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[Catskills] Lilly (Story)

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Alira Drakrul, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Alira Drakrul

    Alira Drakrul Seasoned Veteran

    Feb 14, 2016
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    The two kindred stared silently in unison at the sleeping face of the newborn nestled in Delom’s right arm. His left arm was around Alira, keeping her close to him. The baby girl was swaddled snugly in a warm cotton towel, traces of her mother’s blood still lingering on her skin. Blue eyes blinked and squinted at the blurry faces of the odd pair as they looked down on her. Neither one had physically touched the baby yet as if still untrusting of themselves and what might happen.

    Alira rubbed her right cheek against the front of Delom’s left shoulder. Delom silently hugged her tighter to his left side. Two pairs of blue eyes homed in on the movement of the little girl’s mouth as she yawned. She was understandably tired after the coming into the world in such a harsh manner. Her journey was almost without any welcome at all, almost drowned in the blood of the young woman that would have been her mother.

    That mother lay dead in a pool of her own blood on the wooden floor below their room. The last two remaining pantry prisoners still shackled to the walls and blindfolded, the metallic scent of the woman’s life choked out the oxygen in the room. Duke Barrington’s mouth remained stuffed with another dead girl’s panties that had been their meal last night when Delom had brought dinner home to the ship. Their pantry had consisted of two elves that previously shared the space with the baby’s dead mother and Duke Barrington with his new wife. The elves were killed several days ago. Not drained, but used shamelessly as convenient and disposable entertainment. They had proved heavily disappointing in their performance, as the effects of the drugs in their system brought them to ruin.

    "Are ye sure ye want t'keep her? We could still find her another couple if ye prefer.." Alira spoke softly, not wanting to startle the baby.

    She was finally drifting close to sleep after her rough entrance. It turned out that the child had been extremely lucky, Delom had recognized the usefulness of the last of the prisoners. An elderly Tokunese woman by the name of Kiko. She had previously served a family in many different roles as a maid, cook, and midwife. It was Kiko that saved the child during her mothers death.

    Delom's eyes looked at the little girls face, all his thoughts focused on this moment. "I'm sure. The child is ours Alira. It's time to think of a name for her." He whispered as he gently held the baby in his arms.

    In his head he was making those promises often made when gazing upon a child. To protect her, love her, care for her, and leave her wanting for nothing. The babies eyes opened wide and she stared back up at him blinking her little blue eyes before they started to close again. Delom could do nothing but smile to her.

    "What... what was... your mother's name, my love?" Alira asked him quietly as she leaned her head against his shoulder, her left hand came to rest on his chest near the feet of the baby.

    Delom didn't respond right away. Several breaths would have passed, if they where capable of the act, before he finally responded to her.

    "Her name was..." There was a sadness in his voice despite the smile on his face as he kept his eyes on the baby pausing a few moments. "My mothers name was Lilly." He finally said.

    The large ship rocked the baby girl slowly into slumber, she lay unharmed in protective arms as the two killers watched her. They had chosen to keep her and give her a name despite what should be common sense. Alira had a soft spot for children, always had, and Delom had conceded and accepted her desire to raise a child together. A human child raised by two psychopaths who thought nothing of taking lives. Not only for sustenance to the point of gluttony, but mere entertainment. They had been careful to not leave evidence of their indulgences. Some were burned beyond recognition. The more recent ones lay deep in the abyss of the stomachs of sea serpents. Even Alira who was previously so driven by responsibility had become corrupted in the excess, swept up in Delom’s insatiable and dark appetites.

    "It is settled then..." Alira looks down at the sleeping baby and leans heavier against Delom's shoulder as she makes herself more comfortable. "Welcome to the world, Lilly. Someday it's all going to belong to you..."

    "It already does."
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