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Legends Lore

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Penderrin, May 5, 2009.

  1. Penderrin

    Penderrin Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hello, um, guess I'm gonna try another issue of Legends Lore, may take a while to put it together. Always looking for material. I'll post the 1st issue here, now that its been in game for a bit, it consisted of 5 books. If anyone wants an in-game copy just let me know, though I'll have to hunt one down myself to copy.

    Wha da ya say Danse, you in?

    Legends Lore I
    Book X of X

    Bringing a bit of Legends to you one month at a time. (not quite)
    Formatted for 2D
    Whats Inside
    Editors Letter
    Hindermans Folly
    A Legend

    The Sum
    Greetings Legends! Legends Lore is a new publication for your news, entertainment, and shopping. LL will begin as a monthly deal, but if there are enough tales, news items, events, etc.. it may become bi-weekly. In these pages are tales of humor, words of inspiration, and perhaps a little sorrow. We hope you enjoy this first issue.
    Now for some acknowledgments...
    I'd like to thank Danse Macabre for agreeing to be part of the team. And thanks to DevilsOwn for locating and transporting a printing press to the premises. Thanks to all the contributors for their help, they are listed near the end.
    Lord Maplestone was the 1 million gold winner in our "name" contest. The paper names were voted on by a panel of three with no information as to who submitted them. Congratulations Lord Maplestone and thanks to all who entered. And a thanks to my wife, Avalon Dragoneye, for the prize donation and support.
    All are welcome to contribute articles/stories or place ads for vendors. At the end of every issue there will be directions to a drop off place and contact information. Thank you for reading, dear Legends Citizen.

    Now I'd like to start this wagon train rolling with an excellent piece about Legends from Lord Maplestone, reprinted in Legends Lore with his permission.


    From the Quill of Lord Maplestone
    'twas long before my hour and it is the nature of our land the soil consumes all trace of time, with history fading into legend, but of all the shards Legends is unique, for its origins date back before UO, all the way back to 1984 and an early online RPG named Legends of Kesmai. Finally folded by EA in 2000, its community escaped the death of their native land and took refuge in this new and different world. But the name given to this land, "Legends", is a tribute to its ancient origins and the refugees who first populated it.

    Those of us who now wander the sandy shores and tangled woods of Legends all know we come from different worlds, but in this peaceful land we have found a new home and the fellowship of this Britainnian culture. Legends is a land where a carpenter's name is still held in highest esteem, where there is special meaning in a phoenix's feathers, where shadows will rarely hold sway.

    Our laws of nature are no different than those of other lands, our Luna is possessed of all the light and dark that have been seen in other shards of The Gem and I hear the trash-foo of Yew is just as colorful as other lands. I have no special authority to speak on behalf of my fellow residents, but in my travels I have crossed paths with poets and shepherds, peerless princesses and noble knights. Some grace the halls of glorious guilds, others humbly land alone, but settle here and all will judge you by what you bring to our legend.

    Peace be with you.

    ---Lord Maplestone

    News & Events
    Zento has new Mayor!
    On March 15, 2009, at a ceremony held in the TMC chapel in Zento, Kryptman was inaugurated as Mayor of Zento. The ceremony was presided over by our very own EM Tashik. TMC and Zento residents packed the hall to see this honor bestowed upon Kryptman, which was a complete surprise to him. "He was the first of us to live here, he wrote the history of Zento and Tokuno Islands, he has designed and built many of the houses you see in Zento. He started a trend, and a lot of our guild have houses here now because of him. He's done so much for our guild, and means so much to so many people, so this is our way of honoring him." said Damia of TMC.


    Do you have a tale to tell? Forward it on to the Legends Lore office. Do you have an idea for a new column? Let us know. It can also be your very own if you wish to join the staff.
    ---Legends Lore

    Pub Crawl in a Bottle
    I would like to thank Damia, Tov, Kryptman, Five Fingers, and Jirel of Joiry.
    For all ya did. Kryptman and Five Finger for opening up their pubs/homes to all us rowdy legend's people.
    Damia and Tov for all your help and guidance on putting this event together and donations for the night prizes. Jirel for decoing my bar and helping hand out stuff. I have the utmost respect for all the people involved in running legends events now. It takes more than a pretty toon to run one these things. I had a blast. Can't wait to host another event.

    Start of @ Rusty Anchor in Zento

    I would like to thank the Pirate of the Rusty Anchor for the great Fireworks via the Cannon.

    EM Tashik was on hand for the begin of the Crawl. Thank you to her/him from coming.
    Handed out Pub Crawl Robes, Sheliligh's, and Tankers (mugs)
    Tried a round of the button game. Have to work on it for the next time. maybe tell people in advance to come hungry.
    Handed out the 1st of the Poker run cards.
    Luc Sang the Beer Beer song.

    From Zento we went to Britian and the Blue Boar pub.

    Played 3 Rounds of Mage Poker

    Round one Winners

    1st place: marlerperkins of TMC
    2nd place: Uriah Heep of FSB

    Round 2 Winners

    1st place: Darri Lien of T*T
    2nd place: Seleena of TMC (might have been SERRENA of ELV, cant read me notes)
    gave a consulation prize to Torquemada (had a slight confusion on hand to be made)

    Round 3 Winners

    1st place Seleena of TMC
    2nd Whisper of TMC

    From Brit we went to Bucs Den and the Pirate's Plunder.

    Try again to play the Button game. still no luck
    Jirel sang Drunkin Sailor, Sav told a joke, and i believe Spelosty sang a song too. (the person was behind so i miss the name)
    Gave out the next card in the poker run.

    From Bucs we went to Vesper (cant remmber pub name)

    Darri told a joke and Tov sung the Scotsman.

    From Vesper we went to Green Dragon pub (on the 2nd floor of my house)

    Jirel explain the emtpy throne and table in the middle of the room. I sang the Green Dragon song from LoTR.
    Went outside to my HUGE front yard and play Mage Poker again.

    After Luc dealed 2 lousy hand. Jirel took a turn. Never let a pally pick the hand for mage poker. LOL We still love you J. (well i do)

    One Round of Winners.

    I am sorry. either i didnt write down who won or i just cant read notes. Congrats to the 2 winners. You know who you are even if i did lose or cant read the notes.

    passed out next card in the poker run.

    Last but certainly not least, we went to Five Fingers Luna Corner pub.

    Handed out last 2 cards of Poker Run.

    Had a little Trivia time.

    Winners of the Trivia

    1. Whisper of T^R
    2. Spelosty of G-X
    3. Damia of TMC
    4. Kimosabi of VFW
    5. Darri Lien

    The Poker Run Winner was Darri Lien.

    I want to thank everyone for coming out. Hope all had fun.
    BTW, if anyone didnt get the last of pub crawl giftss pm me. You have gotten a Robe, Shililegh (gnarl staff). Mug, and War Hammer.


    Horse Race
    Hearing of rumored horse races, we gathered at the Event Hall in Britain at 7pm.
    Sure enough, EM Tashik appeared and gated us all to the Luna Arena, where a racetrack had been built. Rules announces were : live mounts (horses) only, we would run in heats with a championship race consisting of the heat winners.

    1st Heat:
    Lee Layfe
    Cora Layfe

    Lee Layfe the winner

    2nd Heat:
    Rayne of Payne
    Five Fingers
    Tovladian Soltyr
    Nakasha Saran

    Tov the winner

    3rd Heat:
    Uriah Heep
    Roland Deschain

    DevilsOwn the winner

    4th Heat:
    An Old Friend

    Julie the Winner

    5th Heat:
    Darri Lien
    Kityana Caring
    Sorcon Gartius

    Sorcon the winner

    Championship Run:
    the five winners named above. In order of finish:

    Sorcon Gartius Win
    Lee Layfe place
    Tovladian show

    The after race party consisted of some good old fashioned monster bashing, trash talking, and drinking ;)
    We even met some new critters to kill, Candy Elementals, etc., a real free for all.
    Everyone had a good time, and was good to see such a fine turnout of Legends names.

    ---Uriah Heep

    Beware of Scams
    There are reports of a vendor passing off crafted smith hammers as runics. Take care in what you buy.


    Den of Recreation
    Do you know this place...?
    There is a valley, hidden among the rock strewn lands of Trammel. It is a place of quiet beauty, but holds Death to those who carelessly enter.
    Sometimes a miner will stumble upon the hidden trail into this lovely but cursed vale. Do you know of where I speak?

    ---Danse Macabre

    The first to respond on the oak bulletin board at the Legends Lore office with a set of sextant coordinates that lie within this valley will be announced as the winner in the next issue of Legends Lore. The office location can be found in 1-E p.35 under contacts. (location has been found)

    Spotlight On...
    Lady Arwen
    The Glorious Lady Arwen started her long journey on the shard of Europia. Upon making her first character, Arwen, she quickly befriended Lady Q and Lord Raptor while attempting to do her first champ spawn. After a while of being good friends with these glorious adventurers, she joined their guild, The Victorious Defenders of Britannia. This small guild had many great adventures together. After a few months of being in the guild, people slowly started leaving. Lady Q and Lord Raptor decided it was best for what was left of the guild to transfer to the shard of Legends. So, Lady Arwen, Lady Chiana, Lord Shockme, Lady Q, and Lord Raptor all transferred to Legends. Thus the real adventures began.

    Once all on Legends, the small guild of VDB had more exciting adventures than they could ever have imagined... Every night, they would go out to Felucca and do some champ spawns to try and get power scrolls. Even though they got raided almost every time by the guild Alchemists Elite, and SWAT, they never gave up and always made great fun out of it. Eventually, SWAT started to see that the guild of VDB was not going to give up. SWAT approached one of VDB’s members, Lady Arwen while at the stables changing pets. They offered their protection during the champ spawns, in exchange for the skulls from the champ spawn. VDB agreed, and SWAT and VDB quickly became good friends. After many months of doing champ spawns every night, with SWAT’s protection, Lady Q and Lord Raptor slowly started disappearing, until they were not seen at all.

    After Lady Q and Lord Raptor’s disappearance, Lady Arwen, Lady Chiana, and Lord Shockme started their own guild. Lady Arwen was the guild leader of the guild, called Need a Guild. The guild was only intended for Arwen, Chiana, and Shockme. That quickly changed. Lady Arwen found that their known reputation for champ spawns and other hunts was drawing people into the guild. NAG soon became a very large and well known guild. Some people came and left, but two people who joined NAG, and stayed till the end was Lord Leo Lemrick and Lord Silas. These five people became very good friends, and during their time in game were always together. After a few months, Lady Chiana, Lord Shockme and Lord Silas had all quit the game. Lady Arwen and Lord Leo found themselves alone in the guild, along with a new member, General Lee. Lady Arwen and General Lee started to spend more and more time together, and eventually got married in game. After General Lee and Lady Arwen got married, Southpark Junkie joined NAG, and became very good friends with Arwen. The only problem was that General Lee and Southpark Junkie did not get alone well at all. Lady Arwen found herself having to pick between spending time with General Lee and Southpark Junkie. Arwen was forced to kick General Lee out of NAG when Southpark Junkie and General Lee got into a major fight. As soon as General Lee found out that he had been kicked, he quickly gave his wedding ring back, and announced that it was over between him and Lady Arwen. Now, only Lord Leo Lemrick, Southpark Junkie, and Lady Arwen remained in the once great NAG.

    The three members still remaining in NAG decided it was best for Lady Arwen to start a new guild. She started a guild called Hunters of the Realm. It was never as great as NAG was, but it was a fairly big guild. H^R found themselves wanting to ally with other guilds. That is when Lady Arwen met Lord Zeke and Lady Damia. Lord Zeke was the leader of Knights of Terra, and Lady Damia the leader of The Mystic Circle. Arwen had seen these guilds around before and knew that they were very large guilds, but she also knew that they were some of the most honorable and trustworthy guilds on Legends. After talking to her guild members, Lady Arwen decided to ally with KOT and TMC. For a few weeks, the alliance was wonderful. But some of the members of H^R started to cause problems with KOT. After getting angry at some members of KOT for being mean to her guild members, Arwen took her guild out of the alliance. After taking H^R out of the alliance, the guild slowly started to fall apart. By this time, Arwen’s best friend in game, Southpark Junkie had quit Ultima. Once again, Leo and Arwen found themselves alone. Lady Arwen started to notice that she was spending a lot of time with Leo, and that they got along very well. Leo and Arwen started dating, and soon after they found themselves in a chapel getting married. After Leo and Arwen got married, Arwen left the game for about three months. When she returned Leo was still playing, and was in a guild called Devilz Rejects (S!X). Lady Arwen joined S!X, but quickly found out she did not care for the guild that much. She left, and joined her old allies guild, KOT. Lady Arwen was very happy in KOT. After many months in KOT, Arwen switched guilds and joined TMC. Soon after, Leo joined TMC also. Leo left TMC for a brief period of time, but soon found himself back with Arwen in TMC once again. Leo and Arwen have since been in TMC, and love it. This past February TMC put together a great second wedding for Leo and Arwen on their anniversary.
    Thus ends the story of Lady Arwen, but not for long. Lady Arwen and Lord Leo are sure to have many more wonderful times and adventures with their great guild TMC, in the wonderful world of Ultima Online.

    ---Lady Arwen

    Tales o' Legends
    My First Battle
    The tavern was poorly lit and smoke filled, and I stumbled my way to a place toward the back. I was not ready to greet the world, and wanted to sit in a dark corner savoring my misery. The other patrons of the tavern moved as far away from me as possible in that cramped dark space. And the tavernkeeper took my coin and dropped a mug of ale nearly in my lap in his haste to be away from me. This is the way of my misfortune...

    I had fought my first battle, and had been, I thought, successful. No, I suffered no wound, to be sure, I did not even have a scratch. But my pride had suffered a horrendous blow. Even now, I can hear the taunts and jeers of my mates. I know, I know...they meant no harm to my pride or ego...but at that time you could not have convinced me of that.

    This is what had happened...

    Five of us had ridden out on patrol, as there had been some raids from a group of brigands. These fellows were a blood thirsty group, giving no quarter and stripping the bodies of their victims clean. They killed all without prejudice..women, children, the lame...made no difference to them.

    We had picked up their trail and our leader, Throm, had us to spread out and go slow. Throm had said we would attack as one and he would give the signal..the call of a night bird. We had left our horses and were afoot...I was creeping through the underbrush and lost sight of my mates.

    I had to crawl, then slither like a snake on my belly. I thought I heard the brigands laughing and thrashing about. They were very close, so close I could smell them. I heard Throm's signal, and jumped up to attack..and slipped into the most foul slimy water I have ever had the displeasure of finding. Flailing about, I finally got my footing and charged forth into the melee...I must have been some sight! The brigands turn to meet my assault, only to be met with a creature covered with green-brown slime and smelling of the sewer. While they were trying to decide whether to return my attack, or fall down laughing, my mates surrounded them and made them captive.

    I can still smell that foul mess, and it would take years of constant drinking of ale to rid my mouth of its taste. My mates would not even let me walk with them back to where we had left the horses. And reaching those creatures, mine took one look, and I guess, smell, and bolted...so, I had to walk back to the keep. Even then I was not allowed entry until I had washed many times over.

    My mates still have nothing to do with me, and that was a fortnight ago. The smell clings to me like a miasma.

    ---Danse Macabre

    The Box and the Rose
    That small wooden box has been sitting there on the mantle for seventeen years gathering dust. And what a fine piece of craftsmanship it is, the edges gilded in gold and fancy scrollwork in a wood so red and lively the grain seems to twist right before your eyes. Once it gleamed like the sun, an almost magical sheen of lacquer, now dully coated with the years of neglect. No, neglect is the wrong word. I look at that box every night before I lie down to slumber and first thing in the morn when I rise to meet the day. I look at that box, think about what rests within and remember a happier time.

    I was strolling through the exotic Nujelm one fine day, seventeen years past, and having just completed an incredible business transaction I felt like I was walking on air. What gold I had made that day! But even had this deal gone bad, there was nothing that could have brought me down to touch foot upon path. I had, back at home on the mainland, the most beautiful woman the world has ever known waiting for my return. How I could have ever been so lucky I do not know but it was me, Me! that she was waiting on. I can still see that honeysweet smile that I knew I was coming home to. Those eyes more sparkling than any gem. What wealth I had, more than a King! And we were to marry in a month!

    In a shop window, a bright flash caught my eye. Curious, I turned and saw this box, such a wonderful box. Though all withers in comparison to the beauty I already knew, this box stands above any craftwork I have ever lain eyes upon. Such magnificence. I knew right away I had to have this piece to present to my love when I return. I entered the shop and later walked out with the box wrapped in several blankets for protection. It had cost me everything I had just made, a very considerable amount, enough to live off of for years in fact. But that meant nothing. I had this precious gift for my love, life just cannot get any sweeter.

    I was so impatient on the voyage home but smiling all the same. On the ship I had been asked several times if I would share some of the leaf, or perhaps fungus, I had been tasting. I would just grin all the wider. A few passengers understood, wishing me well with my gal. One elder Lady looked at me, smiled and stated factly, "Been shot with that special arrow this one has." When the ship docked at port I leapt from the deck and landed on the ramp at a run almost spilling my prize. I chided myself and continued on, more carefully now, up the pier and looked about. She was not there. The ship had arrived precisely on time yet she was nowhere.

    Well, I was sure there would be a good reason she couldn't make it out, I was not going to hold anything against her. But I still couldn't get the bad thoughts out of my head. She was to bring my horse to town but now I was bereft of ride. I flagged down a few wagons but no one was headed my way. I had no coin left to buy my way so I began the long walk down the forest trail leading out to her family ranch.

    Late it was getting when two horses come walking up the trail, our horses. Instant panic ground into me like a reef into a ship. I leapt upon my horse with wrapped box cradled in my lap and rode off at a full gallop. Trees passed in a whir, all my attention focused on the trail ahead. Then a white form comes into view lying prostrate on the path. I reigned in my horse short, afraid to continue for I knew that white for her dress. I slid from the horse and forced myself to continue on, tears already streaming down my face.

    Through the tears she gradually came into focus, a large dead oak trunk had fallen and lie across her chest. I will not describe the scene more than that, a scene that I have tried to purge with heavy drink, unsuccessfully, from my head these past seventeen years. I knelt beside her, she was gone. In one outstretched hand was clutched a single red rose. A gift from her to me. A perfect gift.

    The rose rests within that small wooden box sitting there on the mantle. Soon our gifts will be one. The flame is spreading rapidly, making its way across the room. I can already feel the burn. No matter, soon I will rest as does the rose, as does my Love.


    Justa Pet?
    The name's Tucker. I been workin at the ol Britain stable Sosarian Steeds quite awhile now. Well... hmmm I spose I caint 'member ZACTLY how long. But I can tell ya it was back when we actually had some bidness round this joint! Yeah, I reckon we was proly the busiest stable round back then. Mebbe it aint zactly a 'glamorous' job like all them fancy mages, or the tamers riding they's highsteppin fire ponies n whatnot. But its what my daddy and me granpappy did afore me and I aint ashamed o makin an honest livin. Thats way more'n I can say for lotsa these so called gentles who's critters I provide fer, anyhows I come by this job honest: I can talk to the critters. Yeah I know it aint zactly a RARE talent anymores, but not ever one's got it, by George! I was always kindly proud o that. It helps me take better care of these beasties in my charge.

    They's one oldtimer, heck I reckon hes been round this joint bout long as I have! Right fine ol feller he is, used to b what folks'd considered a Top o the Line pet, uh huh. A White Wyrm he be. Yeah, I knows they aint considered much no more, but I aint tellin HIM that! Nah, hes a right fine ol cuss. More loyalty than u see outta most 2 legged figures nowadays. He still goes on and on about his lovely owner. Or should I say former owner as she done suited herself up with one o them fancy new greater dragons thats posta b so tuff. HA! What happened to the good ol days when a big snowy wyrm like Vasher and a pitch black nightmare was bout the best huntin team any tamer'd want? And these new lands and these funny lookin new folks with theys pointy ears and strage ways and what not?? ahhhh but me ol mind's awanderin again, aint it?

    Well, Vasher. Yeah he thinks his lil lady is a comin back fer him. But I know she aint. Not with her fancy new dragon. Yeah he knows about that, says it aint no big deal. He even comed up with this here right smart plan to get RID o that newcomer! But he knows itll take more than just the likes o one creaky oldtimer to take down such a powerful new beast. And he just caint seem to get up enuf help anyhows.

    Aw I reckon its just fantasy talk like daydreamin an stuff. Anything to get his purty fire haired mistress to turn his way just one last time. I know what he dreams- he talks in his sleep. He dreams that she'll come aflyin up on his old huntin buddy, that black mare, Horace. That she'll say but one word to me: ' VASHER.' That theyll all go out and hunt like they used ta and that...... well that he never come back to this stable to live out the rest o his days. He hopes to die in a fierce battle and sacrifice himself for her one last time. And that this time, she lets him GO rather than drag him back to his bitter life and lonely stable. Look at him there- hes done dozed off. See how his tails atwitchin? Now listen, U hear it? vasher..... vasher.....

    ---Anne O'nomus

    From the Quill of Danse Macabre
    Each dawn is a gift
    Each one full of wonder
    Each holds the promise of a new day
    Make the most of each.

    Kiss your loved ones; hold them close
    For only Heaven knows the future.

    Smile at the strangers you meet, though your heart is near to break.

    Greet your enemies with head held high and a joyful song upon your lips!

    Aye!! Glory in the dawning of the day!!


    Old Stormy
    That ol' dog, lying over there in front of the fireplace and nestled down in the rug looking so sleepy, so unaware, dat old dog got teeth.
    'Twas the day before, or rather, the night before, when me 'n' Jesibel found out just the teeth that ol' dog has.
    I was sitt'n in my old rocker, just a rockn' away, mulling over what to do 'bout those damn crows in the garden. Those crows be eat'n on everything out there, tried a scarecrow once upon a time but they just made home o' it, not to scary I guess'n. And they laugh, ever heard a crow laugh? Anyways, Jesi, she was sitting on the bench doing some of that wood whitlin, shes really good at makin dem whistles wit' the little fingerholes.

    Ol' Stormy, lying over there in front of the fireplace, she lifts up her head and gives a little growl. Her ears are perked, scruff raised on her neck, looks at the door. Whas wrong Stormy, I say. She looks at me a moment, then back to that door. Now, we get visitors every now and then, when folks come down from Yew. Stormy, she just never seems to care, like the world can turn on without 'er. A knock at the door and she don't so much as stir. Just lays there, fire or no fire. Is she deaf? Naw, she'll come when ya call her, I'm just saying she don't much pay attention or just plain don't care.

    Now here she is, act'n outta sorts, when the door crashes open and bangs 'gainst the wall. There, my friend, stands one big'n orc. This ugly thing has to duck its head to enter the cabin, and you can see how high my door is to begin wit'. Jesi screams and drops her dealin's, she shoulda at least held on to that knife I reckon but no, she drops it all. I sit there stunned, not sure if what I'm seein' is real. I rub my eyes. It's still there. There with a wicked axe, all blood crusted an ever'thing. Ol' Stormy leaps at the ugly, leapt clear 'cross the room I swear, and plants those teeth right into the neck of that thing. It howls, drops the haft and swats at Stormy, unable to dislodge her. The ugly slows down, arms begin a meaningless flap, then it drops to the floor. And Ol' Stormy, she just walks back to that rug, does her spin an' lays down.

    I sold the axe in Yew this morn' so I can't show ya that, but lemme show ya my new scarecrow.


    Hindermans Folly
    Bradlin bumbled by the briar,
    bound for Bremmel Bay,

    Tapered tacks attacked his back,
    torn his top away,

    Return to room at a run,
    T'right the wrong this day,

    Mum mumbled 'bout the mayhem,
    'mount with her dismay,


    A Legend of Legends
    The Grimswind Sisters
    Our family did not always live near the ruins. The first little home was along the banks of the river just outside of
    Minoc, a bit north of the bridge. Our good friend, DebconLady, had a grand L-shaped house, and in front of that
    sat our little thatched-roof cottage.

    Being the oldest it fell to me to provide for the family, and, truth be told, my sisters were not up to the task of
    battling ogres and ettins for the coin they always carried. DevilsOwn was very young and still in training to become
    a paladin. She was eager and swift but barely adept and oh so easily distracted. Sis Draper was, and still is, a bit
    of a dreamer, spending time in the nearby forests enticing rabbits and hinds to do her bidding. I would spend my
    daylight hours tracking beasts and slaughtering those that I could, and by night worked on craftsman skills to
    furnish our small house.

    We grew stronger and more confident. Dev spent much of her time travelling the lands with Deb and would come
    home with tales of new lands and strange beasts. Along the way they met many people who helped them become
    better equipped and knowledgeable. One such group was The Fellowship of Skara Brae to which,after some time
    they pledged their fealty.

    The Guild Master was named Lord Maximus Cortair, and he was a striking, profound presence. Strong opinions and
    a firm hand were the mark of his leadership. Dev was immediately smitten by his strength and dashing demeanor,
    and it was no surprise to me when she came home one evening and announced they were to be wed. Max had built
    a beautiful chapel just outside of the Orc Forst in the lands of Malas and word was sent out that all were invited
    to the wedding ceremony. Of course, that would not do for Max.... he stationed pack horses across the lands with
    communication crystals and broadcast the event to all corners of the realm.

    The ghods smiled on the happy couple and a few years went by of adventures and romance. Many good things
    were in store for them as they travelled along. Perhaps the most stunning was the castle that we now call
    home, here near the Grimswind Ruins. The ghods proclaimed that five new castles were to be built and that all
    that need happen is for each chosen recipient to respond, and Max was one of the chosen. He gave the castle
    to Dev as an anniversary gift, and now, looking back, I think perhaps it was also a way of saying farewell. Not
    long after we moved to the castle Max boarded his ship and sailed for bit of fishing and he never returned. Dev
    had spent far too much time awaiting word, mourning the loss of her husband, but I think now she has come to
    grips with it, as I see her more often smiling. She has taken the guild, not so much to build an empire as to honor
    the memory of Maximus. And she tells me that at times she can still hear his loud, firm voice echoing thru the
    halls of the guild house

    --- Lady Keeper of the Grimswind Sisters

    Legends Lore
    Ad in book XX p. XX
    Located in Malas
    95o 27'N, 31o 38'W - Malas

    Avalon Dragoneye
    Uriah Heep
    Keeper of the Grimswind Sisters
    Danse Macabre
    Anne O'nomus

    The Staff
    Danse Macabre

    Contact Information
    The Legends Lore office is located just outside the Luna west wall gate, at roads end. 95o 27'N, 31o 38'W - Malas. There is a red drop box and an oak bulletin board for your convienance. Or pm Penderrin at the UO Stratics Legends forum.

    My apologies if any story or article were blundered in the compiling and copy/paste into the books. Just let me know and I'll show corrections in the next issue.

    The End...
    But we'll be back! (sometime)
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