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LICH - OOC Post (recruiting)

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Rykus, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    LICH is now actively recruiting. Anyone who wishes to join us must be:

    - A decent person. No l33t hzXXorz, this is not the guild for you.
    - Into Roleplaying. If you have never done it, no worries. We will teach anyone genuinely interested in it.
    - Ok with being red.
    - Ok with being in the Minax faction.
    - Interested in fighting, or at least willing to die if not a fighter. Being an all red guild in factions, this should be a given. We do have non-combatant roles as well.

    If you are interested, please PM me. LICH is an RP guild, who takes RP seriously, much like KSS (who are our arch-enemies). We adhere to the more widely accepted definition of RP within UO, where you do not use abbreviations like LOL, ROFL, or emoticons, and you do not refer to game mechanics. We have a very good group right now, and seek to find more good people to join us.

  2. Sounds quite tempting.
  3. *Mumbling*: I hate liches, especially lords, not sure how about players [​IMG]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ********Gives Dor one of her KSSy kinda looks ******
  5. Erm...

    *fidgets uncomfortably under the stern gaze*

    I think that KSS sounds tempting too?
  6. Stares at Dor of Sonoma's posts*
    oh my...
  7. Rykus

    Rykus Guest


    Thank you for the responses thus far (PM's inquiring about us). Just bumping this a bit to give others a chance to see it in case they weren't around this weekend.

    Dor, if you have ever wanted to live un-life as a banshee, we might be able to help..

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK...I just got a vision of a pasty-white skinned Dor wandering around with a blue robe over her Ren faire outfit, alternately stabbing, then assisting people while wailing "I am sooo conflicted". [​IMG]

  9. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Just out of curiosity, and maybe lil information for anyone else looking to join LICH (which I'd recommend cause Rykus is the cutest lil lich ever! ... hehehe unless you wanna go vampire *coughs* shameless plug *coughs*)

    Do you have to have necro and be able to go into Lich form to be in LICH?
  10. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Been looking forward to the return of LICH for a long time, Rykus. Especially with the last UND leaving Siege recently. I have no doubt in your abilities to pull off a 100% RP guild. This is going to be fun. [​IMG]
  11. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. In response to your question(s), and a suggestion from Kat from TnT, I put together a post that answers some FAQ's. For future reference, the same post can also be found on the NEW forums, under the Guilds of Siege heading.

    If anyone has any other questions, please post in this new thread and I will do my best to answer, and may add them to the FAQ.

    Thank you,
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would love to see a good showing of rp enemies. Join LICH!
  13. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    I would love to see a good showing of rp enemies. Join LICH!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You gonna see it in person? *crosses fingers*
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *smiles* It is good to see you posting, I hope to see you ride here again soon.
  15. Rykus

    Rykus Guest


    Good to see ya there Py!

    I think mayhaps people have responded, we picked up three new recruits tonight. Two are officially 'stoned' and awaiting another.

    We already have a sufficient gathering to challenge the current KSS roster, so you best get back and begin fortifying your defenses.. Mithras knows WE are...

    *cackles in anticipation*
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *Sigh*... got any use for an undead crafter?
  17. What army stands without the aid of those skilled in the art of craft....
  18. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    We do have non-combatant roles as well.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Its all about you Dev!! [​IMG]