some flavor, paraodies, something funnny.. something to represent UO and LS.

    Anyways I will be back next month and when I had left I was with Mondain and he was a great guy, I wanna create or be apart of something great, I am an all around player and I think the best guild is an all around guild, there for the noobs, there for the players and there to kick some serious boootay!There are many great Guilds on LS, Old School players Alike
    Anyhow I love you all and will see you next month.


    P.S who ever has me Pre-Aos Runic collection from when my tower fell, I expect to get them back!
  2. OH yea,

    Here is my myspace so if any of you all wanna holla at me

  3. Kariny

    Kariny UO Lake Superior News Reporter
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 7, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back to the shard Tony!:danceb:

    Feel welcome to come join us on Monday nights at the Skara Community Center and our weeknight hunts! Airmid and Sabina are great about sharing death robes!;)

    If you are ever looking for a hunt group there's folks around New Haven Bank often willing to hunt.

    PS - Careful we are becoming known for dragging noobs to dungeons and getting them their first death robe their first 5 min on the shard.;)
  4. "Lake Superior is the Greatest Shard in the World!!"


  5. Lady Tia

    Lady Tia Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Wait!!! Isnt that how it is supposed to be done? :D
  6. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    When it doesn't crash every-other day. Or did they finally fix that?
  7. PS - Careful we are becoming known for dragging noobs to dungeons and getting them their first death robe their first 5 min on the shard.

    Wait a second wait a second, Are you trying to tell me it takes you five minutes to lure some newbies to a dungeon to get killed. What happened to 5 seconds?

    I bet I could lure you to several dungeons and get "pizzownd" by players and monster in less than that?


    Thanks for the welcome back. as I was saying before.... my gameplay will be different this time... hopefully I can bring some fun to hearts of the real playas!
  8. The servers are crashing every other day???
  9. Tia?

    Were not supposed to be pwning noobs, were supposed to give noobs a great experience so that they keep playing and the servers fill up with great players that have fun. Then once they have spent many hours playing, gathering high end items and they have our trust.. That is when we strike and take everything they have.. then they gets so pissed that they quit or they come back and do the same... I AM JUST KIDDING!
  10. All I can say is next month when I come back to play I will be a major player. You can count on that..

    Mad Love
  11. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    It was a joke. Laugh with me
  12. Chovexani

    Chovexani Guest

    Good to see you again FG :)

    Tony, back in the day LS was notorious for crashing every five minutes. FG is from those days.. He and Hunter, if I remember correctly, were the first on the shard to beat the spawn outside Spirituality when you could only go to Ilsh in 3d... among many other accomplishments.