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(RP) Letter to King Blackthorn concerning Minoc

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lord Lew, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Lord Lew

    Lord Lew Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 7, 2008
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    Slumping in his chair, Lew let out a sigh, his only thought was where to begin. It had been a long evening in Minoc, the King had concerns and had asked him to investigate the Vampire Sanctuary. He had decided the appropriate point to begin would be the first city meeting of the newly elected Governor Yosef. However, what seemed to be a simple enough task, had become infinitely more troublesome. Calling for the scribe at this hour would be wrong, but the King needs to be informed immediatly, so he pulled out pen and paper and began to write.

    My Liege,

    This evening a small group from Trinsic attended the new Governors meeting in Minco for his first term. The meeting started normally with the basic diplomacy, but was interrupted by a runner from the Sanctuary that you sent me to investigate. The runner brought news of an attack on the sanctuary, and the meeting was quickly ended, as we accompanied Governor Yosef to the sanctuary island. He took us there though a freshly cleared area in the mines outside of Minco that the Orcs attempted to destroy and flood.
    Within the mine, Yosef located and moved a rock, revealing a hidden passage. On the other side of the hidden passage we found a small island in chaos, the sanctuary and vault had been utterly destroyed. As we searched the island, we came upon an orc ship anchored in a small bay on the north side. After a cursory search of the vessel, the decision was made to sink the ship, to keep the responsible party from leaving the island. We began a search of he island moving from west to east, finding nothing in the search at first. Oddly, the island was devoid of life, neither human nor animal roamed it. We were about to give up the search when one of Yosef's guards called out from coast behind the Sanctuary itself.
    As the group gathered, the guard led us to a small peninsula to show us what he found. The ground here was stained red the only thing left was an Orc Head, and a heart, eerily illuminated by a lantern.
    It seems that the Orcs themselves may be responsible for this destruction. There was no sign of the vampires you asked me to investigate, we are under the assumption that they were kidnapped, but this will require further investigation.

    I await your reply with instructions of how we should proceed.

    Lord Lew
    Governor of Trinsic

    Lew set down the pen, neatly folded the note and applied the wax seal of Trinsic. He then opened the door and motioned to his Honor Guard Galathan.

    "Galathan, this letter needs to be delivered to Lord Blackthorn with haste. Take it directly to the King by the fastest method. Do not stop for anyone, and you have full authority to dispatch anyone or anything who tries to do so."

    Without question, Galathan dutifully nodded his head and quickly jogged away. Lew knew without a doubt that this message would make it to the King. His honor guard was loyal and resourceful, and once started on a task, nothing outside of death would prevent its completion.

    It had been a long night, and Lew was as tired as he had ever been. He knew that he would need something strong tomorrow morning, coffee would be needed for sure. As he left his office, Lew took note of how dark the dock area was, he had not been up this late in a long time. Thinking to himself that something needed to be done about this, he put it out of his mind and made his way home. Sleep would not come however, and he tossed restless all night thinking about the days events.. Hopefully tomorrow would find itself in a better light.