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(RP) Letter for Lady Claudia Drusilla, of Hearthfire

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by LynneOfMagincia, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. *Legible but rather hastily scrawled script is etched across the parchment. A coin sized spill of ink dots the right hand lower corner and the edges once again look as though someone had been sitting a little too close to the fire.*

    "Lady Claudia Drusilla,

    I would speak with you regarding several matters. While I typically drop in unannounced I know you have been away in Ter Mur and do not wish to disturb Lady Selene's household. Although I do believe she would not turn me out if I did.

    Grim is signaled to return only after he has a response from you. His belly is currently full of apples so that should not be a concern.


    Lynne Zellinous
    Magincian Blacksmith and loyalist"

    Finally the horse is pleased to see a destination to which he has been prior.
  2. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran K^S

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Lady Selene made her way through the moongate with minimal difficulty, a fully-packed beetle behind her. Claudia required bolts, enchanted apples, bandages, petals, repaired armor, and fresh fruit from home. Ter Mur was nearly vacant with all of the demon activity; only the Refugee Camps were populated, and Selene knew that she would find her daughter among them.

    "Why can't Claudia lodge in an Inn & act like a normal noble?" she cackled & rethought her statement. "I would not want her 'normal', and I am not sure that my scions are capable of normalcy."

    She felt the pixies, within her backpack, start to vibrate with excitement, and she knew that Claudia was close by. Carefully, Selene applied the fae-dusted beeswax to her eyeslids, to insure that she could see the household sprites; she opened the flap to release them. With lightning speed, the two pixies (FireFlower & DrunkDaisy) flew to a ram-shackled tent with a small Banner of HearthFire Haven sewn onto the flap of the tent opening. Moments after the pixies had entered, Claudia Drusilla emerged with the pixies, who were fussing over her unkempt hair & nails.

    "Mother." Claudia beamed a smile at the Lagudae matriarch. Psychic relief & refreshment washed over Drusilla's body as she gratefully hugged Selene. After an indulgant moment, the two women locked eyes & telepathically shared their recent experiences. Claudia blinked; Selene nodded- removed quill, ink, and parchment from her satchel, and placed them into Claudia's hands. The two of them sat on a fallen log so that Claudia could write the reply; the pixies continued to preen their chosen mistress. Selene 'eavesdropped' while Claudia wrote, the mental link was still lingering.

    Lynne, though recently befriended, is dear to me & to our village. She is kind & strong-willed, smart & crafty- an ally worth her weight in gold. Now that Nicholas's charade is played out, perhaps, HearthFire & Magincia can delve deeper into our creative partnership. I wonder how Valek fairs?.....

    *Selene smirked mischievously*

    *eying Selene's reaction to her thoughts, Claudia broke the link*

    *The Scroll Reads...*

    Dearest Lynne,

    I hope that this letter finds you well. I have been busy Questing for Queen Zhah & our community has a new resident, Lord Tokugawa of the Pack in Wolf Wood, who is most devoted to the ladies of my household. I apologize for neglecting our friendship & pray that you will forgive me. I will find you tonight; no doubt, with our new resident knight in tow.

    As I have told Valek, we are no longer trading with the Lich Lord of Umbra; his lust for our BlackRock will not be slaked by HearthFire until the declaration of war on Magincia & Dawn by Umbra's Senate is repealed!

    Lady Claudia Drusilla,
    HearthFire Haven Regent & Novice Priestess of the Order of the Rose

    Claudia handed the scroll to Selene. The scroll would be sealed, encased, and delivered by the trusty steed know as Grim- hopefully enjoying the apples and peaches of HearthFire's Grove.

    "Leave the fair folk with me?" Claudia pleaded. "I am homesick."

    "Certainly." Selene smiled, and then recalled home.