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Legends Shard Olympics 8/26/12 – 9/1/12

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Legends EM Feed, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    Legends Shard Olympics
    8/26/12 – 9/1/12
    Join us for a week long run at gold, silver, and bronze as we celebrate the end of the summer solstice with a Olympic lineup of events! Represent your home shard and compete to win top honors! Listed below is the week events complete with times and locations around the realm. All times are EST.May the best facet win!

    Schedule of Events:
    8/26/12 – 8pm – Opening Ceremonies, Luna Fairgrounds
    8pm – Fishing Event Begins
    8:30pm – Archery Event, Serpents Hold Warriors Guild
    10pm – Track and Field Foot Race, Luna Fairgrounds
    8/27/12 – 9pm – Joust – Legends EM Arena, Felucca
    10pm – Cowtipping – Jhelom Farms, Trammel
    8/28/12 – 9pm – Regatta – The Mystic City Docks, Tokuno
    10pm – Mage Poker – Corrupted Forest Arena, Malas
    8/29/12 – 9pm – Wrestling – Legends EM Arena, Felucca
    10pm – Mining – Legends EM Hall, Trammel
    8/30/12 – 9pm – Bagball – Luna Bagball Arena
    10pm – Darts – Luna Fairgrounds
    8/31/12 – 9pm – Mage Duels – Legends EM Arena, Felucca
    10pm – King of the Hill – Jhelom Fighting Pit, Felucca
    9/1/12 – 6pm – Tailoring, Smithing, Carpentry, Tinkering – Trinsic Market, Trammel
    7:30pm – Taming Race – Sosarian Steeds, Trammel Britain
    8:30pm – Horse Race – West Britain Bank, Trammel
    9pm – Fishing Weighins, Luna Fairgrounds
    9pm – Closing Ceremonies

    Event Descriptions:
    Archery – Head to head shootout, best score out of ten shots moves on to next round, any bow​
    allowed. (note: elven bows do not work on butte’s)
    Foot Race – Foot race from the west Umbra Bridge to the Luna Fairgrounds along the road.
    Joust – Mounted single pass event, first to dismount two out of three moves on. Riders will ride by to
    attempt to dismount thier opponent, if neither falls we line up for continued passes until a dismount
    Cowtipping - A shard favorite, head to head first to double click the bessie and lay her down the fastest
    moves on to the next round.
    Mage Poker – A summoning event, players will listen for three animals to be called and cast the summon
    spell by skill or scroll in attempt to gather the proper combination. First player with the
    correct combination to open a trade window with the official moves on to the medal round.
    Five qualifying rounds will be held to determine the five winners to move into the medal
    Taming – Another 5 round qualifiying event. Essentially the reigning official will call out a random tameable
    and the first to tame and return to the stables and open a trade window will be declared the
    winner. 5 Winners move on to the medal round with targets increasing in difficulty throughout the
    Fishing – Hosted in addition to the months regular fishing challenge this week long event will award the gold
    silver and bronze to the top three heaviest fish of any species caught during the week. Weighins
    will take place at the closing ceremonies on 9/1/12 9pm.
    Horse Race – Simple mounted horse race from the Umbras west bridge to the finish line at the entrance to
    the Luna Fairgrounds. No etherals allowed! First three to cross the line medal. All racers
    must remain on the road.
    Wrestling – Pugilist matches with no weapons or armour, players will fight to the death or the five minute
    Darts – Head to head competition, best 3 shot total moves on to next round. Daggers or Axes are required
    to compete
    PvP King of the Hill – Players will gather in the pit for a free for all fight to the death! The last man standing
    will win gold!
    Mage Duels – Magery only event with no pots, prebuffs, or anything other than the magery skill allowed,
    any armour combination is allowed, players will fight to the death or the five minute mark.
    Tailoring, Smithing, Carpentry, Tinkering – a race of sorts, crafters will race to create ten exceptional items
    called upon them at the beginning of each round. The first to open a trade window with the
    proper combination will move on to the medal round. Again 5 rounds of qualifying to
    determine medal round participants.
    Mining – A mining race where players will mine and bring ore to be placed in each players specified “bin” or
    container. Player with the most ore collected in one hour will win gold.
    Bagball – team competition similar to soccer, 3 man teams will attempt to score the most goals in a ten minute session, the bagball itself is “heavy” object which you will not be able to carry for long. the object is to hope the ball or pass and hop it to the goal.
    Important information:
    There will be a pre event meeting on Saturday 8/25/12 9pm EST at the Trammel EM Hall. Any and all questions can be answered therein.​
    Commemorative robes will be available to represent each shard at the Luna Fairgrounds, We highly encourage everyone to wear thier facets colors wether competing or not. These robes will be timered and expire sometime after the events ending.​
    Each event will reward the top three finishers will reward sashes in the proper colors of gold, silver, and bronze.​
    All decisions by officials are final and not open for debate. Any players found breaking rules or cheating in any fashion will be disqualified immediately and banned from further Olympic competition.​
    Times and locations are subject to change, if a change occurs players will be notified via the Legends EM Website which feeds to the Stratics EM Forums. Keep your eyes peeled each day for any changes that may occur.​

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