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[Selling] Large list of Atlantic items.

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by God_Majere, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. God_Majere

    God_Majere Guest

    ICQ 400610334

    Orcish Insignia Ring
    Large Diamond

    1 Heritage Token
    4x Spring Deco Token
    3x 8Th Anniversary Token
    Personal Attendant Token

    Lich Statuette, 1st year vet reward
    Furny Dye Tub, 1st year vet reward
    Special Dye Tub, 1st year vet reward
    Ogre Statuette, 1st year vet reward
    Golden Cloak, 2nd Year vet reward
    Leather Dye Tub, 2nd year vet reward
    Runebook Dye Tub, 5th year vet reward
    Statue Dye Tub, 5th year vet reward
    Ice White Cloak, 5th Year vet reward

    Shadow Black Hair Dye
    Hooded Robe of Umbra
    Hooded Shroud of Shadows

    Bright Dark Blue Neon Colored AoS Robe

    Talisman of Fey (Ferret, Cu Sidhe, Reptalon, Squirrel)

    Museum of Vesper - Juka Lord Statuette
    Museum of Vesper - Exodus Overseer Statuette
    Museum of Vesper - Kyrss (Elemental Slayer)
    Museum of Vesper - Jester Hat, Paragon Gold Dyed
    Museum of Vesper - Kyrss (Arachnid Slayer)
    Museum of Vesper - Souvenir (Ring, Braclet, Necklace)

    Grim Reaper's Scythe
    Pendant of the Magi, Shadow Dyed
    Alchemist's Bauble, Shadow Dyed
    Violet Courage, Tokuno White Dyed
    Violet Courage, Paragon Gold Dyed
    Peasant's Bokuto, Shadow Tokuno Dyed
    Peasant's Bokuto, Paragon Gold Dyed
    Quiver of Infinity, Paragon Gold Dyed
    Samurai Helm, Paragon Gold Dyed
    Nox Ranger Heavy Crossbow
    Staff of Pyros
    2x Berserker's Scythe

    Staff of Power
    LB's Exemplar
    Sentinel's Guard
    Pixie Swatter
    2x Holy Sword
    Hanzo's Bow
    Dryad Bow
    Quiver of Elements
    Quiver of Blight
    Wildfire Bow
    Blight Gripped Longbow
    Mischief Maker
    Heart of the Lion
    Polar Bear Mask
    Arctic Death Dealer
    Aegis of Grace, Human type
    Leggings of Embers

    Hunter's Headdress (Cursed)
    Leggings of Bane (Cursed)
    Serpent's Fang (Cursed)
    Shadow Dancer Leggings (Cursed)
    AEgis (Cursed)
    2x Tunic of Fire (Cursed)
    2x Blade of Insanity (Cursed)
    Gauntlets of Nobility (Cursed)
    2x Axe of Heavens (Cursed)
    Polar Bear Mask (Cursed)
    Hat of the Magi (Cursed)
    Holy Knight Breast Plate (Cursed)
    Taskmaster (Cursed)
    Ring of Elements (Cursed)
    Bracelet of Health (Cursed)
    Breath of the Dead (Cursed)
    Legacy of the Dread Lord (Cursed)
    2x Crown of the Harrower (Cursed)
    Ring of the Vile (Cursed)
    Ornament of the Magician (Cursed)

    Really large painting Recovered from a Shipwreck
    Black dying Tub, not a vet reward
    Dirt Patch
    Unsettling Portrait
    Throw Pillow
    Hunted Mirror
    Basket of Herbs
    Boiling Cauldron
    Whispering Rose
    Golden Deco Rug
    blue Plain Rug
    Broken Bookcase
    2x Stag Trophy
    2x Dragon Brazier
    2x Hearth of the Home Fire
    Travesty's Teak wood Tray
    Gold Bricks, Tokuno Invul Blue Dyed
    Ask and be Answered Ball
    2x Full Green Mug
    2x Empty Green Mug
    Mondain's Defeat Plate

    [blessed] tagged black sandals
    Twilight Lantern, Shadow color
    Twilight Lantern, Orange color
    13x Daemon Blood Tiles
    1000 Diamond Wedding band
    Teleport Ring 8 Charges

    1.3kx Zoogi Fungus
    11.2kx Recalls Scrolls
    24kx Cloth
    1.4kx Bones
    232x Bark Fragments
    23x Diseased Bark
    85x Muculent
    79x Luminescent Fungi
    122x Switch
    5x Blight
    26x Parasitic Plant
    4x Corruption
    26x Blue Diamonds
    2x Brilliant Amber
    76x Fire Ruby
    45x Dark Sapphire
    26x Turquoise
    47x Perfect Emerald
    11kx Raw Fish Steaks
    10kx Cooked Fish Steaks

  2. God_Majere

    God_Majere Guest

    list updated