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Let us play new songs, PLEASE!

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Old Man of UO, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Okay, after 5 years barding on the side with my tamer, it's about time to get new songs for our instruments. Sure, sure... it was quite a treat when flutes were added with AOS, but you only have one tune and it is getting quite old.

    What I am thinking is at least give us the songs that already exist for the Dawn's Music box, and allow us to put them into whatever instrument we are currently using. Even if it isn't re-worked to play the tunes with the correct instrument type, just a re-hash of the existing songs, it would be such an improvement.

    It would also give us a reason to go out to hunt Golems to load up our instruments.

    As a second lesser request, give us a new instrument to play these tunes from - OR- allow us to use the barding skills directly from the Dawn's Music Box.

    And a third quest to put on the drawing board at some time, allow us to keyboard in our own tunes/notes to each instrument type. Is there any real Bard out there who hasn't thought about creating their own UO tune to play?
  2. I like your ideas, but I would like to expand on them a little.

    Instead of using the music gears, why couldn't they add sheet music drops to the game? It would take different skill levels to learn different songs, that way you can learn something new as you progress in skill. It would be a system much like the one used for Elven recipes. If you single click the instrument it would give you the option to change the tune you wish to play. Then a list of the songs you have learned would pop up and you could pick which one you want.

    As far as using Dawn's Music Box, that's asking for a major flame job right there. I believe those are blessed, in which case the entire player base would respond with a resounding NO.

    I like the idea of adding our own music, the only problem I would foresee here would be the ability of people to add some really messed up music to the game. Maybe if it could be added so just you would hear it, much like adding MP3's to your game. I don't think I'd like hunting and running into some guy playing a song from the band Disturbed. It would be awesome to add some Celtic music. Not sure how they would link the music to the instruments though.

    I would settle for all the instruments on this page http://www.music.iastate.edu/antiqua/instrumt.html (especially the gemshorn, pipe and tabor, and the bagpipe.)
  3. Thank you for the input...

    The music gears and music box idea were just to use existing art and program without adding more items. Right now my music box is sitting in my UO bedroom and not getting used... and I see the same thing wherever I travel. I was thinking more along the lines of linking the music box to an instrument, still requiring an instrument to use the barding skills, so the blessing on the Dawn's Music Box wouldn't be an issue. That's just one of many ways to address the issue, certainly not the only way.

    What I was aiming for is to use golem gears on an instrument so it would be a consumable resource, such that you would have to go get more gears to play different tunes once the instrument broke. It could also be programmed to add say +5% exceptional (max) to any instrument by adding a gear. Or recipe. Or some other property. As long as the instrument isn't an artifact and would eventually break, it wouldn't be overpowering.

    One problem that occurred to me about putting in our own music would be copyright issues... would there be infringement if we use music with a copyright? Dunno...

    Recipes, music or gears... however or whatever it takes to get new music into the game for bards to use, I just want new music!
  4. That's definitely a big problem. I'm sure OSI----oops I'm an old player, EA would have a major problem with that. But then again there is a way to add MP3's to the game now, so I'm not sure that they even look at that (as far as player add-ons are concerned.)

    I agree with your new music statement. I would even settle for something that plays London Bridge is Falling Down. You stated earlier that you were sick of hearing the same tunes for 5 years. Try 11, LOL. I had a bard before AOS, and after all the changes I got rid of her. I am just now making another bard, and one of the reasons I got rid of my bard before, besides all the nerfs, was the horrible music. I think if real bards had played the same horrible tune over and over that someone would have drawn and quartered them. :D
  5. It will be 11 years for me too in December... I've just been playing a bard for only 5 of those 11 years... BECAUSE I CAN'T STAND THE SAME MUSIC OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! NO! NO! I SAY AGAIN NO TO LONDON BRIDGE!!

    Thank you, I'm better now...
  6. LOL,

    Maybe someday I will be able to uncheck the "filter bard music" box on UOA.