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Lets say you've been gone since 01'

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sammara, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Sammara

    Sammara Guest

    Any threads, guides, websites, etc... that could bring me up to date? I played here back then under a different name, and I know a lot has changed. I'm trying out the free trial just to have a look around. Anybody know where I can update myself on UO?
  2. Sammara

    Sammara Guest

    I have seen so many new things. I suppose I shall have to learn them one at a time! I have been sitting at the Y, but I haven't seen anybody. Even stranger, Brit bank in trammel was completely barren. In fact! I went to one of these new cities and they were charging 70 gold for 1 arrow!! Ohno! Is our server in a recession as well? No worries, plenty of birds around the Y for the plucking.
  3. *smiles*
    Heya! I've recently returned myself, after an involuntary hiatus. I'm sick this week, but will try to log in soon, to help you out. What name were you using before? :)
  4. Sammara

    Sammara Guest

    Ah, I hope you feel better soon, Dor. Perhaps i'll see you around tonight.

  5. Welcome back, your forum name by chance is also your in game name? If so I remember seeing you in game back then. If not then there was someone with your name running around in game.

    Here a link that may help with catching you up;


    Also feel free to drop in the PAS forum, lots of folks there willing to help returning players, they do not stroll over here to much.


    And of course Stratics here has been kept up to date in most areas, so you can check it for informations.
  6. Sammara

    Sammara Guest

    I appreciate the links. I'll have a look. :)
  7. Sammara

    Sammara Guest

    Are there trade forums or anything of the sort? I really haven't seen anybody around in game yet.
  8. bosskram

    bosskram Guest

    Luna Bank is the biggest hang out for people now. Mostly only certain guilds that don't like to meet in luna for they're stuff will hang out at the other towns. If you go to new haven there are people there from the guild help that hang out there and they will help you out with almost anything you need to learn (hence the guild name) any pas member will most of the time try to lend their help as well....Hope to see you in game and hope this info helps you out a little......