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Language Rules

Roleplaying Savages on Siege

  1. HoldenCaulfield

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Crimson Savages CLAN

    Sep 21, 2004
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    Language Rules:

    Savages do not say "H's". For example: "Hat" would be "At" or "Hip" would be "Ip"

    Savages say their "Y's" with double "II". For example: "Dizzy" would be "Dizzii" and "Happy" would be "Appii"

    When a savages refers to him or herself they do not say "I" they say "Me" or their name. For example: "Me am gaing ta strii te punies!"

    All "O's" are replaced with "A's" unless it is a double "OO" then you replace the first "O". For example: "Door" would be "Daor" and "Floor" would be "Flaor".

    Whenever a word has the letters "C and K" next to each other only the K must be said. For Example: "Check" would be "Cek" and "Cluck" would be "Cluk".

    "X's" are to be replaced with "Ks's". For example "Box" would be "Baks" and "Sax" would be "Saks".

    "ER or ED" ending will be replaced by this ('R or 'D) for example Killed would be Kill'd or Killer would be Kill'r

    These rules do not apply to savage names or the specific vocabulary shown below.

    Armor - Shells

    Arrows - Flicks

    Bamboo - Pole(s)

    Bandages - Clats

    Bank - Banco

    Battlecry/Warcry - Grrah!

    Boat - Raft

    Bow - Flicker

    Brother/Male - Ti'alo

    Cloth/Cotton - Fluff

    Come - Falla

    Explotion Potions - Boom Roks

    Family - Kin

    Fire Elemental - Domii

    GM's & Admins - Anjil

    Go - Gah

    Gold - Glowers

    Goodbye - Kafka

    Guild Master - Skii Gad

    Guildstone - Clan Rok

    Heal - Clat

    Hello - Kooka

    Hide - Paof

    House - Hut

    Kill - Strii

    Laugh - Ha!

    Leather - Skins

    Leave - Shu

    Loot - Swag

    Mace - Basher

    Mage - Shaman

    Magic - Voodoo

    Moongate - Voodoo Hole or Hole

    No - Nii

    Orcs - Oriki

    Paralyze Trap - Voodoo Kling

    Party - Soul Link

    Potions - Voodoo Juice

    Raid - Hunt

    Ressurect - Revive

    Ridgeback - Auzii

    Rune - Tablet

    Sacrifice - Sashii

    Savage God - Nanahuatzin

    Sister/Female - Ta'la

    Spear - Jabber

    Thank You - Good

    Trap/Surround - Kling

    Understand - Undar

    Universal Swear - Gashii

    Us/We - Ule

    Wood - Stix

    Yes - Jii

    You - Ula



    One - Ane

    Two - Twa

    Three - Tree

    Four - Faur

    Five - Fif

    Six - Siks

    Seven - Sev'n

    Eight - Eigt

    Nine - Nin

    Ten - T'n


    Follow the language rules for the rest of the numbers.
    #1 HoldenCaulfield, Feb 4, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
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