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Lets see those prize luck suits please

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by kaylun, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. kaylun

    kaylun Guest

    My luck suit is ok I guess its only at 1247 before I use my little statue
    1 robe of the eclipse 95 luck
    2 swords of prosperity 200 luck
    3 armor of fortune 200 luck
    4 lucky necklace 200 luck
    5 ring 100 luck
    6 bracelette 56 need the other buffs
    7 spined leather sleeves 121
    8 barbed leather gloves 86
    9 spined leather cap 126
    10 barbe leather leggings 63
    11 the luck statue 10th anniversery statue

    Well thats it BUT my suit is 100 lrc also so its ok i guess. I am always trying to better it so any things i am missing would be great. Anyone know of luky boots sandals etc?
  2. Xanithor

    Xanithor Guest

    1. robe of eclipse
    2. swords of prosperity or jaana staff or 140 luck twinkling scimitar with sc and 17 dci and 80 luck shield nice 32 dci and 220 luck there.
    3. armor of fortune
    4. have lucky necklace but wear pendant of magi(like the mods)
    5-6 180 luck combo with other mods
    7. sleeves 140 luck 15 lrc
    8. gloves 139 luck 18 lrc
    9. jester hat of chuckles 150 luck
    10. legs 140 luck 12 lrc
    11. luck statue
  3. Harb

    Harb Guest

    I can get to a hair over 1600 and maintain 100% LRC, but normally don't play that way as resists tend to suffer a lot. My tamer wears, without the statue bonus:

    1- Jester Hat, 150 luck, 0 LRC
    2- crafted gorget, 140 luck, 15 LRC
    3- Armor of Fortune, 200 luck, 40 LRC
    4- crafted sleeves, 114 luck, 15 LRC
    5- crafted gloves, 139 luck, 20 LRC
    6- crafted legs, 128 luck, 19 LRC
    7 & 8- Etoile set, 400 luck
    9- robe, 95 luck
    10- Clainins spellbook, 80 luck

    All resists remain over 50, none hit 60 though. Luck is at 1449, LRC exceeds 100. I've tried and continue to work on the arms, but the math hasn't worked out to keep enough LRC and resists, and to get luck any higher. I keep trying though, maybe imbuing will help! The wife's tamer plays at 1364 luck, and our "luckier" bard at 986, both also without the statue. We've "toyed" around with the 80 luck shield and swords of properity, but frankly have noticed no difference in loot between these three characters, so as you balance all the other things that matter (faster cast and recovery as examples, as we tend to play PvM with "protection" and prioritze luck on casting characters) your luck may tend to wane somewhat. The best luck suit we can put together on a warrior is a hair below 1200 and still keep all resists all 70, but even though we can, we've never really played these characters that way based on all the other "needs" the characters have.
  4. weins201

    weins201 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Robe - 95
    AOF - 200
    Jana - 220
    \Lucky Necklace - 200
    Jester - 150
    New Jewels - 400
    Glv - 140
    Pant - 137
    Arm - 140

    thats 1682 add statue 2282

    Its on a tamer so i dont sweat LRC and Resist as pet does all the work