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Let's Talk Templates

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by [JD], Dec 17, 2009.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    I've reached a point in the game with my tamer where I feel I can't really move forward without customizing my toon with items so I can fine tailor my skills.

    Currently my toon is:

    115 Magery (+15 from Spellbook)
    100 EI
    40 Med
    110 Trained Animal Lore
    115.7 Animal Taming (+34 From items)
    100 Vet
    84.5 Spirit Speak
    81.8 Necromancy

    I would like to re-tailor my skills and bring in items to help out. I'm envisioning a template similar to the below:

    110 Animal Taming (100 trained)
    110 Animal Lore (100 Trained)
    90 Vet (90 trained)
    115 Magery (100 trained, +15 from items)
    100 EI (100 trained)
    100 Spirit Speak (more from items if possible)
    100 Necro (more from items if possible)
    ??? Meditation

    My playstyle:
    My guild is very small (5-6 people) but highly active. We frequently run Champ and peerless spawns right under the lumbering nose of the 50-80+ member red guilds on our server. I want a template that can do well in these situations, yet switch to PVP mode to help defend ourselves when attacked.


    1) Do these #s of skills seem appropriate for what I want to do? I've heard you only need 110 taming/lore to control creatures. I will supplement Taming to 120 when actually taming things like GD etc.

    2) I would like to supplement EI, SS, and Necro with items so they're higher than 100. How far should I try to take it? I still have wiggle room in my items template. I've heard you need to go 120 EI or go home. Is there a sweet spot where there's a good boost in power but not so expensive in items? Same for Necro/SS

    3) How high do I REALLY need magery? I can drop it to 85, but then I'm stuck wearing my spellbook for +15 instead of a DCI channeling Mage weapon.

    4) I want Vet so I can res - 10 minute wait and high fees for pet resses aren't acceptable in my book. But at the same time, Vet is largely useless for peerless and many of the things we do as I simply can't get close enough to Vet without getting wasted by creatures. Is 90 "enough"? Pet Peeve: How situational Vet is. If you're gonna make it practically required for an active tamer to have, make Vet WAY more useful. Let us vet at a range, but maybe diminished capability. Let us make pet res scrolls. SOMETHING

    5) Does anyone use item swapouts so they can have more stable slots? I find the amount of slots I have to be inadequate/very tight. When you need to have so many pets to handle so many situations, and upgrades are waiting to bond, it's just not enough. I think they need to take this into consideration and give us more pet slots.

    As a bonus, I consider this template very modular in that the Taming, Lore, Magery, EI, and Vet form the "core". The other 2 skills Necro/SS can be stoned off and on at will allowing me to create different fun types of tamers should I get bored. I can go Archer/Tactics, I could go Hiding/stealth, etc... and tweak with a couple items.

    Thanks for your thoughts...
  2. Yacct

    Yacct Guest

    I've been using a similar template for years in a similar role. Has always worked well in peerless/champ spawns (despite wearing a trash suit until imbuing was added).

    Yes 110/110 is fine. Personally I'd take some meditation over eval since you don't really need eval at all (especially if you go <120) with that template and if you're spamming spells (withers, healing) you'll go dry pretty quick without med. Others will disagree but even with 18 MR, 40 lmc, high int etc I'm still starving for mana. That's the price you pay for a non-debuffing tamer though.

    If you lean towards a lot of champ spawns 105 necro/120 sspeak is ideal, 100% success for strangles and maximise necro spell effects. Magery you mostly want for ranged heals and resurrection, both requiring maximised magery. For spawns a mage weapon's a must imo.

    I've never found vet useless for peerless, it's very helpful imo but yes you need to pay attention. Even critters that are impossible to vet against, it's still useful for 'tactical pet withdrawals'. If you're not comfortable vetting in peerless, I doubly recommend 120 magery. That said 90 vet's fine.

    I used to have stable slot problems but mostly because I enjoyed grinding for uber pets. Honestly though all any tamer needs is: 1 cu, 1 beetle, 1 bake, 1 gdragon, 1 mare, leaving plenty of room for upgrades.

    Great fun template to play though. Me I'm gonna try something new now, a gargoyle disco/prov/tamer - purely pvm.