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Lance's Friday Night Special: GAUNTLET.

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by ParadoxUO, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. ParadoxUO

    ParadoxUO Guest


    (Lance gathered skulls for everyone, wrote over 60 books, spent time in Luna advertizing it... it only fits that this one gets his name... and thank you for taking me... got a lovely spirit totem...)


    Dark Fathers are a demon or daemon slayer type (the latter is now defunct and is only seen as a rare "legacy" item). Before Publish 48, using slayer weapons was not as necessary, and sometimes could be more detrimental than anything, due to the Dark Fathers' extensive use of the Blood Oath spell. However, this Publish appears to have enacted greater rewards for doing more damage, and slayer weapons are once again necessary. Further, changes to Blood Oath were enacted that made the spell less catastrophic.
    Every few moments Unholy Bones will be tossed at random attackers. The bones can be cut up with a bladed weapon such as a Dagger. The stronger the potential summon, the more times you have to cut the bones. Even if you don't manage to destroy the bones the summoned creature will be perhaps a Zombie instead of a nasty Lich Lord.
    Dark Fathers love to cast Necromancy spells. They are particularly fond of casting the aforementioned Blood Oath (though less often since Publish 48 than hitherto) and summoning Revenants. Even without Blood Oath, they will reflect back upon you about 5% of all damage that you deal to them. Mages can use summons to avoid damage, such as Energy Vortexes and Earth Elementals. Tamers can hold their own if they have Veterinary but will have to deal with frequent Wither attacks. Bards can help all fighters with their Discordance skill or provoke unholy summons back on the Dark Father or each other.
    One tactic which can work involves the exit gate platform. The small area can be blocked up by players with only the Dark Father being close enough to attack. All unholy summons will be out of reach except for magic casters such as the Lich Lords. Typically, a warrior stands directly on the gate or on the tile in front. Archers stand to the north of the gate. Warriors and archers cross heal one another. Pets and summons generally close in from behind, attacking the Dark Father from the south, though sometimes it's beneficial to have a pet right on the gate. Mages stand in the rear, healing and attacking. Though this tactics is not as effective as it once was, it still works and is usually more effective than the other common tactic, which is to drag one or more Dark Fathers into the hallway area, and fighting them there.


    Quick Reference Gauntlet Guide:

    Room 1: Darknight Creepers - Use: Fire Damage, Undead Slayer Weps
    Room 2: Flesh Renderers - Use: Fire Damage or Cold Damage
    Room 3: Impalers - Use: Fire Damage, Daemon Slayer Weps, Energy Vortex, Poison
    Room 4: Shadow Knights - Use: Fire Damage, Undead Slayer Weps, Energy Vortex
    Room 5: Abyssmal Horrors - Use: Physical/Cold Damage, Daemon Slayer Weps
    Final: Dark Fathers - Use: Any Damage Type (all resists at 30), Daemon Slayer Weps, Earth Elementals


    Doom - Dark Father Strategy:

    archer with 1025 luck and double slayer
    Have 1056 - 1072 w/o wep or lucky necklace

    Tamers... send your pets and heal from afar, if you are an expert like Icelander you can try to bandage your pet... ( i know i cant...)

    Archers... demon, undead slayer and cold or fire versus the room bosses... then elemental or demon slayer vs dark father...

    Mages... earth elementals, all kill, target df and have fun... demon or undead slayer spellbooks are a must...

    Tanks... HP regen suit, slayer weapons, high DCI... X heal and you might face a DF or any boss one on one...

    Tamers need 1225 luck to maximize your chances.
    Archers need 1025 luck and 1000 perfection to maximize your chances... of an arty drop.
    (numbers rounded to the closest integer)


    Doom Dark Father Suggested tactics:

    1. Army of Mages...
    Earth Elementals, send them to fight the DF, when the spawn is heavy, entire unit switches to Undead Slayer Spellbook and Meteors, then back to Demon or Elemental Slayer SpellBook pounding on the DF...
    specific macros: spell macros, all kill macro, use dagger macro to target the bones, equip last weapon to change spellbooks instantly.

    2. Tamer Unit...
    Pets, send them to fight the DF, heal them from afar, when the spawn is heavy, entire unit switches to Undead Slayer Spellbook and Meteors, then back to Demon or Elemental Slayer SpellBook pounding on the DF...
    specific macros: spell macros, all kill macro, use dagger macro to target the bones, equip last weapon to change spellbooks instantly, last target...
    Specific locations: blocking the DF inside the gate area will help...
    uoa macros: g heal+pet

    3. Archers...
    Set Formation at the gate area,X heal and if possible get a stealther/lesser undead to block the DF from melee... beware blood oath.
    specific macros

    4. Tanks...
    Much like archers but if you are tough enough to handle a DF you don't need my tips...

    5. Mix Unit...
    a) provokers can set spawn on the DF
    b) archers/tamers should wait till a rotting corpse is on the DF so the df wont change target
    c) earth elementals on the df at all times
    d) clear the spawn by cutting the bones, destroying the undead when possible
    e) don't be a TARGET... run to safe area if you are
    f) heal pets/tanks (renewal) when possible

    Special notes:
    Using luck is a risk and requires alot of team work for the tamer/archer to survive and grant us MAX drop chances... unless we have experienced healers this will be a trial to the ones wearing low resist/high luck pieces... your choice thou...
    we can keep party going but remember, you should do 700 dmg to the DF for artifact chance/looting rights... yes, even in party.

    We are doing it EACH FRIDAY... Skulls will be provided.
    Thank you... :thumbup1:

    (my apologies for posting twice... but it cant be titled LANCE's... inside the event thread...)

  2. Jerimiah

    Jerimiah Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Now that I know this event will happen regularly, can you advise what time and where you will gather?