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[Buying] Leggings: LRC 10%+, MR 2, Mana increase, 20/20/20/X/X

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Drafgard, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Drafgard

    Drafgard Guest

    As title says, i'm buying a pair of leggings(leather, not ugly jap ones) with the following mods/resists:

    LRC 10%+
    MR 2
    Mana increase

    I realise a pair of legs like these will cost a fair bit, but, if you have a pair, humour me pelase :)

    Thanks :)
  2. blust4

    blust4 Guest

    How do you make 6 mods leather piece? <LRC, Mana Inc, MR2, phy, fire, cold>
  3. shonsu

    shonsu Guest

    Best I have is Mana7, MR2, LRC 19 10/22/21/10/3, but it is the "ugly" one
  4. Drafgard

    Drafgard Guest

    LRC, mana increase and mana regen are the only mods on the peice i'm looking for, thats 3 mods, plus resists :)
  5. blust4

    blust4 Guest

    To reach 20 for one particular resistance, it must cost you one mod. The basic resistance (2/3/2/2/2) adding horn leather material bonus (2/4/3/3/3) is 4/7/5/5/5. Note each mod will add up 8 to 15 to one SINGLE resistance using barbed kit. Aside from mod-induced resistances, you could also add 10 points to randomly selected resistances, 5 from GM tailoring and 5 from GM Arms Lore. Say you are lucky, the two mods go to physical and cold and 10 random points all goes to fire (0/10/0/0/0), you will get a leather piece 4+15/7+10/5+15/5/5 or 19/17/20/5/5. But random distribution to all five resistance evenly (2/2/2/2/2) is most likely. Your best armor piece with Mana increase, MR 2 and LRC will have resistance like the following.

    21/9/22/7/7 or
    6/24/22/7/7 or

    I know what you were thinking, you want to use half mod to get to 10% LRC, then half mod to resistance. But it doesn't work that way.
  6. Drafgard

    Drafgard Guest

    Blimey, you certainly know yer stuff with armour. I stand corrected :)
  7. Visolara16

    Visolara16 Guest

    Hey whats your ICQ can you send me it in PM and tell me what shard its located on