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Lineage 2, 7 day invite?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mvanco, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. mvanco

    mvanco Guest

    My husband bought Lineage 2 and I thought while he used the 60 day trial I would use the 14 day invite... Alas the aparently changed things so the code is not valid. He was going to invite me but his account isn't old enough and I do not have an existing account. We heard there is a way to get a seven day invite. Can anyone help? email me at [email protected]
  2. mvanco

    mvanco Guest

    Just an update I still have not been lucky enough to receive an invite. To let everyone know I will not be misusing this privilege in any way. My interest is genuine, my husband did not buy me a copy when he thought about playing this because I get mad when he starts a game and then doesn't like it so he quits. I am a stay at home mom looking for something to do before my brain goes numb from mickey mouse club house and the such so as long as I like the game I will buy and continue playing. Mainly I would like to test out the pet system I am an avid tamer UO got me hooked and I have been loving pet games since, I was an Irthling but if anyone knows the story of that game you know why I am searching for a new home! Thank you in advance to anyone who invites me and I will post when I get one so I don't get doubles.
  3. mvanco

    mvanco Guest

    Thank you Jhaelle! See everyone in game!