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Let us all be careful with our accounts...

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by imported_LFancey, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. After reading the post about the lost account I figured it was time to make sure we all know this. (Note this is not what happened nor will I share details these are things I have seen over the years and should serve as a reminder)

    Sharing accounts: This is never a good idea. Even if you know the person really well. Here are things that can happen and they all are expensive to the team to fix.
    1. You build a trust relationship with someone in the game and they have been really nice so you give them login information.
    a. Soon you finally get something that they want and they trade it and then claimed it poofed.
    b. They trade stuff and forget where it went and since you did not do it you request we look into it which we do. Currently this distracts us from working on game features only to find out that it was all legal trades but you did not authorize them.
    c. They commit an offense that we can terminate the account for.
    d. They take your stuff, your house, and your money and delete your avatars.
    Summary: Without your specific control of your things then you can not know what is happening to your precious items. This includes family members in one instance I tracked 270+ trades between three accounts over 24 hours. Almost fully half where done by a family member and the primary person did not know it and thought they had been scammed or items vanished. DO NOT SHARE ACCOUNTS.

    2. Never give your password or account information to anyone in the game yes even if you think it is one of the Developers. We have specific ways that you can communicate this to us and if any of us really need it we have access to it with out you telling us.

    3. Never trade stuff to anyone because they claim it was scammed and they need to verify it. Dev's will not do this we will trade with you but you will always get the item that we need with a replacement item on the spot. If we can not trade you at the same time we will NEVER say we will take care of it later. If we don't have time we will not trade you.

    4. Accounts that have been given to you are not safe. These accounts do not have your billing information on them. If something happens to your account one way Customer Service will verify your information is to ask you to verify billing information if you can't they can not tell if it you or not. If you someone pays for your account then I recommend that you have that person call Customer Service should problems arise.

    5. If you give a gift its a gift even if that person later turns out not to be a friend.

    6. Use real e-mails when creating your accounts. If we need to contact you that way is one way we will use. If it is gibberish then you won’t remember it should you need to verify it and we can’t contact you with it.

    Be careful everyone. I have seen problems with players who have "known" the other person for years only to have all there precious items taken and end up on store lots.

    There are many examples of this. Guard your accounts like you would your bank password. Protect yourself and your game.

    Friendly reminder

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