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Legends Player Towns and Establishments

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Guest, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For all those on Legends who have a town or an establishment please post them here. Many players are new to Legends and might like to visit, or partake in your festivites. Many older players might want to brush up on what is out there now too!

    I think coords, facet, name of town/establishment and a description would be a great start. Any other viable information is of course welcome.

    This is just a listing thread, not a discussion thread, because it will be stickied = )
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I will gladly start and post for Fort Briarwood.

    Fort Briarwood is a player ran down located in Malas. To get to Fort Briarwood, simply travel West out of Umbra until you get to the mountains. As soon as you get to the mountain pass (also the little spawn of orcs) turn northward and open your radar map. You will see the large orc walls. The town proper of Fort Briarwood is located in and around these walls and include establishments such as a Town Hall (with full rune library), a bank, a zoo, shops, a museum and library, a tavern, a theater, a training hall and many other establishments.

    If you turn south at the mountain pass, you will find the Briarwood Shire. The Shire is also part of our Role Play community and houses many establishments as well. For an aerial map (although a wee bit outdated), you may visit our website at http://www.castlesandcourtyards.com/fbw
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is a more specific post for my personal establishments:

    Fort Briarwood Library and Museum
    The Library and Museum (although currently under renovations at present 08/11/05) is located in the NE corner of Fort Briarwood outside the walls. I have some event items as well as other true rares on display for any and all to browse as well as over 200 books written by our fellow players, now and in the past, that can be read and enjoyed much like the day they were written. The Library will more than likely be under renovations until the end of August.

    Fort Briarwood Town Hall and Rune Library
    This building is the center building inside the large orc walls. Currently the greatest feature it offers is a large meeting room (available to any guilds or groups who wish to use it) as well as a full rune library on the 2nd floor.

    Spirituality Arena
    This is a full arena located directly north of the Spirituality Shrine by just a few steps. This is a fel arena so PvP/duels are free to take place without the hassles of going to a gate to duel.
  4. Ratmyr

    Ratmyr Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 10, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I will add to the listing. I have a Bow tavern NW of the Brit moongate in Trammel. If you leave the major vendor buildup heading WNW, you will find it. I don't have the coordinates handy to share with you.

    This is a good place to see the many bows that I have accumulated or been given to display by Legends players. I spend a lot of time looking for rare bows or bowyer items to add to the museum and I want to share with you.

    Please feel free to check it out. :)
  5. Force Forge

    Greetings all.

    Once Force Forge used to be one of the most famous and beloved shop in the far Despise valley. It was established early when Legends was once young. Nowaday, with all the new contents, the shop could not keep up so it had to released some vendors. Now, the shop only provide survivor goods for travelers and explorers in the valley. All are welcome.

    Info Link: Force Forge
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Rumors of a new town called Shorewood are circulating.

    On the water's edge between Wrong and Ice Cave, there is The Age of Legends Tavern and Inn, Shorewood Stronghold, Shoerwood Prison, The Shorewood Aviary, The Age of Legend Museum, and on the northern most edge of Shorewood, Daisy and Asima's Dragon House.

    Pictured below is Shorewood Aviary


    In Shorewood we have little tollerance for Malifactors, they end up "guests" in our one way hotel, pictured below.


    Within the "boundaries" of Shorewood are various homes of noble knights keeping the area secure from the ocacsional roaming bands of brigands.
  7. Grid

    Grid Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 14, 2005
    Likes Received:
    The Broken Blade Cafe, newly opened and located just a short walk through the woods to the north-west of Umbra. Originally opened as a refuge for the Knights of Justice guild, the Broken Blade is open to all who would care to visit.

    The bottom floor features a kitchen and bar area, as well as stables and a table capable of seating up to nine guests all festively decorated in the spirit of the season. Our waitress Vera will be happy to serve you for only a small bit of gold while BrightEyes the parrot enterains by repeating whatever she hears about her.
    The second floor has walls lined with weapons and other goods that our proprieter Glauren has claimed in her travels, including several live pixies, pinned to the wall through the wings so they can ammuse the sick minded with their pleas for mercy. This floor features another table for nine as well as a fully furnished labratory for the mad scientist in all of us.
    The open roof features a spectacular veiw from which the necromancers city of Umbra can be seen in all its morbid glory. And while you're up there, drop by the workshop of the Broken Blade's resident handywoman Mistress Jana, who if asked will gladly make any clothes, armor or weapons you want as so long as you provide the material.
  8. Kalia Vorjen

    Kalia Vorjen Guest

    i will gladly add the kingdom of stormhaven to the list which is located on ice island on the west side. Please come by and visit us we would love to have you here.

    icq# 235-101-864
  9. WillowOfKSD

    WillowOfKSD Guest


    I would like to invite people to visit our town of Dragon Spine. If you leave East Britain heading North on the road towards Cove, you travel until you see the little outpost (if you get to the swamp, you have gone too far) and head east. We own around 25 houses. We have a stable, a general store, a mage school, a lighthouse, a tavern, a rune library (under construction), a Dojo, a castle, a Town Hall, and many private houses. We also have a new area near Umbra, the Barony of Stone Cross, which has 8 homes. We are a roleplay community. We have an alliance which currently has 10 guilds in it.

    Thank you for your time.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I would like to add the establishment of Timeless Treasures Auction House. If you leave Luna through the east gate, travel east and slightly south, you'll find us in the second clearing within the Crystal Fens. We host auctions every other Saturday, at 8pm est. We also lend a hand, or host, a few Legends events, and help players in need as part of the KSD Alliance Guilds.

    Also, located next door to Timeless Treasures, on the east side, is the Timeless Antiquities (still under construction currently) which will house a Museum of various artifacts, player crafted armours, rares, etc.

    Timeless Treasures Staff
    Darri Lien
    Tovladian Soltyr (formerly Noah)
    Timeles Treasures
    Arsenik Drakken
    I Forgot (vacation)
    Earendur Helyane (vacation)
  11. Tyrath

    Tyrath Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The New Version of Tyr town is open It covers all of Ocarina Island (Tyraths Island Kingdom) with satelite houses in stratigic locations on the mainland including the Blue Rune Library ont eh south side of Zento, The Contest House and Black Ant Hunting house in the woods of vesper, to the old house on brit beach and to the wilder heavy spawn houses of iso JIma and Homare Jima. Feel free to explore my houses and have some fun
  12. LAH

    LAH Guest

    Hail and well met.

    I would like to add the establishment of LAH Auction House. If you leave Luna through the north gate, travel 1 screen, you'll find us among the crystal fens We host auctions on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month. We are behind a row of very nice vendor Houses. We have been holding Auctions now for over a year.

    <u>LAH STAFF</u>

    LARRY-Item Tosser (General Troublemaker)
    CRIMSON-Money Taker
  13. I would love to add the addition of NK^L CIGO Casino. We have decided to bring back the fun loving CIGO Casino to the Legends Shard for everyone to enjoy once more. Right now we are open when ever a dealer is willing to deal. For all that remember the CIGO Casino it is the same as it was before, but a lot more appealing. Rules are attached to this post. Please Come and Enjoy The CIGO Casino. See Go!!!!!



    2=Luna West Exit

    There are actually three different games played at the NK^L-CIGO Casino, the
    different games, and their rules are as follows:
    P.s. this is the original CIGO Casino

    Lucky 7:

    This Game is the main game, and starts with a max of 7 people.
    The "Roller" is the person that the NK^L Pit Boss is in front of. The NK^L
    Pit Boss will only accept bets from the person he is in front of as to avoid
    Once the bet is confirmed, he will unlock the dice and say you may roll. He
    will then immediately relock the dice. In the case of a multiple roll, the
    first roll AFTER he says to roll in his journal is valid.
    If you roll a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, he will return double the gold you gave to
    If you roll a 2, or a 12, he will place your bet into the "Small CIGO
    Chest", and match your bet into the "Large CIGO Chest." This makes BOTH
    Chests go up the amount of your bet.
    If you roll a 5, 6, or 8, he will move on to the next player.
    If you roll a "Lucky 7" you "Come In" the box by stepping on the "X"
    teleporter. This begins the "Come In or Get Out! &lt;CIGO&gt;" game.
    ** Note ** If more then 1 Roller gets a 7, the Rollers enter the CIGO Game
    in the order the rolls are in the NK^L Pit Boss Journal.

    Come In or Get Out!

    Once you enter the first box, you are 3 steps from the "Small CIGO Chest",
    and 6 steps from the "Large CIGO Chest."
    NK^L Pit Boss will unlock the dice on the teleporter below you, and ask you
    to roll. This is your "Point" advance number.
    *If your "Point" is 7, then you got a "Come In" and you advance to next box.
    Start again for next "CIGO".
    *If your "Point" is any other number, you roll again, as follows:
    **If you get a 7 now, You Have a "Get Out". You are then removed from the
    **If you match your "Point" before you get a 7, then you got a "Come In" and
    you advance to the next box. Start again for the next "CIGO"

    Side Betting:

    Players may bet that the "Roller" in the box will advance to the next
    If the Roller gets an Advance, the player may choose 1 of 3 options.
    1: Pay - this ends the player’s bet and they get all their bet and winnings
    2: Split- Player takes the winnings, and the bet stays on the Roller for the
    next box.
    3: Ride The Train! - This is a true gambler! Players bet AND winnings remain
    on the Runner for the next box.
    It pays even money for each advance.

    Special Notes:

    To rent the NK^L-CIGO Casino, Please talk to NK^L Pit Boss. It is possible
    now to give full access to anyone that wishes to hold a special event.
    The "CIGO Chests" will never have less then 25k.
    Please leave pets at home. If you MUST bring your ride, leave it in our
    stable on first floor.
    If at any time you have to leave the "Lucky 7" table, your seat will NOT be
    held. This includes entering the CIGO. We offer an ATM vendor, with no
    ONLY give bets to TAGGED NK^L “Pit Boss" guild members!!! We are not
    responsible for scammers!
    Bets will ONLY be accepted as 5k, 25k, 100k, 500k, and a 100,000 checks.
    * 500k and 1 mil checks will only be accepted if approved by a Pit Boss NK^L member.

    If you have a problem gambling, or know someone who does, please visit

    Screen Shots for location Tonight.......btw its just out the west luna gate youll see the wood casino :&gt;

    If you have any questions you can email [email protected]
    or aim UONobleKnights
  14. gotz

    gotz Guest

    Town Map and Establishment Listing

    For a visual of our town, please click on the map link to open an aerial view of our town. The map will open in a new window.

    OverView map: The Hamlet Overview

    Establishment List

    * Bank and Trust The Hamlet bank &amp; trust

    Location: Second building

    Coordinates: 130-41S-37-7E

    Vendors: Yes

    Selling: Rune Books; repair deeds,armor, weaponry, food, recalls, runebooks and more

    The Hamlet Bank and Trust is a hub for donations. Treasurer Hanse the Insane provides weekly treasurery reports on forum.

    A chest located inside the bank provides a means for donation of gold and resources at any point in the day without having the treasurer present. Simply take your donation item, resource or gold, to the vault and drop into a locked down pile of the same.

    Aside from a general treasurery of the town to help asist in prizes as well as resources for individuals, the Hamlet has specified funds: Help in Haven Fund

    Help in Haven:

    Monthly, the Hamlet goes to Haven and sets up stations giving away items such as armor, weaponry, food, recalls, runebooks and mounts (to name a few). These items and products to make are donated by those helping. Often we receive donations back from other players that like the event and see its benefit to the new and young of our lands. These donations go to the Help in Haven Fund and are used to buy non craftable items such as Necromancer Spellbooks and the like.

    * The Paladins Archive The Paladins Archive

    Location: First building

    Coordinates: 130-36S, 35-17E

    Vendors: No

    Many artifcats and rares are located here as well as a Library

    * The Hamlet Stable The Hamlet Stable

    Location: Third building

    Coordinates: 130-15S, 36-21E

    Vendors: No

    Vistor's may safley stable there pets here

    * The Hamlet Inn The Hamlet Inn

    Location: Fourth building

    Coordinates: 130-25S, 38-2E
    Vendors: No

    Rest and food for the weary travler

    Town Events!

    To get an up to date list of the events going on at The Hamlet and legends in general just follow this link
    The World Of Defying Legends .

    To add your event, all that you need to do is join The World of Defying Legends. (this does not make you a member of |DL|)

    We also offer a set of fourms relating to the legends Shard as well as a dedicated UOAM server. To access the server, all that is required is monthly activity on the fourms. For more Information, please contact:
    [email protected]
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Located directly north of the Spirituality Shrine in Trammel. Vendor rentals are available for 5000 gold pieces a month. We have a runebook library that we will be extending soon. Come visit us soon!

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Timeless Treasures would like to add our 3rd establishment! The Treasure Box!

    Just to the left of Timeless Treasures Auction House, now stands The Treasure Box, a public event house for all of Legends. The house will work as such: Schedule a date/time with us, for any event you'd like to host, and you will have free use of The Treasure Box, and we will even redesign it as needed, per event. Also, since no vendors will be placed here, the house can be made private for guild meetings, faction meetings, private weddings, etc. No fees will be charged for rent, although, donations for future events are always welcomed [​IMG]

    85,32 N by 7,56 E
  17. Ratmyr

    Ratmyr Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 10, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Just a quick update. The plot near my house dropped, so I was able to shift the plot a bit to make it more clear - as I was being blocked a lot by my neighbor.

    That being said, I made some minor changes and made a tree lookout for my ranger. Come check it out. Same location!

  18. Big Taco

    Big Taco Guest

    Barter Town is back in business baby!

    It's got black jack and hookers, no, I wish though. The Luna authorities won't let me have prostition or gambling any more. But I still have Thunderdom, the best cage match fights on the shard. hehe I also have my lique licence back. [​IMG]

    For those that don't know, it's in Malas just outside of Luna's South gate. The main building is the one by the street and the name on the sign is "Barter Town Mall".

    UOAM coordinates are: X 1012 Y 641
    Sextent coor: 86o 24'N 21o 47'W

  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Myth and Peace Lords (well me) are pleased to announce the construction of a new Minoc Moongate shop, one that I hope will appeal to the "(young)" and "(young at heart)".

    One shop will be targetted at newer players (eg: GM-crafted suits, instruments, empty runebooks, etc).

    A second shop will offer news and runes to current events and perhaps a few revelant items.

    Anyone who wants to make requests or suggestions, feel free to post on the message board outside.
  20. Nostalgia from the Black Gate Ultima VII Serious Serpent's Isle.

    I'll be honest, I'd rather be a hack/slash PVPer of reknown, but for my own reasons, made a shop like the first NPC met in Serpent's Isle series, and if I bother with doing something I do it right.

    So come see theme vendors, easy to shop because the vendors sell from the items in the settings. (Blacksmith -&gt; forge, Tailor -&gt; Loom). Three levels of vendors, each checked often. The "One Stop Shop" if it can be made we have it. Even have little quests for recipes (offering free vendor rental for Life for recipes) Next to Stables, Carpenter, Tinker, or Tailor.

    Will make any custom orders (speciallizing in Elven Furnishings), My vendors will sell the shirts off their backs.

    Also a great spot to set sail from, being notable in the Yachting society.

    (standing room only) as you watch the vendors at their tasks! Also, specialize in local commerce such as snake hunting or the dungeon fire. Any item requested that sells will be stocked (the deadly poisoned shirikens do sell quickly, and we do try to keep up with the demands), GM Instruments and more. Everything crafted by Andral the Sculptor {also the first NPC that the Avatar met to quest in the VII series} So catch the nostalgia and see player version of Andral, Crafter Extrodinare! (plus Godiva's Ladies Clothing, Bows by Legolas, and Arsonals by Robert the Bruce).

    Legend's Serpent Isle Sculptory -&gt; where rock is taken for granite.