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Ledger Entry #15

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Argyle

    Argyle Guest

    I wonder why people try to fight you guys?

    The taxation is pretty gentle it seems.
  2. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    RTLFC (I love these acronyms)

    Im tellin ya.. Im SERIOUSLY delinquent and need a good 'collecting'. Let me know when these ladies will be out and Ill keep a roll of gold coins in my pocket for them.. *cackles*
  3. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    [​IMG] nice story dag...

    I got taxed for a wedge of cheese and 5 apples the other day.
  4. LOL that is too cute.

    I loved the "You're SO smart sometimes, like, super smart". [​IMG]
  5. Kuzara

    Kuzara Guest

    Trinsinc Hair and Nails for 82 gold is pretty funny too! You'd think that sort of thing would be more costly...Women, spending all the gold to make themselves perdy!!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Ministry Policy is that we are to be an "equal opportunity employer" at all times. All i know is Agents Bey'lik and Nadal T'Sarran don't submit expense reports like these two do....
  7. Hmmm....i also think that your lady agents maybe skimming off the top Dag, it would seem that the total taxes collected was 9,187, not the 7 k on the sheet...
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *looks closer*

    *grabs abacus*

    DAMN!!!! Those rotten interns ARE skimming from the coffers!!!! I think i need to hire an accoutant and then have a chat with Interns Skarwyn and Blackwood...

    *storms off muttering under his breathe about Trinsic nails*
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Too bad KSS are notorious tax evaders...they have very competent accounting resources in their ranks [​IMG].

  10. MeMn0cH

    MeMn0cH Guest

    Whats Tax? Ive never been taxed.. And I never will be.. MWAHHAHAHAHA [​IMG]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ahhh HA! Just like i stated in Maudite's thread. Yet one more REV publically stating they will never pay their taxes!

    We will tax you Mem. Mark my words. It might take more than one of us. Numerous agents might get beat up in the process. But in the end, the taxman always gets the taxes.

    *pens a note to self to find an agent to collect from Memnoch*
  12. Maudite

    Maudite Guest


    Whats Tax? Ive never been taxed.. And I never will be.. MWAHHAHAHAHA [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I wouldn't be so boisterous.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *storms off muttering under his breathe about Trinsic nails*

    *hangs her head*

    Tis my fault Sir all my fault.

    For ye see one evening during the Wintermoor Theatre time, these lady TAX women hath entered the Theatre. The one began her verbiage at Otto the Blind one. Back and forth their words went but I noticed something ..she almost seemed somewhat smitten by the man even though she was angry at the man.

    I quickly made her a svelt sexy basic business black plain dress and a matching hat, which she accepted. I told her ................ye bossman hath you in that RATTY FAT ROBE ! I think with some menfolk ifn ye dressed in a pretty svelt business attire dresss ye just might............garner more taxes collected. AND thus our small discussions on the fancy pretties that womenfolk MUST HAVE to feel pretty and feminine in a world of MALE BOSSMEN !!

    Soooooooooooo ALAS I feel responsible for their expenditures of Trinsic hair and nails but SIRE stop and think on it...your male TAX collectors would nary look as good with Trinsic hair and nail jobs as ye FEMALE TAX collectors. TRUST ME on this ... tis not really that they are scimming ye coffers nay..call it work related expenditures that will enable them to .......................appease more menfolk with their pretties and charms to collect MORE TAXES !

    A plain JANE will NEVER get a thing collected as easily, especially in some FAT ROBE and no pretty hair and nails !

    *sing it ladies....................* WE ARE WOMAN HEAR US RAWR !
  14. MeMn0cH

    MeMn0cH Guest

    Go, call for all your agents.. I shall call for my cronies when the time comes.. But Taxes should never be payed as they are being taken from the poor and given to the rich!
  15. Asmodi_Mhul

    Asmodi_Mhul Guest

    Don't lie. You just want to get roughed up by the TAX Ladies.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *Dagashi rubbed his chin thoughtfully*

    What to do, what to do....

    Memnoch, one of the fine folk of REV has publicly declared that he never has and never will pay his taxes. Not only is this a criminal action in it's own right, but it sets a terrible example for the rest of the realm's citizen's.

    Yet, there are so many evaders and so few agents....

    What to do, what to do....

    *snaps his fingers*

    That's it! Collecting the taxes from one man is likely a trivial matter, one an Intern can no doubt handle easily.

    *pens a missive*


    Greetings Intern Maudite

    As i am certain you are no doubt aware, anyone aspiring to become a full Agent in the Ministry must accomplish a number of tasks set out by myself to show themselves worthy of the position.

    I have a task that i would like you to undertake as a step to becoming a full Agent.

    Memnoch of REV has declared publicly that he will never willingly pay his taxes. I want you to hunt this man down and show him the error of his ways. Collect his taxes and impose the fine for being a known evader.

    As his declaration was made in public, you must be sure to take the Ministry painter along to ducument this collection and fine. Once this task is accomplished, be sure to post your report so that others can see that tax evasion is not an option.

    Signed, Minister Dagashi

    [/ QUOTE ]

    There we go. That should take care of things nicely... [​IMG]
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Alas, good minister - ye were forewarned, but thy unwarranted suspicions of me caused thee to be as blind as I am.

    'twas told in my recent report to thee that thy intern spoke of a far higher percentage commission that Agent Bey'lik received. I thought it strange at the time, but, then I said to myself 'self, that minister knows what he's doing. If he sees a reason to pay a young intern more than a seasoned agent, he's got a good reason for doing it!'. Was I wrong? Does corruption walk the halls of the Ministry of Taxation? And, how goes the padding of thy walls?

    Be safe, be balanced, and perhaps this will teach thee not to be so suspicious when assistance is kindly offered in future!

    Still, my thanks for sending thy agent to cover the costs of the projects. I am glad that they are now your problem, not mine, and I can return to less... taxing problems.
  18. MeMn0cH

    MeMn0cH Guest

    Oh cruel rigid villian that steals in the name of tax for Brittania, are thou saying that you have found an agent to persue me for my outspoken refusal to aid your cult ways of gathering money for yourself?

    *spits on floor*

    I say, bring your best agent.. I will be on my toes for now, and I will carry my tax, the tax which goes in your pocket and not Lord Britania's.