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Leaving UO after 9 years

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Trinity/Matrix, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hi, I just thought I would add to the many messages of people who have quit UO and started WoW. Well atm I am playing the free 10 day trial and loving every minute of it. I would just like someone to point me in the direction of a few things if possible. I am playing a Night Elf hunter and shes coming along nicely, currently level 20 after 4 days playing and I wanted to know is this a good path to take? What skills shall I do? Ive heard leathercrafting and skinning but any ideas would be great. Also what realm/area should I log into? Is there a good/bad one? Many thx in advance and if anyone knows me from the Europa shard on UO (I was in the RAA guild for many years) Hi!!
  2. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Leatherworking/skinning is the same combo on my hunter.

    Currently I have my talents set to be primarily beastmaster with a small bit of marksmanship.
  3. I heard that beast mastery is a good talent tree when leveling up for hunters. And with leathercraft/skinning, you can make your own armors/arrow bags which is pretty good...and if you need gold, you can always sell the extra leathers.

    as for which realm (i'm assuming you mean server?), i'd just go with whichever one your friends are in or pick one near your time zone so you won't get lag or latency issues.
  4. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Welcome to the wonderful world of warcraft!

    My main is a hunter, and I hope you enjoy your stay. lvl 20 after 4 days is a very good start. For realms, imo, it doesnt matter except for a few things

    -Try and find a local realm (realm with the same server time as where you play. There are the 4 zones for US/Canada, Latin American realms, and Australian/new zealand realms). often times, in the US/canada at least, if your realm is the same timezone, the realm is often located in that zone (I think the EST realms for WoW are either in MA or NY)
    -Pve, PvP, RPPvp, and RP(PVE) are your choices for "types" of realms. Ill try to outline each

    PvE: You dictate when and when you can be attacked by enemy players unless you enter a battleground or arena. This is good for people who dislike pvp, and want to have no hassle leveling/farming money.
    PvP: a warzone. there are 3 types of zones : Horde territory, alliance territory, and contested. The way it works is that if you are horde, you cannot be attacked by enemy players in horde territory unless to dictate you want to (either by typing /pvp or attacking an enemy player in your territory. Alliance cannot be attacked unless dictated in alliance territory. Then there is contested territory, where its a "warzone," either side can be attacked at any moment regardless of whether you want to or not. PvP servers are popular to the "world pvp" which is rarer on pve realms. World pvp is when small or large scale battles happen outside of bg's and arenas.
    RPPvP: PVP realms, but you are required to RP a fantasy character. Speaking out of character, and disturbing other player's rp experience is a bannable offense.
    RP: Similar to RP-PVP realms, but have the PVE concept.

    Good luck.:danceb:
  5. Another UO player to WoW huh? Well welcome aboard!!!

  6. Kayhynn

    Kayhynn Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 12, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, just ask ^_^
  7. Solenus117

    Solenus117 Guest

    I have a Blood Elf Hunter main and is mainly into BM but i went into marksmanship to get to aimed shot and i got the survival talent which increases your ability to attack from longer distances. Helped me out so far because in raids people always tell me to stay back far and dps.
  8. Daggerguy

    Daggerguy Guest

    They are called realms you know.
  9. Fojos

    Fojos Guest


    For a hunter I'd recommend skinning/LW, especially for drums late in the game. If you want great money I'd recommend skinning/mining.
  10. Lag

    Lag Guest

    Not sure what level you are, but this is my char:


    Some quick facts:

    That spec is close to the standard "cookie-cutter" raiding BM spec (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info...510505201205000000000000000000000000000000000)

    Create a Steadyshot weaving macro:

    #showtooltip Steady Shot
    /cast !Auto Shot
    /cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill command
    /cast Steady Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    And spam it and welcome to the world of top-of-the-meters-dps.

    BM also pref. wants a 2.7 speed ranged weapon, 2.8-3.0 is acceptable though.

    Good luck in your raiding :danceb: