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Leurocian's discussion about pet balls, animal forms and pets

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For anyone who hasn't seen it before, Leurocian has started a thread to discuss PvP tamer issues and fixes. I realise not everyone reads UHall, so I hope nobody minds me posting this link here [​IMG]


    Discussion thread here


    Hello Everyone,

    Just letting you know we have been reading your feedback on summoning pet balls, animal form, and pets.

    Some of the suggestions I've seen target reducing effectiveness of one or more of these three things.

    At the moment, I'm more inclined to look at the summoning pet balls first and see if we want to make any changes to it. One of the main suggestions I have seen that has possibilities is to require a reuse timer for the summoning pet balls, and perhaps don't allow them to be used while in animal form.

    Let's try and only discuss pet summoning ball specific changes in this thread. I'd like to gather specific feedback on them.

    Thanks all!

    Patrick "Leurocian" Malott
    Lead Designer, Ultima Online
    EA Mythic

    [/ QUOTE ]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    man i haven't checked out uhall since the super dragons went live. too into looking them up here =). got my first two up to 125 dex, working on third one now (97 atm).

    I think stealth is the worst skill in the game as far as anti-social behavior goes, lol, but, eh, that's just my personal opinion. stealth is powerful. people use it to place houses, camp fel spawns to check them out, snoop on people, use gimp templates like ninj tamers and archer types. yeah, yeah, everything has a weakness, but stealth isn't and never was pvp to me.

    anyway, first hand experience with super dragons in pvp, they do a great amount of damage that doesn't matter until you get dismounted, unlesssss you are owned by a skilled ninjitsu baller :p. I actually don't see that many on my shard. either way, if you get ganked by two people and die, I don't see where you can complain. but when one person is too uber alone, then i think it has to be looked at. i think it is safe to say, no one respects a stealther in pvp, no matter what the other skills are. ;P
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Nobody ever complains about my stealth when I'm one offering a res in Doom when they all died though! Or if I stealth herd a pet for them to tame [​IMG]

    Pet balling from hidden really is awful, but hopefully it's soon blocked. I refuse to retrain Ailsa with some boring crap that "normal" tamers have. Reckon there's a need for a begger with her dragon? To think folk used to act like I was stupid to put stealth on a tamer, then a few months later it's in the gimplate of the month [​IMG] Bah, humbugs!

    Seriously, I know stealth can be used badly, but stealthers aren't all bad. I would never have survived dialup lag without it. When we had an event on Europa and the Bloodguard would gather up to blap meanies, I had to reduce my update range to literally 4 tiles. If hiryu ran off I'd have no idea where the hell he went lol. Death? never saw it coming! Folk probably thought I was dead all the time, all they saw was this hiryu walking purposefully among em and the odd glimpse of a nervous Wenchy vetting while something spawned just outside the update circle...

    Oh, just FYI stealthers can be tracked and meteor swarmed while still hidden [​IMG] I was laughing at the guy as he cast, till my thiefy pegged it. No invisible corpse either... pfft.

    Still remember something like 50+ deaths when a few of us rogues decided to look in on a fel tower IDOC hah. Once again thinking "it's ok, I'm hidden that won't reveal me..." as I saw my first wither cloud...


    I've never seen quite that many instant corpses, everyone was dying. God knows who was on what side, I swear a chest would move 2 tiles then be covered in corpses. Nuts...

    So stealthers don't always win when we meet opponents who drop the right spell [​IMG] Or *bleeping* elves.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Meteor Swarm, Earthquake, and Poison Fields =).

    In PvP, it is a lot of fun to see a stealther reveal from a poison field and watch that stealther die when 12 EVs are suddenly attacking =P.

    In Magincia, my friends told me to use my stealther to collect blood tiles (my thief is a stealther; I pretty much have every character besides a tmapper, or a cook), but I didn't like that because everyone was doing it without any risk of being killed, so I just used my healer mage and relied on invis when necessary, because it was more enjoyable for me.

    I think my comment in UHall will face some heat [​IMG]. I know stealthing is used for good, sometimes. As is taming, and barding. Can't blame a skill for a player's intent. However, me and stealthing have a personal thing going on. If it weren't for stealthers, I wouldn't have to "wind-up" my ethereal mounts, for example, because so many people complained about stealthers using them, EA decided to nerf the mounts instead of stealthers (the logical fix would have been the inability to mount while hidden, or, to become revealed for a moment when mounting).

    As an edit, I know tamers love to hide and then mount their pet for safety in PvM situations, and I do that with the invis spell, but only because when you do mount, everything on the screen will (as long as they don't have a current target) auto attack you. And I understand you can't make a PvP change that effects PvM, because there aren't really any laws in the PvM world except maybe a code, like when Swoops were reasonable and people began to take turns. But there are items like confusion potions, that anyone can use to avoid the insta-flag of mounting. [​IMG] so there are work arounds for everything, and when there isn't, due to being on dial-up and such, well...that's a tough call. But as long as you have friendlies around ya, it should be okay. And hopefully, most people in a mmorpg want to be around friendlies, and can. I've known some people who don't, and it just makes me scratch my head (Aren't there single player games for these people?).
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It can be quite interesting watching someone cast poison fields, every where but where you are. Especially if you happen to be standing right next to them [​IMG]
  6. just yesterday I hid in t2a and a pk cast a poison field directly on top of me. I wasn't effected by the field because of the poor line of sight code in the last patch (yes, it got worse).

    Field spells and chain lightning/meteor shower are effected by this recently-botched code.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sometimes I notice my fields (any) spawn one Z-axis level above me when I use target self...quite annoying [​IMG]. also, lots more sub-server crossing lag than before the rubber-band fix for the 2d client.

    poison fields will not always reveal a stealther, to my knowledge...but usually a good tactic to find them [​IMG]