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Lets see your suits!

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by thechuck, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. thechuck

    thechuck Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 4, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I am trying to redo all of my suits so mostly starting this to get some ideas =)..
    But I also figured since reforge has been out for awhile maybe we can do a new show me your suit thread.
    I know there is a Sampire one floating around in the forums. But how about we do a any type of template suit thread Sampire, Archer, Thrower, or any type.. And if you would like post your template that you use for the suit.

    You spent the time to make it now its time to show them off!!
    Please post your suit's weather low end, mid end, or if its a ridiculously high end suit i would love to see it.
  2. Skelf

    Skelf Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I guess the extended silence on this thread pretty much sums up what ppl feel about this suggestion.

    Having spent a lot of time, effort, GP and in many cases rl $, there is little incentive to just give away that info. In particular, the people who are likely to put have the most effort into tweaking a suit are the PvPers and putting your build into the public domain can only advantage your opponents. There will be others who think.."well...I did the work to build this suit, why don't you?". If you are a returning player who hasn't assimilated all the changes yet, then you would certainly get more slack - if not then...pffft.

    However, I'll stick my neck out and answer in general terms.

    There are 4 suit types with variations within groups:

    1. Pick up kit and drops that fit your immediate purpose but is not tailored to your skill build. Easy to get, cheap but of very limited use over time. The only chars on your account that still wear this are crafters, chars in development or meat soul stones.

    2. Imbued suit using minimum to no special ingredients, tailored to the specific needs of a char. These are pretty cheap to make - in the order of 2-300k max. They do need a 120 Smith or Tailor (usually the latter) and use few, if any artifacts. This is the sort of suit a well developed account will put on a crafter or possibly a non melee mage such as a Mystic or Tamer. Basically the minimum you should be looking for.

    3. Imbued suit maximising all possible gains. This is where real suit design starts and you will need to have a clear idea of what your skill template will be and what role you will be playing as well as what tactics/spells ect you will be using. You need this info to decide on stamina levels, mana pool and MR. Typically these will incorporate an artifact or possibly two and these will be ones that "break" the imbuing rules, providing higher than cap stats or mods that cannot normally be found on that piece. A mature account will have equipped all the main chars with a suit of at least this quality and such a suit and matching template will be perfectly capable of engaging successfully in all PvM and almost all PvP. The cost will lie between 5-20 million, depending on the artifacts you plan on using. For a dexer, all 70s resists, 45 DCI/HCI, 40 LMC, 50 EP, +25 hits and around +20 Stats. Regen capacicity comes at a cost and is restricted unless other areas are compromised. Stats may not max out.

    4. High end reforged/imbued suits. This is what you are really asking after and I will try and give you a desireable destination rather than a roadmap.
    Full 70 resists, with 75 energy for elves is standard. 85 Fire and Poison for Corpseproofing is very possible. For dexers, 45 HCI/DCI, 40 LMC, 50 EP is standard as are plus 25 Hits and 30-60 additional Stat points. Stats should give you 150 hits, as much stamina as you need to swing at 1.25 with good safety margin and the rest in Int. 150/150/160 or 150/180/120 for an archer is very achievable. SR is next to useless, HR works best for runners/hiders but MR is what keeps you in the loop. Dexers are actually greater mana hogs than casters and need both high Int (increases benefit from MR) and mana pool plus obviously high Stam. Aim for 13-15 MR plus poss some Med from skills. Dexer builds are, I believe , the hardest and most expensive to make if you are picking from the top shelf. Plan on 150 million plus for the sweet extras that have no real alternatives like Lieut Sash, Conj Robe, 4 int boots and so on.

    As *one* example only of the reforged and enhanced pieces I use:
    Resists: 10/11/8/7/10, Int 4, Mana 8, HR3, MR3, LMC 10, Damage Eater 12 - Imbue equivalent - approx 762. One or two artifacts and 4 pieces like this and you can see how the suit builds up.

    Now the work is up to you. Break out a spreadsheet and plan what you need. It's fun..;p