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Leather/Ingot Maximum Resists?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by harry_mccreature, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Hello. I am a 6 month noob, though I do have a fully trained crafter. I am attempting to make a suit for my first PvP character.

    I noticed that when I try to imbue horned leather, for example, the maximum physical resist is 18 or 19 (can't remember exactly).

    Yet when I make a verite platemail gorget, I can imbue the physical resist all the way up to 20.

    I am of course speaking in non-runic made non-enhanced terms.

    Is there any online resource that lists the maximum imbuable resists by metal, type of armor, or leather? I can't find any on uoguide or here on stratics. Thanks!
  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
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    Jul 16, 2003
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    This thread will help more....

    Maximum Imbuable Resists, per armor category

    Essentially, Imbuing treats the maximum imbuable resist as if the item was made of base materials, non-exceptional, so Platemail (which is 5/3/2/3/2) could be upgraded to 20 Physical with imbuing, 17 or 18 in all others (depending if a normal iron plate piece was base 2 or 3). You lose all your exceptional bonuses, runic bonuses, and material bonuses in that resist, when you enhance it.

    That is why you are best looking for pieces above that base+15, and then imbuing the lowest resists up to match.

    And, if you have money to burn - crafting out of iron, normal leather, or normal wood, Powdering to 255 durability, imbuing, then enhancing afterward to add the bonuses listed in the link in Victoria's post, can produce the most powerful items. But, be prepared to break millions of GP worth of investment in terms of multiple pieces lost before success. You can use the colored materials to craft with, but note that some add properties that will be wasted on a PvP suit (lower requirements, luck), and that will also put more resists in harm's way to be lost when you imbue that resist. Whether to craft from colored metal, then imbue, or imbue, then enhance, is up to your pocketbook and how lucky you feel.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    you may find this useful also. it really needs to include base bonuses to be complete however

    Material Bonuses
  4. Thanks for the great response. Since I started this thread I changed my mind about the suit. Essentially I was trying to make an all 70s suit with LRC, LMC, and MI while only having 3 crafted pieces and also having high dex. That has now changed, as I have made a brand new suit using 5 crafted pieces and only 1 arty, and the maximum imbuable resists are no longer an issue.

    So my gorget, sleeves, gloves, tunic, and leggings are all crafted. My helmet is the not often used Aegis of Grace. I'm running all 70s, 40 LMC, 100 LRC, 8 LMC, 2 MR, 70 DCI, 36 HCI, FC 2, FCR 3, 107 Strength, 146 stamina, and 73 Mana on my Necro Dexxer.

    I've learned in my short time on UO that using arties is not always the best option for making the best suits. In fact, the two best suits I've made, for my sampire and for my necro PvP character, both only have one arty and thats the helmet. Imbuing Stamina I think is a much more viable option for any dexxer suit than looking for arties with stat boosts.

    Anyway Im ranting. Thanks again for the response.