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legends read

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by Ghostikailo, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Ghostikailo

    Ghostikailo Guest

    The first account is paided for intill feb
    its just a new account 6 month vets, it has a ninja on it
    hes wearing good stuff hes got a cinny the half apon with the hp stats, he has a virtue suit for training, has a nice mana regain suit and that has the doom atry plate helm, he has a 18by 18 in tram. He has like 10mil in the bank, and some odds and ends lots of goodies stuff in theres gotta be worth over 50mil, The house here has like over 200 mil worth of stuff in it
    30k plus of all ingots including val
    100 bolts of pure white cloth
    400 plus cloth of all the aos colors
    barbed runic made leather armour galorie i never got around to put it on a vendor, but thats what the house on the second house is for. a bucnh of rares and weapons, vet rewards a full viture tile set full virtue armour set and so many diffent things lol
    the second accout is a 92 month account
    the best char i think is a crafter he has
    110 taliring 120 scroll
    109 smith 120 scroll
    100 alchmey
    100 carpentry
    100 tinkering
    90 arms lore
    in a stone he has
    100 bow craft
    100 mining
    100 lumber
    he owns a 18 by 18 on the luna road the best spot its all by it self right by the bridge and no one can put one next to it
    the house has a small rune libaray and a bunch of 115 power scrolls and barbed runic armour
    theres 3 more chars on this account on legends a gm necro, and adv char mage, and a legendary warrior for pvp still blue
    they all have bad ass stuff on hats of magi and such and the warrio mad good runic armour, and the mage has the SORCERER SUIT, and lost tome of knoeldge and choas shield
    made vet mounts, everythign u would expect in a account this old. I did not strip the account of anything, theres over 30mil gold on it. Lots of good stuff i dotn remember i havent played in a mounth or so.

    IM me on aim Ghosstikailo