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[Selling] Legendary PVP/PVM ATLANTIC Account

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by tommyturbine, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. tommyturbine

    tommyturbine Guest

    I am trying to sell an 8 month old Ultima Online Account on Atlantic. Account is upgraded to Mondain’s Legacy and comes with an 18 x 14 custom house near Yew Moongate Trammel. All characters are blue.

    (REAL SKILL/SKILL CAP) is how everything is set up.

    Character 1:
    120/120 Magery
    120/120 Eval Int.
    120/120 Archery
    0/120 Swords
    0/120 Parry
    114.4/120 Med
    100/100 Tactics
    120/120 Resist
    0/100 Hiding – 100 Soul Stoned
    0/115 Spirit Speak
    0/120 Necromancy
    0/120 Wrestling
    +25 Stat Scroll Used

    Character 2:
    120/120 Swords
    120/120 Parry
    0/120 Archery
    107.4/120 Bushido
    102.6/115 Spirit Speak
    105/110 Necromancy
    100/110 Tactic
    45/100 Chivalry
    0/100 Focus
    0/110 Healing
    0/115 Anatomy
    0/120 Ninjutsu
    0/120 Parry
    0/120 Swords
    +25 Stat Scroll Used

    Character 3:
    120/120 Fencing
    59.4/100 Tactics
    89.6/100 Alchemy
    81.2/100 Poisoning
    93.7/110 Healing
    115/115 Anatomy
    85/100 Chivalry
    0/110 Magery – 100 Soul Stoned
    0/110 Bushido
    0/115 Spellweaving
    +15 Stat Scroll Used

    Character 4:
    93/120 Animal Taming
    115.6/120 Animal Lore
    120/120 Music
    104/120 Peace
    111.4/115 Magery
    107.1/110 Vet
    +15 Stat Scroll Used
    Bonded Ice White Cu
    Bonded Greater Dragon
    Bonded Nightmare

    Character 5:
    114.4/120 Tailoring
    100.9/120 Blacksmithing
    89.7/100 Arms Lore
    75.8/100 Mining
    60.8/100 Tinkering
    51/100 Carpentry
    46.5/100 Bowcraft
    44.8/100 Magery

    Notable Items:

    Hat of Magi
    Spirit of Totem
    Spirit of Totem [blessed]
    Conjurer’s Trinket
    Crimson Cincture [blessed]
    Staff of Magi
    Ring of Elements
    Totem of the Void x 4
    Charger of Fallen x 2
    Arcane Shield
    Ornament of Magician x 2
    Ring of the Vile
    Quiver of Infinity x 2
    Armor of Fortune x 2
    Chaos Shield [replica]
    Orc Chieftain [replica]
    Paragon Gold Dye – 30 Charges
    Stormgrip x 2
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Kasa of the Raj-in
    Pendant of Magi x 2
    Black Dye Tub
    Leather Dye Tub
    Scrapper’s Conpendium
    Soul Seeker
    Resillient Bracer
    Aegis of Grace
    Tome of Lost Knowledge
    Heart of the Lion x 2
    Fey Leggings
    Royal Leggings of Ember

    Tons of resources, crafted weapons and armor, Tokuno minors (including some dyes), and a couple million gold between all the characters, Not sure how much gold but less than 10 Mil total. Bunch of very expensive armor and jewelry in house or bank. Bunch of level 11 artifacts not even worth mentioning. I have about 7 or 8 soulstone frags with at least 3 charges on each.

    ICQ 558514358, message me if interested
  2. Zyron

    Zyron Guest

    wow i dont want to buy but if it was a transfer damn id be all over it lol..

    thats a great account.

    only thing is the short age.