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LICH Recruitment with FAQ's and....

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Rykus, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    For future reference, this is now posted on the NEW forums, under the Guilds of Siege heading.

    LICH is a roleplaying guild that is made up of both humans and undead. We have two major bases of operations, neither of which I am inclined to disclose to the average passerby.. *grins* Our recruitment is pretty straightforward. If you wish to join, contact me via icq (77786049) or stratics PM and we will arrange a meeting. At a minimum, you must be:

    - A decent person. No l33t hzXXorz, this is not the guild for you.
    - Into Roleplaying. If you have never done it, no worries. We will teach anyone genuinely interested in it.
    - Ok with being red.
    - Ok with being in the Minax faction.
    - Interested in fighting, or at least willing to die if not a fighter. Being an all red guild in factions, this should be a given. We do have non-combatant roles as well.

    Our group has no formal rank structure to it, other than recruit, full member, and the Illuminati (elder liches). We believe that people play UO to have fun, and our primary goal is to enjoy our time in Sosaria, while simultaneously trying to extend enjoyment to those we interract with as well. This means that it is not our practice to feel we need to 'punish' anyone, nor is it our practice to smack-talk or dry-loot our fallen foes. If any of this happens, I would appreciate a report of it, post-haste (icq me at 77786049). Certain people/groups are exempt from the no dry-looting rule, but going OOC is not acceptable, even in these cases.


    Q. Does LICH require that my character have necromancy?
    A. No. The only time Necromancy is a requirement is if you wish to be part of the Lich Illuminati, which means you are a full Lich. All others in the guild, with necromancy or not, are some other form of undead, or a mortal in service to Minax/Mondain.

    Q. Do you guys have a Website, UOAM or TeamSpeak server?
    A. We currently have a UOAM and TeamSpeak server. Our website is currently being developed, and will be online within a few weeks.

    Q. I see that LICH is in the Minax faction. How does this affect your RP?
    A. We use the factions to enhance and extend our RP. We primarily serve Minax directly, although some of our humans worship Mondain directly as a deity, with Minax being served indirectly as well. Factions allows us to ride the favored demon steeds of Minax (War Horses) and gives us the opportunity to exert our influence over the major cities of Sosaria.

    Q. Do you guys kill everything that moves?
    A. No. LICH is first and foremost a RP guild. At times we may kill first and ask questions later, but if we are wandering about, we will more than likely wait to see how another party reacts to our presence. Likewise, if we do kill someone and they do not disrespect us (smacktalk, etc..) we will most likely stand guard over the corpse until you return, then speak to you. If we do loot, it will likely be very light, unless you have earned the dry-loot distinction from us.

    Q. Does LICH have any undead allies on Siege?
    A. Not formally at this time. The other undead we have encountered consider us to be something called 'false reds' *shrugs* and attack us on sight. This could be due to jealousy on their part, since we are able to maintain control over ourselves and do not mindlessly attack anything that moves. Perhaps this will change some day, only time will tell.

    Q. How long is the recruitment period, and how does that work?
    A. Those who seek membership in LICH will first join our recruit 'stone', DARK. During this time, the applicant will have several options open to them, based on their RP style and goals/desires within that context and in the guild. The recruitment period is not set in stone, but may range from several weeks to several months. Having at least one full member vouch for you may considerably shorten this time. Applicants that are completely unknown to the guild will need to work very hard to prove their loyalty to Minax and the Illuminati.

    Q. Once I am a full member, what then? How does the lack of a rank system work?
    A. Once you are a full member, you will gain access to the guild resources and will be inducted formally into the LICH guild. At this point you will be expected to act according to our few rules (which is basically - RP comes first). Everyone in the guild is treated as an equal. Liches in the Illuminati are considered as Elder, but this does not mean we are here to order you around. The Illuminati may be the leaders of the guild, but their primary role is to guide and offer aid to the rest of the group. We feel that everyone in LICH is already a veteran in UO, or is at the very least a responsible adult, and we have no desire to order anyone around. You are either a good fit in the group, or you are not. If someone makes it into LICH and we find out later they are not a good fit, we will deal with it and either work to resolve the issue, or force a resolution, which may end up in dismissing someone from the guild.

    If you have any further questions, please contact me in the ways mentioned above and we will arrange a meeting. I prefer to do this in person for a variety of reasons, so please do not ICQ me with a bunch of questions that I would be happy to address in person. Odds are good that I may be involved in a guild function and it would be unfair to both parties if I have to divide my attention in such a manner.

    Death Knight of the LICH Illuminati
  2. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    One more bump on this..

    We are looking for two more loyal souls to share in the power of the Lich Illuminati...

  3. marichessy

    marichessy Guest

    Sounds like a fun guild. I like that you are adopting an 'honorable in an evil way' PVP policy as well as bringing back some RP. I wish you a lot of luck with it. [​IMG]
  4. *looks around cautiously*

    I still think that it sounds tem...eek!

    *notices a KSS member is awake and skeedaddles*
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just do it Dor! Revel in the evil side of your nature! Turn to the dark side! It will be fun battling against you.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *deep voice*

    Feel the power of the dark side Dor .......
  7. Hope to see a guild like this grow!

    VmP hasn't been RP for a year at least.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd follow Dor to the dark side... [​IMG]

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Looks like I may need to recruit some villagers for the Liches to terrorize. Any good screaming villagers and stalwart defenders out there?
  10. <blockquote><hr>

    I'd follow Dor to the dark side...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    To clarify any confusion...we are not the "dark side." King Mondain was destined by fate to be the Lord of Britannia, and that foolish weasel British meddled in affairs that he should not have. Fortunately for the currently dying kingdom, the legacy of Lord Mondain still lives through his lover and apprentice Lady Minax. Your foolish so-called "King" Lord British is where right now? That's what I thought...hiding in the void...the time of the revival has come....Lady Minax shall be restored to her rightful place as Queen of Britannia, and woe to those who challenge this destiny.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bah! I have little use for Lord British, I will not have a bunch of foul undead parading though our village, none the less. Last time it took days to get rid of alll the zombies.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hrm... well I say we iinfiltrate, kill Lady Minax, and establish Dor as the new Queen of Britania... [​IMG] let chaos reign!!

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and establish Dor as the new Queen

    *arches eyebrow.... straightens her crown...coughs... aims her bow...*


  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So...uh ya... I changed my mind.

    I vote twice for QueenZen.