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Legendary Smith Gain log

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by microdot, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. microdot

    microdot Guest

    sweet mang!

    if i ever find a +20 scroll i'll be sure to use this guide!

    GM Merchant on the Greatest Lakes Shard
  2. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    BTW, this was all done within the last week. I spent four nights on it.
  3. LKH

    LKH Guest

    BTW, how do you sell gloves for average 1xx gold? The NPC I found only take half price which is about 7x gold
  4. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    *shrug* That's what I was getting...consistantly. Generally, selling 50 would be 6k-7k, depending on how many Exceptionals were in there. I worked it primarily in the Minoc Tram shop.
  5. Selphrane

    Selphrane Guest

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "BTW, how do you sell gloves for average 1xx gold? The NPC I found only take half price which is about 7x gold "

    Normal quality gloves will sell for around 75 gold each - exceptional quality gloves will sell for around 150 gold each.
  7. Nice log. Question though. Is there a level where you'll have 100% chance of making exceptional plate gloves? I currently have a 44ish % chance of hitting exceptional.

    Thanks for taking the time to record this all by the way.
  8. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    118.9 for 100% Exceptional on Plate Gloves
  9. Animal1

    Animal1 Guest

    I'm taking up 3 smiths above 100 skill presently, using the GGS method. 2 will go to 120 and 1 to 110. They are currently at 110.0, 106.4, 106.3 respectively. Total ingot usage on all 3 characters to date is just under 25K including smelts. It is a crawlers method to the upper levels no question, and ingot supply is not a problem in the least... I am a patient kinda guy who lacks the temperment, attention span and desire to work up to 120 'overnight'.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thanks for the chart! hit 100.1 last night, on the way up to 120 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    All I need now is a near endless supply of ingots :p


  11. tristessa

    tristessa Guest

    Ok, recently i got my lil paws on a 120 smithy scroll and i heard horror stories about over 200k ingots to get to 115 and more to 120.

    so heres what ive done so far, oh im from Baja
    I pound on an anvil in britain (northern smithy) only
    i started at 110 with this method

    110-112.1 plate arms 10k ingots
    112-115.2 plate legs 23k ingots
    115.2-116.5 Tunics 10k ingots
    116.5 - 117.0 gloves 10k ingots
    117.0 - 118.9 gloves 800 ingots (that shocked the hell outa me)
    118.9 - 119.6 arms 3.7k ingots
    119.6 - 120 legs 2.5k ingots

    all told 60k ingots from 110 to 120 smithy

    Now heres the part you'll all cry BS on ... anyhow open up your CHAT menu and minimize it while you smith... gains come more frequent, as well as when you smelt right after you make an item rather than waiting till your bag is full. (most say bs but whatever i master skills faster and usually with less resources)

    Now another thing i think may be helping instead of filling my bag with legs and then smelting, I made a macro in uo assist that first makes the item type (legs) the smelts that item type (legs) that way my back pack never fillls up and i never have to stop to smelt things. this seems to allow for rapid skill devlopment i mean not BUG speed but more steady gains and less keyboard to head motion.
  12. I recently acquired a 120 BS scroll at a Yew vendor for 200K (Heheh...) I'm currently at 116.4, using this guide for two days. The gains are incredibley fast once you hit plate gloves. The resell is a plus too because I made a small profit so far and managed to find vendors that sell ingots for cheap. (Although they are running out, I keep emptying out any cheap vendors selling iron ingots for 5gp-7gp each.

    This gain log REALLY should be made sticky.
  13. Alas no, 118.9 skill in fact gives 75% exceptional chance. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif Under a 120 scroll, you can gain making any item all the way up to that level. Unfortunately this means that even when you're Legendary you can't make exceptional gloves 100% of the time. In fact, gorgets are the only item you can. What this means is that in order to make runic plate, you must have access to a +15 hammer to make gloves, and indeed a +30 to make arms, legs and tunics. (Because it's essential that you make an exceptional item every time for maximum resists.)
  14. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    ah, right you are
  15. Simonides I'd like to thank you again for compiling this log. I managed to take my smithy to 120 from 100 in 3 nights of casual play time. The Plate Glove method is completely useful to keep ingots on hand, but I managed to actually get to 118.9 off gloves, 119.6 off a mix of all plate, 120 with just tunics... All over the span of 3 hours. And that's really cool, your guide helped immensely.

    Soooo... Anyone have a good guide for Legendary Tailor that would cut down on cost too?
  16. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    You're very welcome
  17. Simonides

    Simonides Guest

    I just made Legendary Smith on Atlantic. I made sure to keep track of how many ingots I'd used, and what I was making.

    Skill Made Ingots Smelt/Sell

    100-105 Plate Gorgets 23k Smelt
    105-110 Plate Gloves 52k 13k Smelt, 39k Sell
    110-112.6 Plate Gloves 28.5k Sell
    112.6-114.2 Plate Gloves 16k Sell
    114.2-115 Plate Gloves 8k Sell
    115-116.4 Plate Gloves 16k Sell
    116.4-118.6 Plate Gloves 16k Sell
    118.6-119.6 Plate Arms 15k Sell
    119.6-120 Plate Legs 3k Sell


    Total ingots used
    100-105 23k
    100-110 75k
    100-115 127.5k
    100-120 177.5k

    Somewhere between 105 and 110, I realized that the plate gloves I was making were giving me 7 ingots when smelted, but were selling for an average of 110 gold. So, I started selling, as the return was better and I had plenty of ingots.

    When I switched from gloves, I originally tried Plate Helms. I gained, but they were selling for 10gp each. So, I switched to Arms. I gained just as well and they sold a lot better.

    All told, I averaged about 10.5gp per ingot used when selling. Considering I bought them for 9gp per, that worked for me.

    The Elves
  18. Although I still wonder a bit why you chose to use plate immediately, it's obvious that this is beneficial to anybody walking down the legendary path so sticky it shall be. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  19. Hwarang

    Hwarang Guest

    I'm currently doing the method in the faq where you make an item till you have a 100% chance of success on it. I'm on plate arms right now, and I'm at 114.3. I hadn't played in a while, but when I started back, I had about 30k ingots stashed, and was at 112.2. I've spent about 10k ingots to get to this point, but gains are slow. Is crafting gloves at this point that much better of a choice? The whole 3 hour thing mentioned earlier kinda freaks me out, lol.
  20. As it happens I posted my own Legendary Tailor gain log over in the Tailoring forum, detailing what I believe to be the most efficient way from 109.6 to 120. (Up to 109.6 you simply do oil cloths all the way.) You can find it in the Tailoring above GM thread.
  21. grayal

    grayal Guest

    Just aquired a 120 Smithy PS yesterday and started at 5:30pm lasted until 1145am the following day with a sleep break in between and here is my log. Im sure you will find the results surprising.

    Start 5:30PM MST
    110-111 9k Ingots....Plate Arms/Switched to Gorgets at 110.6
    111-112 4.4K Ingots....Gorgets
    112-113 6.2K Ingots....Gorgets
    113-114 8.6k Ingots....Gorgets
    114-115 1.6k Ingots....Gorgets
    115-116 5.2k Ingots....Gorgets
    116-117 5.4k Ingots....Gorgets/Switched to Plate Gloves at 116.4
    117-118 5.7k Ingots....Gloves
    118-119 5.5k Ingots....Gloves/Switched to Plate Arms at 118.9
    119-120 3.5k Ingots....Arms/Switched to Plate Legs at 119.6

    TOTAL INGOTS USED APPX....55.1K Iron Ingots
    At 117.4 My internet went down at 12:30 AM MST until 10:30 AM MST the following day when i resumed smithing. I finished at 11:45 AM MST. I setup a UOA Macro to make 20 items at a time smelting each item immediately after making it. A bit of a pain to redo the macro to switch items made but well worth it for the apparent savings on Resources. The method used was to make only items that i had a 100% chance of crafting but less than a 75% chance of making EXP. When I had a 75% chance of making EXP i switched to an item that was less then 75% chance of EXP. As you can all see im nowhere near the usual reported use of 150K plus Ingots. Hope this helps. Now onto tailoring. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  22. oogieB

    oogieB Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm also working my way up to legendary. Had quite a nice day today with a total gain of 1,0 using 5250 ingots (115,5-116,6).

    Here is what I have to add: I'm surprised to see some of you guys choose to smelt the plate gloves you make. It simply doesn't make sense. I have been able to sell plate gloves to smiths at a return of above 11 gold pr ingot (on average). I have also been able to buy ingots from the vendors at 10-11 pr ingot.
    The obvious benefit is: Instead of loosing ingots by smelting. I sell the gloves and buy new ingots from the NPCs. I even turn a small profit doing that.

    In other words - no worries about ingot supply. Just hammer away!

    If anyone should choose to do the same (which I can only recommend) there are a few things to remember: Because of the dynamic economy we have these days, the price you get for your plate arms will drop if you keep selling to the same NPC. So you gotta recall around a bit.
    You also need recalling around in order to find ingots at 10-11 gold, but in my opinion it's worth it.

    I started from 115 skill with 23 K ingots a couple of days back. Now I'm at 116,6 and have a bit less gold in my bank, but 28 K ingots in my house. I'm a happy smith !

    Good gains to all !
  23. The Elves

    The Elves Guest

    Ok...my account got lost, so here's my new username
  24. samurice

    samurice Guest

    How many hours would you say you had to invest to get from 100 to 120? I hope you don't say more than 20... and about how many points would you say were from GGS?
  25. J0KING

    J0KING Guest

    It really didnt take me that long to go from 115 to 120. I stuck with the template and made gloves up to 118.9, then i went straight to my Bod book and pulled out every Plate arm, leg, tunic bod and started to fill them. I would say it took me 2 days at the most to do this.

    I followed the one post where you make and smelt immediately. (i didnt bother with the chat window) I seemed to get much better gains then when i was selling the stuff off. Just a thought /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Have Fun!!!
  26. Halo 14

    Halo 14 Guest

    I'm currently on 116.5% (Started at 110% this morning) and I have found the following to be a very useful method of training.

    Make a runebook with five or six NPC smithy shops marked in it, I used Britain, Papua (x4 NPC's there), Bucc's (Low traffic), Minoc and Delucia.

    Next, grab/make about 10 smithy hammers or tongs and head for the first NPC smithy shop. Buy up all the ingots they have (Its usually 9 - 10gp per at this point) and hammer away making gloves as per the guide in this thread.

    When you run out of ingots, sell the crafted gloves to the NPC's and recall to the next.

    Rinse and repeat until you are back to the first one. If all goes well they should have dropped their ingot price back down to 9 - 10gp per and you can cycle through the book once more.

    I used this method today (Pretty much ALL day) and have made slow but steady gains up to my current skill level. Best of all I have made a steady income with which to purchase more ingots and can continue the process tomorrow morning.

    Hopefully I will hit 120% sometime tomorrow evening and it wont have cost me much at all.

    Anyway, great guide(s) and great gains!

  27. Lord McBain

    Lord McBain Guest

    Halo your method worked great for me. Even though my gains remained fairly constant with ingot consumption the fact I kept moving around made the road to Legendary much less dull.

    My advice though for everyone is to mark more than 5 or 6 forges. I play on Chesapeake so there is alot of competition for NPC sold ingots. I traveled between all of the major Trammel NPC forges &amp; also the Felucca forges. Even then I still had to occasionally settle for 12gp per but in the end I came out with a small profit all the same.

    Also something else I observed, when purchasing ingots from the NPC's always leave 1 on the vendor, in other words if the vendor has 500 ingots only purchase 499. By doing this I noticed the price per ingot would not climb as fast and I was able to purchase nearly 3 times as many ingots from the same vendor before the price reached my limit of 12gp.

    As to the method, I jumped between several of the methods posted above. Since skill gain is no longer based on failures you must succeed to gain and from what I could tell no single item did it best. Just smith anything in the 90% success range and power thru long dry spells of no gains. Patience is definitly a virtue smithing mandates.

    Good Luck!

    Lord McBain
    Legendary Smith
  28. Halo 14

    Halo 14 Guest

    Well, I finally hit 120% smithy this morning and it was a nail biting race to get the last .2% before server maint hit Europa. I think I made it...

    *crosses fingers*
  29. Shulato

    Shulato Guest

    I think you could do the same with platemail gorget too.
    normal plt gorget will sell around 46 (51end) - 58 (65end)
    exceptional plt gorget will sell around 91 (60end) - 118 (78end)
    that means exceptional returns around 15-19 golds per ingot (6 ingots)

    normal plt gloves will sell around 73 (53end) - 86 (63end)
    exceptional plt gloves will sell around 143 (61end) - 177 (76end)
    that means exceptional returns around 20-25 golds per ingot (7 ingots)

    this is only based on small data of my smithing session. my smith skill is 102.1 at this point. Im pretty sure the higher the skill, the higher the endurance, hence the sell price will be higher too. So, smelt those normal items and sell exceptional items. Takes time but you save more cash. If you want to make it easier just sell all of them, you still save some cash.
  30. Dracoon

    Dracoon Guest

    Just curious what I should be making from 97.5-100. Also how many ingots will it take.
  31. EveningKiss

    EveningKiss Guest

    Some people ask 'Why smelt what your making?' SIMPLE reason. On different shards in fel ore sells for different amounts depening what faction is in charge. Currently on EUROPA (Aug 13, 2004) they are selling ore between 20-30gp EACH. It simply makes MORE sence to make your own ingots and smelt while you go that way your not loosing money while working on smithing. You'd be suprised how fast the cost of smithing will add up when your buying ingots at 25gp each.
  32. Lord_Orion

    Lord_Orion Guest

    i just reached Legendary Smith, i used 60k ignots from 105-120. I followed this guide to T and it worked great /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Thanks for making this sticky,it is very helpful
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    what one did you follow? so you are suppose to take the item till 100%? hmm...
  34. Lord_Orion

    Lord_Orion Guest

    i followed the original posters guide.worked great, but i didnt use nearly the ignots he did. something in gain chance may have changed *shrugs* also i smelted all the way instead of selling ( i didnt wanna spend the time selling)
  35. Masterplan

    Masterplan Guest

    tx this guide helped me with the last 0.3 i was having trouble with
    got it using only 700 ingots on plate legs
  36. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    Seen n heard a lot frm tis post.. but im afraid of shortage of ingots.. Im currently at 110.2 with ard 110k of ingots.. but haf heard frm fren that to get legendary i muz at least 200k of ingots.. is this anywhere near truth?.. btw im on formosa..

    any advise frm u seniors?..
  37. Lord_Orion

    Lord_Orion Guest

    wasnt true for me, i used 60k from 105-120 using this guide
  38. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    u used only 60k to legend?..

    using e format which is listed on top?..

    i currently havin 150k ingots now.. wonder if it's enough..

    skill is at 110.2 now
  39. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    hey orion mayb wad u said were true enough started blacksmith at 110.2 with 140k of ingots.. n after spending 40k of em.. im at 117.8 now..
  40. Lord_Orion

    Lord_Orion Guest

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif are ya wearing +5 mining gloves and smelting?
  41. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    i did a test on yamato.. when u r at gm mining whether u are wearing e +5 mining glove or not.. e amt of ingots u smelt is of e same amt.. there fore i did wear it.. coz my mining for formosa is only at 97..
  42. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    EhHh.. btw.. i alrdy gone my legendary smith status 2 nites ago..

    Cheers.!! yeah
  43. Lord_Orion

    Lord_Orion Guest

  44. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    thx u.. =P

    so how's ur smith goin on?..
  45. Lord_Orion

    Lord_Orion Guest

    well i reached 120 in august. I have 3 smiths one at 120, one at 100, and one at 71. The 71 gets the best BODs /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  46. AmInEsT

    AmInEsT Guest

    aw tt's sheer hard wrk huh.. cool man.. =P
  47. Wizard of Id

    Wizard of Id Guest

    I am having trouble with making the macros on uo assist. Could you tell me how to set up the macros to make an Item then smelt it?

  48. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    It does make a difference, but only for a few items.

    For example, there is a 1 ingot difference between GM &amp; 105 for plate tunics.
    For No Dachi (Samurai Empire TH sword that uses less ingots than plate legs, and is more difficult to craft - hence should give better gains), which take 18 ingots to craft, give back 11 ingots from GM, 12 from 105.

    Not sure of where the breaks lie for other items.
  49. Gaarken

    Gaarken Guest

    I tell you what I killed alot of ingots in my day and still killing ingots but just gotten better gains out of it I tell you what works as the prowd owner of 5 gm smiths and 3 legendary smiths

    1 First post is a excellent guide it is close to what I use, But if you run into a wall just start making something else for a bit

    2 smithy shops hopping (just make sure you cross server boundrys) you can get a gain this way about every 5 min ..don't forget to include fel and tokyo :)

    3 minimizing chat window...whoever posted this you are not crazy it works for me as well, I heard this about a year ago I told him he was nuts...I still think this is the most insane....

    4 if you happen to have a Soulstone or five you can trade to another character to get a instant gain

    5 sell ingots to me...LoL sell your plate to vendors if you find the right vendor you can make a 120 smith and a tidy profit
  50. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I just went from GM to 120 using 70K ingots (smelting all the way with 55 Mining skill). All I made the entire way was Royal Circlets.

    I'm going to do it again on a character that has GM mining to see what the ingot count will be.

    Even regular Circlets would probably work really well from 75 or 80 up to 90. As soon as you can make Royal Circlets 50% of the time, I'd switch to them.