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Life away from uo!?

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Still Frame, May 27, 2008.

  1. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    I cant believe my friend actually passed this in for a grade at school. He had to write a script for his film & lit class and then had to make it into a movie (with many parts impossible to make with a low budget)


    Chris Stein - (skinny main char with glasses) his project
    Andrew Santoro - Friend helping and co-filming
    Dave Pimentel (me- pro ninja fighter and stunt man)
    Marshmallow Dave - just ****ing funny
    Mike Shind (Chris' Steins partner, basically was worthless but had to be in it)
    James Maloney (Angry neighbor sweeping grass for some reason) owns camera...

    Biggest waste of 2 days but there will be another movie coming soon with no deadline so it wont be anywhere near as crappy....atleast the editing it will probably be just as dumb.

    p.s. the falling scene took 2 takes and was very unpleasent for me, as well as springing up off the ground 4 takes because i hurt my knee from the fall :(

    Edit: the sound when i hit the ground was to cover the actual sound my left knee made. After the fake kick to his face (where you can plainly see james eating behind him again) the sun got a little in the way, it was actually me diving off his Kitchen porch (second story) onto his garage roof about 10-12 ft up? :(

    Anyone who actually watched that thank you, please feel free to comment here and there. And yes i know i have to cut my hair so shhh proms tuesday im in a rush hehe
  2. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    The credits are fairly hard to read so i'll retype them here for your sake.

    Chris Stein Director- Bob, Dad1, Ninja, Rambo, Megazord
    Mike Shind- Dad 2, Enemyzord
    Dave Pimentel- Evil Ninja, Dragonzord
    Andrew Santoro Co-Director- Zombie (vegetarian) Pink Ranger, Filming
    Mike Mcginnity- Exteme editing

    Give me and A+!!!!!!!........Please
    Many marshmallows were killed in the making of this video

    Biggest waste of time, so amazingly funny to make

  3. Barbosa

    Barbosa Guest

    Haha Too bad I wasnt the guy with the broom stick beating you. lol no seriously tho I would of drove up in my truck and corp por'd all of you muahahaha

    nice video, alittle ruff.
  4. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    The video was done in a rush because you know how high school seniors are around the end of may. Put the project off til the day before it's due then pass it in a day late anyways then rush editing it so they can go out to the movies that night too =p

    The amazing part is there were no drugs involved....there was supposed to be a scene of vegetarian zombies attempting to smoke wheet to keep the horrible jokes going but ran out of time.

    Barbosa would you like to come out for the next movie and beat me with a broom? Maybe we can have a dexer dueled on the roof, i have a collection of swords in my house :) you can teach me the ways of the might Barbosa
  5. Barbosa

    Barbosa Guest

    Ok ill bring the whiskey.... gotta party some time :)

    Edit: Oh by the way. You got that damn power ranger song stuck in my head all day the other day F U lol
  6. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    Haha its so sweet isnt it? Look up on youtube how to play it on guitar its so effing hard to do the tapping right! Purely amazing that it was written for a little kids show.