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Leaving UO. House Decay.

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by LadySteele, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. LadySteele

    LadySteele Guest

    I checked my bank account tonight to find that EA had charged me $14.40 instead of $12.99. First, I did not authorize EA to remove $14.40 from my bank account, I authorized $12.99. I checked the "Help" page to find out why I was being charged the additional amount, assumed tax, only to get the same page that states it had been removed or deleted.

    So I went to the Account Management page at accounts.eamythic.com to link the accounts to see what the deal was, I did successfully link the accounts however, EA is telling me that I have no subscription to Ulitma Online. So I went to contact EA about this issue via their email link, only to get a blank page that would never load.

    I was able however, to log in at the account.ea.com website, and my billing states $12.99 USD. But again, the new website at accounts.eamythic.com does not show the accounts linked.

    So decided to cancel my account via the account.ea.com website. I clicked on the "Cancel Subscription" which took me right back to the accounts.eamythic.com page, that shows that I don't have any linked account.

    I then decided to contact customer service via the support.ea.com link in chat and was connected to an agent in about three minutes. I asked why the accounts were not linked, in addition to why I was being charged $14.40 when I only agreed to $12.99. The reply? "You have been re-queued" "You are currently number 18 in the queue. You should be connected to an advisor in about 29 minutes..."

    So I emailed EA customer support to cancel the account. First I didn't authorize $14.40 and secondly, I'm tired of this spaghetti run-around to do something that should be terribly simple. Oh wait.. Mythic, UO and EA.... what am I thinking.

    And if they don't cancel the account, and the charge shows up on next month's bill, I'll just dispute the transaction at the bank. Just tired of all this BS.

    So the moral of the story is, my house should decay in three months. Pretty much all of you know where it's at, so grab and grow around Thanksgiving.
  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    So the moral of the story is that you feel special.....

    A lot of other people are going through the same things you are, without quitting in a prissy squeal.

    If you had looked in the threads in U.Hall you could have saved yourself a day or two of stressing out.

    Yes, it's your STATE (indirectly) that's charging you $1.41, on top of EA charging $12.99. This has been EXPLAINED TO DEATH on U.Hall. EA hired some company YEARS ago to handle state taxes, and it was the borked up old system that shielded you ACCIDENTALLY from having the taxes applied. Granted, the accounting firm in question might be taxing in error in some states, but the states aren't refusing the money, either. The tax laws are rather Byzantine from state to state, and there's an agreement now between 24 of them that if the transaction crosses state lines, you'll get hit by the tax of one state or the other (and many others do it whether they are part of the agreement or not). This isn't too far different from the rules for drivers' licensing, where now there are 45 states where if you get you license suspended out of state, your home state (and the other 43) also suspend your driving privileges. State to state reciprocity is all the rage.

    Similarly, you have no reason to expect to be first in line for support, when hundreds are having the same issue.

    Frankly, had you just WAITED to get it straightened out after the current cluster****, you might have found you had free time already added to your account. In fact, one of my accounts got extended 2 weeks, and another one for 6 weeks, without my even asking or knowing. (granted, clustering my subscription payments as what was the end result is gonna cause me a different kind of hardship until I can spread them back out again, but still....).

    You've gone beyond over-reacting to this. Hopefully you'll calm down at some point and reconsider your rash actions.
  3. LadySteele

    LadySteele Guest

    Dude, nowhere did I agree to $12.99 plus tax. And why should I have to come to U Hall to find out something that should have been told to me by UO? For the past ohh...nearly three years since I came back, I've paid $12.99 every month until this month.

    And wow.. I got 3 days time. Wow.... so generous.... seriously.. really.

    Secondly, the reason why I was not willing to wait in line is that I feel I should not have to. Not because I am "special", but because, as usual, something with EA and UO is screwed up and not working right and how long have UO and EA been in business? And they can't even get this right? If your example of they should have been charging tax and haven't been, well there's a pretty serious error. Pretty sad that it's been going on for years.

    Additionally, everytime something new comes out whether it's the on the web or in game, it's not right. You can accept that, but until you pay my bill, you aren't going to tell me what to accept and not to accept. If I don't accept, I simply leave the game, and more pixel garbage for everyone else.

    As for my stressing out.. there was no stressing out. It consisted of about 10 minutes of going, "I'm tired of the usual nothing working as it is suppose to when it comes to UO". While you may accept it as "all is well", that does not mean that you are right, and I have to agree with you. I guess I'm just suppose to accept that links that should work don't. Account migration should work and it doesn't. That I should have to go out of my way and my time for really bad programming and management. Seriously, are you that easy to walk over in real life?

    And the state I live in, there isn't a tax on internet "purchases" that are not in state [i.e. companies that based out of state]. Funny how I subscribed to the New York Times and they don't "accidentally" charge me sales tax. So, I'm being taxed when I should not be taxed. If you are more than happy overpaying taxes, more power to you, I however have no interest in doing such a thing. So I guess when income taxes rise, you'll also not complain about having to pay more tax, right?

    And no I'm not being rash. Play the game about 10 minutes a month anymore. Hardly anyone on the shard [unless you count players who have like 10 different accounts.. really.. why does anyone with a life really need 10 different accounts? Seriously!] Not worth it. I'm preferring to play "The Game of Life" than some virtual game that has more bugs, issues, errors and just plain bad programming.

    And I don't feel bad about leaving. Saves me $12 a month for something more useful than sitting on my ass for hours and days at a time like so many others.
  4. Delbrie

    Delbrie Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 17, 2006
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    Since EA is based out of California (that is where the transaction takes place) by California law you are required to pay sales tax on all peuchases over the internet originating in CA. EA does not have to explain this to you or any other business, it is your responsibility to know the laws of the state that you do business in. This has been a big issue in CA, so it is almost next to impossible to not be aware of it. Amazon made a huge stink over it on CNN, Fox and such. It is not an attempt from EA to steal money, it is the law. As for the support and waiting I would agree with Bas, alot of other people have had it a lot worse.
  5. LadySteele

    LadySteele Guest

    Well EA seems to think that I still want to play, although I cancelled my subscription nearly a month ago.

    A new charge just showed up on my bank account for another month.... Since they don't seem to want to cancel, they might listen to WellsFargo on a disputed transaction.

    Another example of issues with this game and mismanagement.
  6. Al Capone and Wesley Snipes didn't like paying taxes either. Frankly who does but we all need police, schools, fire department, you know things that make life easier for us.